73 thoughts on “Assault rifles, sniper rifles and handguns among demonstrators at VA Lobby Day

  1. Yes and it was completely peaceful. Because we are peaceful armed citizens. And there was no antagonists at the rally because they would be in dire straits. USA is freedom BECAUSE we are ARMED. USELESS MEDIA.

  2. It sure is a good thing you made sure to connect standing up for our rights with white supremacists. This report wasn't biased at all. Makes me sick.

  3. It wasn't because Democrats gain control of the govt. It's because the Democrats started to strip citizens of their constitutional rights!

  4. True journalism is not what mainstream media is about anymore, a handful (6-7) own all media now. Sell your lies of twisting the story. We don’t buy it. I just watched 5+ hours (and still watching) of multi stream and split screen, about 9 streams at one time of the Virginia rally. It was and still is very respectful, calm and peaceful, people were picking up trash. The plot was set for neo nazi and white supremacy but it was a mix of all race/color/ethnicity of people peacefully protesting a violation of our rights. I want to see how they twist it.

  5. Assault rifles are automatic weapons.Β  The only automatic weapons at the rally were in the hands of the police.Β  An AR-15 is a semi-auto rifle.

  6. What a disingenuous report as there where NO KKK just 20.000 plus armed citizens and it was the most peaceful well mannered protest in the history of this nation .So my question to you KHOU 11 is why you continue to lie to your viewers this fact ? As for credibility you have failed demonstrably and why any one could ever trust you from this day forward will be rare to this nation

  7. Trash news if you support the 2nd amendment. You should start boycotting these anti gun news organizations. CBS, MSNBC, CNN. All are pushing propaganda.

  8. I was there from 0745 to about 1300. No white supremacists were present. The event was completely peaceful. Thank you goes out to the legal, safe gun owners of Virginia. As a 28 year resident of Virginia, i am very proud of the event. Thank you VCDL for setting this event up.

  9. Typical Left-Wing media mentions – ! FIRST ! – "White Supremacists and Militias" will be attending! If they do, they will be only a handful while the vast, overwhelming majority will be average citizens. Patriotic, Law-Abiding, Constitution Loving Citizens…. standing up against Government officials operating far beyond the powers granted to them by the US and State constitutions. US Federal code defines and recognizes both an organized militia and an unorganized militia. Defined as, every able-bodied male from 17 to 45 years of age and women serving in the National Guard. The regulated militia being supplied by government, the unregulated being privately supplied, but subject to Army Officer review. The media tries to portray any militia as being an insurgent / domestic terrorist organization. These fear tactics are how they get the uneducated public to vote in tyrannical officials. Remember the Sherriffs in the old western movies calling up a posse, deputising locals and going after the bad guys? That is what a militia is! Armed, willing, and able to respond in a time of need. They all bring their own transportation, clothing, food, equipment, and yes! They bring their own guns and ammunition. The Second Amendment never was about hunting. It is about being armed and ready to respond when called upon. Why is that so hard to understand? A right that "Shall Not be Infringed."

  10. Seems like sober, even -handed, objective reporting πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈf'ng clowns πŸ€ΉπŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ˜”

  11. There were no military-grade weapons there unless you are counting the ones carried by police. HAHA Sniper rifles? Can you please expand, I mean a bb gun could be a sniper rifle. Did you get some model/name/makes of the Rifles? You would be better served saying "big and scary guns". You need to hire some x-military-grade personnel to help you with your reporting so you can get it right. As far as i could tell there were no SUPREMACIST but I wasnt able to drawl any blood for the medical testing. How how many did you interview?

  12. Slanted news reporting much. How is it ok to call any pro gun group white supremacists? That is yellow journalism

  13. Khou is some lying dogs, no wonder kprc 2 gets more ratings ……the rest of America is watching people sing at the rally while khou 11 is fear mongering, tell the viewers how government snipers have assault rifles pointed at peaceful protesters

  14. Do these "reporters" think that when their communist dictator comes to power that they will really have a job? They'll be in gulags along with the rest of the unarmed sheeple.

  15. Well, KHOU 11, don't know where you're from but you're obviously among the ranks of fake news. Really? Assault rifles and sniper rifles? Typical libtards trying to push your agenda. Shame on you. The only weapons like that were carried by Northam's goons. Get your facts right.

  16. There were no assault weapons amongst the demonstrators. There is also no such thing as a sniper rifle. Individuals trained in sniper operations use rifles of various types.

  17. False information. The only military grade firearms there were in the hands of law enforcement. There were no shots fired. One arrest reported for a female who refused to remove a face mask. This event is actually Lobby Day and happens every year on this day.

  18. How did someone get an assault rifle in there? They have been extremely hard to get for decades now.. unless you mean "Ar-15 modern sporting rifles" AR stands for Armalite Rifle.

  19. And listen to liberals cry over it. Makes me smile. Cry liberals cry, you'll never take our rights because we wont surrender them. Sucks doesnt it?

  20. Very peaceful law abiding citizens. God bless America and our Second Amendment rights to protect We The People against tyranny

  21. So where are the weirdest people…….in the legislators branch sitting with the troublemakers? Yes wanting a confrontation……..they'll get it when they try to ban any weapons, except butcher knives

  22. Assault rifles huh? Well you got your video reported for misleading/spam. Probably should look up the definition of assault rifle before you go reporting on them.

  23. What is an "assault" rifle? What is a "sniper" rifle? These terms need some concrete definitions if they are going to be used in discussions about policy and more so discussions about property rights and the right to self defense.

  24. Assault rifles don't exist. Sniper rifles weren't there because there wasn't any snipers there (except maybe FBI). More media twisting, funny how even under these circumstances the Constitutional Republicans didn't start riots, threaten to kill anyone. Because the govt is corrupt and the law abiding citizens don't kill anyone. What a joke, this just lends more credit to us fin owners and further strips these tyrants of any real value. Nice try, Democrats. Not today.

  25. "White supremacists" are on the verge of exticnction. The last KKK rally in Dayton Ohio only had 6 members show, about 4 times more police and looked like a few hundred protestors at least. IF white supremacists shows to this rally they were in support of the 2A and nothing else. 2A supporters care about the Constitution not the tone of a person's skin.

  26. There was colored people there making your white supremacists bull s*** not true. No one was injured, no one got put in jail. amazing what happens when law abiding citizens have firearms.

  27. Why do these instigators keep bringing up white nationalists? Why are they so racist? Why are they so hateful? Why does it feel like their intentionally inciting violence?

  28. There was a state of emergency & all weapons were banned. Nobody carried any weapons at the rally. All races were united for our 2nd amendment.
    Shows khou's true colors

  29. Why do yall gotta say white supremacists? Like are yall so ignorant that you would put us 2a guys in the same camp as them? Cmon now, this is ridiculous

  30. The Virginia Governor was pissing his panties today when he saw the citizens violate his tyrannical orders about infringing on the 2nd Amendment.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  31. Saw people of all races coming together as Americans πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and protesting the tyranny of Democrats who wish to destroy America and the Constitution. Not surprising though coming from the same political party that lost the civil war in 1865 and wanted to keep slaves and have a 2 class system rich and poor. I guess some minorities still have fetishes of serving their masters by being members of this diabolical political party called the Democrats smh

  32. "Military grade" 🀣 police grade? Maybe. But calling an AR-15 military grade is like calling Wal-Mart beef wagyu kobe: they're both far from the same quality, cost a heck of a difference, and one requires a lot more paperwork than the other.

  33. You can bet your life that there wasn't a single assault rifle in that entire group. This is exactly why your side deserves NO COMPROMISE on this subject, because none of you actually know what you're talking about!

  34. Absolute piss poor journalism here makes it sound like thousands of radical extremists were on location holding unarmed people hostage

  35. Not one person shot not one person killed that one person injured not one person robbed not one fight. People brought their their firearms.. there was no white power or black power there was no antifa because they were NOT welcome.. More and more proof that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. The country in its politics are.. gun rallies are more peaceful the Democratic rallies and especially the terrorist group antifa.. Indiana gun owners stand with Virginia

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