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Assault Shield – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the twenty-sixth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Assault Shield. Essentially Treyarch’s version of the Riot
Shield as introduced in Modern Warfare 2, the Assault Shield is unlocked at level 34. Ballistic shields capable of repelling small
arms fire do exist, although most are only effective against lower-energy rounds such
as those fired by handguns, SMGs and shotguns. The greater the protection, the more unwieldy
a shield will be: while it is possible to stop high-powered rifle rounds, such a high
degree of armour would be prohibitively heavy to carry. Modern materials have helped to lighten the
load, however – while early ballistic shields were constructed of basic sheet metal, modern
designs take better advantage of newer materials such as kevlar and ceramics for maximum protection
and lower overall weight. In-game, the Assault Shield is a mêlée weapon
with reach similar to that of the Combat Knife. Unlike the knife, however, the Shield will
require two bashes to kill an uninjured opponent. Of course, the shield is more suited to absorbing
damage than dishing it out – it will block any bullets that strike it while held, and
will even block some shots from the rear while you are holding your secondary weapon. In addition, you can plant the shield on the
ground to serve as deployable cover – although it will disintegrate upon sufficient incident
damage, leaving you without protection. Attack speed is slightly slower than that
of the combat knife, with each bash taking approximately three quarters of a second – or
80 bashes per minute. While quick enough to tackle an unaware enemy,
the need to land two bashes can make your life difficult against a more active opponent,
particularly if they are wielding a weapon effective in closer quarters. Handling is relatively slow: switch times
can be inconveniently sluggish, taking a full second to switch to another weapon. Fast Hands will alleviate this a little, but
nonetheless this lapse in protection can prove a liability. Movement speed is slow too, on par with the
LMGs at 90% of the base mobility. Thankfully, the shield requires neither ammunition
nor reload to use – you can bash as often as you like without pause. Our build with the Assault Shield is a general-purpose
defensive set, designed for the mix of mobility and resistivity needed in objective game modes. With this loadout you’ll be able to support
your teammates in capturing well-defended objectives, by deflecting your enemy’s fire
as your teammates support from behind. First up is the Perk 1 Greed wildcard, permitting
two choices from the powerful selection available in the first perk tier. First up is Flak Jacket – with the Assault
Shield equipped, you will find your enemies resorting to their explosive options rather
than their guns – and so the ability to resist both bullet and blast is a very useful one. It will greatly enhance your overall survivability,
making it easier to capture points and otherwise to stay in the fight: being tough to kill
should be your first priority with the shield. The only explosives you need watch out for
are those of a sticky ilk: semtex grenades and crossbow bolts will easily take you out
should your shield become stuck, with or without Flak Jacket. Next up, with an important boost to your mobility,
is Lightweight. You should spend much of your time crouched
with the shield to maximise the protection it offers – and paired with the already slow
mobility innate to the weapon, anything that can lift your lethargic nature is welcome. With Lightweight, you’ll stand a better chance
in closer quarters – better able to bash a more sprightly opponent. Next, Fast Hands will permit faster weapon
switching and equipment use, minimising the time you’ll be left unprotected. This choice is near essential if you plan
to make good use of your tactical and lethal equipment: without it, your opponent will
have a generous window in which to shoot you whilst you toss your ordnance. Our final perk selection is Tactical Mask,
adding another degree of resistance and synergising well with Flak Jacket. If you’re stunned, you’re very vulnerable
– getting hit by an enemy concussion or flash will make it particularly easy for them to
flank around and pepper you with bullets. Without the mobility-enhancing traits of Extreme
Conditioning or Dexterity you will have to take a more cautious tack – but sprinting
near the enemy should be avoided at all costs, as during such manoeuvres your shield will
offer next to no protection. A Combat Axe offers a means of extending your
lethal reach – and paired with Fast Hands will offer the swiftest way of eliminating
the enemy without exposing yourself for too long. You can also retrieve the axe from where it
lands – useful given the absence of scavenger in our build, and with careful use you can
sometimes get multiple axe kills in a single streak. It is best used on enemies at a closer range
– while long range kills are certainly possible, your odds of landing a shot decrease the further
away the target. Bait an enemy into expending their entire
magazine into your shield, and watch for their reload – this will serve as your cue to perform
a quick toss of the axe to secure a surprise kill. Of course, sometimes you will need to rely
on your shield bash to secure a kill – and there’s nothing more helpful than two concussion
grenades to hold a foe in place while you manoeuvre into a striking position. A stunned enemy will prove less able to bypass
your shield’s defence – but they might not be entirely helpless, so be sure to approach
from the stunned enemy’s flank as to avoid their last-ditch dispensation of their available
rounds. In any case, concussion grenades will help
turn the tables on your foe – either rendering them vulnerable to your attack, or slowing
them down to buy time with which to secure an objective, or to make good your escape. Our final point is spent on a secondary weapon
of your choice – the KAP-40 probably the most versatile option, and will give you an offensive
backup should you need to reliably kill any enemy. That’s our build – one designed to maximise
survivability, while still giving you the mobility you’ll need to employ the shield
as a semi-offensive tool. If you’re content to scavenge for a weapon,
you could sacrifice your secondary and perhaps a concussion grenade to pick up another perk
and the requisite wildcard – if you’re after more aggressive use of the shield in an attempt
to secure bash kills, then Extreme Conditioning or Dexterity might be a worthwhile selection. Quite often you might be best leaving the
killing to your teammates – the shield works best over the longer sightlines, as your opponent
won’t be able to quickly flank you and shoot you in the side. Should your allies make good use of your cover,
you can help support their advance on an objective – and with their help you can put paid to
your opponent’s momentum. The Assault Shield is a weapon like none other,
and when employed correctly can swing objective games through its complete denial of your
opponent’s fire. It can render an enemy sniper entirely useless,
and at any reasonable range even most automatic weapons will struggle to penetrate your defence
– this can open a window to breaking through a tough spawn trap, and gradually force open
your enemy’s vice-like grip. Deploying the shield as mobile cover can open
up new firing positions, too – an impromptu defensive point can prove surprisingly effective
when equipping the shield with another primary weapon via the Overkill wildcard. As an offensive weapon the Assault Shield
falls woefully short, however – with its minuscule range, two hit bash, and extreme vulnerability
to automatic fire in close-range gunfights, you’ll quickly learn the shield is simply
not effective in an aggressive role. You’ll find frustration in your enemy’s seeming
ability to bypass your defences, and the poor lethality of the shield’s bash attack will
render you all but helpless in close quarters battle. Still, the Assault Shield is a support tool
first and foremost, and its use as an offensive weapon should be limited where possible. Nothing else can directly thwart enemy fire,
and with a dose of teamwork the shield can prove its worth in objective game modes. With this bulwark you might deflect your opponent’s
attack, your aegis a bulletproof guarantee that your time with the shield… …is sure to be a bash. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
KSG. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Assault Shield – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. Well to be honest ,ammo ,lethal and tactical is the most important things to keep the battle going, so scavenger perk is the only one can help.

  2. You have the manliest voice… On Earth please meet Patrick Stewart and debate the best tasting cake

  3. Assault shield, KAP 40 with Reflex and Extended Mags, Flak jacket and Lightweight, Fast Hands, and Tac Mask, 2 Flashbangs and 2 shock charges. 2ndary Gunfighter, Perk 1 Greed, and Tactician. problem is that this class costs 15 points. so running a class like this can only be used in custom games.

  4. This is the ultimate troll weapon. I remember being in a lobby against two guys running a Riot Shield loadout with Flak Jacket, Tac Masks, and stuns. I called em the Bash'em Brothers.

  5. What I would do is get rid of the KAP-40, because you can pick up a weapon on the ground, and then 1 concussion, then put on scavenger.

  6. This loadout is for trolls. There's nothing more frustrating when you get bashed after shooting all rounds towards a shield carrier.

  7. I don't really hate Call of Duty. I just don't like how it's called casual and such. I also don't like how the games have DLC.

  8. It's a shame that this weapon goes to waste. It's meant to be for supporting your team on the objective , but no one in cod cares about teamwork or objectives. Only killstreaks and quickscopes

  9. I got diamond on the specials back in the day. Do you understand how much of a bitch it was to get 5 bloodthirsty medals with a god damn shield? I don't know what was worse; getting gold for the shield or getting gold for the crossbow. Trying to get a bloodthirsty medal (5 kills) with a weapon that only has 6 shots (not resuppliable) is beyond frustrating. Diamond, at the cost of my K/D, and possibly my liver with the amount of mountain dew that was consumed. Those were the fucking days.

  10. One thing to note with this weapon is that if you plant it and pick it back up you essentially “clean” it, getting rid of any cracks and bullet marks

  11. Noobs with Shield

    Primary Shield

    Secondary kap 40 or any other secondary weapon


    Primary Any

    Secondary Shield with overkill btw

    Why? If you use the 1st one your second only has 2 attachments MAX

    And if you use the Second one you already have 2 attachments ready with no price of a wildcard whatsoever

    You just learned a tip

    You're Welcome

  12. I use it on long distance sniping maps my favorite is putting the riot shield on the ground and switch to my sniper (u will need OVERKILL) go into the kneel stance aim right below the snipers head and stand up and fire as fast as possible then go back into the kneel u should get a head shot good for getting gold camo

  13. Only thing that sucks about the riot shield is that you have to have damn good internet or bullets will literally go through the shield and other inconveint things.

  14. If you get stuck on the sheild, can you just set it down or switch weapons to avoid being killed?

  15. Oh shit I just remembered i used to equip the shield and only have it on my back then when i get shot at, i would turn the opposite direction from the gunfire to protect myself like a turtle

  16. The must have item if you want to complete the campaign on veteran difficulty without dying because the AI on veteran difficulty have the aim bots cheats enabled. How to get shields? You have to unlock it at Odysseus by completing 5 challenges.

  17. I used the overkill wildcard and the primary gunfighter wildcard so I could pair this with the 870, using the fast mags, long barrel, and laser sight attachments. I used scavenger, lightweight, and extreme durability to stay highly mobile without running out of ammo. It was a great close quarters set up and I certainly got more kills in game than I probably should have.

  18. hey, Mr. Ahoy, what camo would you suggest if I have an Assault Shield, a Ballistic Knife, Lightweight+Flak Jacket, Fast Hands+Scavenger, Engineer+Tac Mask, Combat Ax, and Shock Charge ×2 on a class on custom games? For the Shield, the Knives, and the combat knife?

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