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Assassin vs. Sniper – Road to NJPW Southern Showdown

when I went to Australia I fell in love with the passion I fell in love with the fan base see so many people so motivated to try and turn their giant Island over there it’s one of the most popular wrestling scenes in the world and I gave my heart and my soul my name is the aerial assassin will Osprey soul I know horse armor and I wrestle for the greatest company in the world New Japan Pro Wrestling years ago I wanted to be able to professional wrestler now I sit on top of the world the 26-year old man still living that boyhood dream with the weight of the world on my shoulders I have so much responsibility not only myself to my family and everyone around the world that has ever had a dream of doing this that has ever wanting to step out of the dark and into the light [Music] I knew of Robbie Eagles way before money became a thing about wrestling we knew of each other through backyard wrestling wrestling gardens in Australia and wrestling gardens in England we loved professional wrestling and then a day I finally written there was this instant chemistry I respected Robbie users and generally hope he still respects me he’s still that guy but he’s doing things in the wrong way he’s trying to do things the Bullock club way and that’s not Robbie Eagles Robbie Eagles restaurant at heart Robbie was not satisfied to how he beat me in the best of supergenius he wanted to show everyone that could do it on his own but el phantasmo stuck his nose into his business I know the real Robbie that’s not what he wanted he wants to show the world that he belongs in New Japan Pro Wrestling that is heart and his passion is just as strong as mine but now the stakes are higher the championship is on the line a championship that I hold very dear to my heart and immediately dignity and championship tears revolutionised and inspired generation and generation for the first time is defended on Australian soil Robbie’s home turf one day I believe thoroughly in my heart hearts the a junior heavyweight good main event Tokyo done could we take a Russian freedom or a big pay-per-view around the world we’re doing it we’re doing it in England we’re doing in America we’re doing our Australia we’re taking this worldwide my dream is to be the center man for it [Music] Australian wrestling fans are passionate they want it they’re hungry they want an alternative they want something different here motivate me inspired me to carry on this wild journey of pro wrestling now we have a chance to show the world what show your wrestling can really do a chance to give Australian wrestling seen a heartbeat Robbie Eagles will Osprey IWGP junior heavyweight championship first time it’s ever been defended on Australian soil let’s show them why the Australian wrestling fans they’re the greatest fans in the world wrestling festival hall means that there’s opportunity the why did years ago in Australia wasn’t for nothing 30-minute matches 40-minute matches sacrificing my body anyone that’s watching this anyone they inspires the lace of my pair of boos I’m putting a very happy it’s now time to rise up it’s now time to show that the Australian resident seen has a heartbeat and New Japan Pro Wrestling is going to be at the forefront of it Melbourne hope you’re ready for New Japan Pro Wrestling it’s a message Robbie Eagles I want you to remember almost 2018 where the sniper tapped out the assassin a minute tapped me out but there was a moment there that I think neither of us will ever forget I’m over where all my tights was a Japanese flag I ripped that flag off and I hand it to you and that is an open invite that was an open invite to join chaos join me in together that we would take over the world because I believe in Rob Eagles Australia believes in robbery Eagles and I know in time the world will see the world will believe in Robbie Eagles are you took the short route Jay white got in your ear I made sure in the bullet club this is all about money and I get it have a wife at home and you need to provide I understand that that offer is still there you kept that flag and even though you threw it back at me in the super Tunis now I still have that flag I’m bringing that flag back to Sydney I know the real Robbie Eagles is there I know your heart beats for professional recipe it’s not about money anymore it’s not about anything other than just pride pride for your country pride for your scene pride for this company I still look at you and I still call you my brother a man that brought me out of the darkness all those years ago I thank you when Australia it’s not about anything but that championship it returns from meaning the matter what I’m in your home territory this is your turf I’m just a visitor so show me what extraneous gone show me that heart leave Bullock cut the one side it’s just me it’s you sniper versus assassin give me everything you’ve got and I’ll give you mine [Applause] you

100 thoughts on “Assassin vs. Sniper – Road to NJPW Southern Showdown

  1. できればロビーイーグルスにIWGPジュニアヘビー級のベルト獲ってほしいなぁ!

  2. It is men like Ospreay that continue to prove how great the wrestling industry's future is and how NJPW will continue to be the king of sports in wrestling. Thank you for this incredible promo. Now, we need the sniper to bring us his. I can not wait for this match.

  3. "Pride for your country" – yet calls Australian fans the best in the world. Meh. #YorkHallDisagrees

    Good promo, but it went on longer than it needed to. Still, the match is going be great, can't wait!

  4. Shingo still should’ve won BOSJ and the title, don’t care what anyone says Will is overhyped and he’s not even supposed to be a junior anymore

  5. Finally answering the question, is Ospreay the type to wear full gear in the rain and run on a children’s obstacle course?

  6. Can’t compare him to Kenny because Kenny Omega was only for himself he never cared about Bullet Club or NJPW

  7. I hope that Ospreay & Eagles aim for a 5 Star match to commemorate the meaning of this match's importance. This is a history making match, as for the 1st time in history, an IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title match is taking place in a new territory, and I know that Ospreay & Eagles will do this match justice. Not only for the prize at stake, also for the long term story between them.

  8. New Japan Pro Wrestling is the best wrestling promotion of the world. Its the Truth. Nothing comes close, nothing. NJPW is on an another Level.

  9. And yet this match is not the Main Event, come on NJPW, it's not like the show takes place in Japan so you need a Japanese wrestler sending everyone home happy

  10. This will be the match that Robbie will leave Bullet Club and join CHAOS. Both will fight as a tag in the Jr Tag League.

  11. Good promo, has a nice Assassin's Creed feel and look….nicely done and there's only one Will Ospreay…

  12. Ospreay is a straight 6. 6/10 look, 6/10 in ring, 6/10 promo, 6/10 character. He’s the most slightly above average of all slightly above average wrestlers. Not the man you build a division around let alone a company.

  13. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't about the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship anymore. Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles will bring it in Melbourne, and it will be a moment that no pro wrestling fan in Melbourne and around the world will ever forget.

  14. I gotta to be honest ospreay is a gifted performer I don’t know much about the other wrestler but it’s interesting though.

  15. I know this match is gonna be great but…SPOILER ALERT…ospreay will most likely retain then challenge El phantasma to title match for the London Event

  16. I don’t care what you say but fact is WWE, NXT, AEW and Impact can’t compete with NJPW best matches, best storytelling and the best talent

    And yes Will Osprey is better than Omega, Osprey is on a whole other level

  17. This is gonna be a bloody great to remember when it happens, cheers will ospreay.
    It's the Sniper VS the Assassin

  18. The Aerial Assassin vs the Sniper of the Skies… looking forward to this match. It's great to see a video like this.

  19. Will Osprey Vs Vance Archer
    July 6 Dallas Texas(I got front row seats FINALLY!)

    (Me dreaming)
    2019 G1 Final
    Will Osprey Vs Jon Moxley

    "Independent Striker vs Independent Machine"👌💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲



  20. Will Osprey will be the top Gaijin face in New Japan, he is so over and is so talented and amazing in the ring he is in my mind one of the top 3 best wrestlers in the world today

  21. Ospreay really stepped up after Omega left. Ospreay is definitely now one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best.

  22. Damn, Ospreay is so fucking good here! And I actually hope he goes on to main event Wrestle Kingdom 14 next year, regardless if he has the Junior Heavyweight Championship with him then or not.

  23. This is a cool match up.

    It's like two legendary revolutionaries from opposing sides in the same war.

    One fan's hero is another fan's enemy! Who will liberate the battle field known as the wrestling ring?

    And the underground mercenaries of Bullet Club will find a way to capitalize and keep their power in check.

  24. You know those cartoon TV shows where they star a famous person as the main hero? I think Ospreay should have one.

  25. I really wish I could afford the flight down to Melbourne to see this match. Does anyone know if they'll be doing a show in Brisbane/the Gold Coast?

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