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Ask John Walsh – Seniors with Firearms

(slow music)>>Narrator: A question
from Charlie Christopherson of Alexandria, Minnesota. I am a senior with a license
to carry a concealed weapon. My wife and I have
a security system but we still think
about safety often, especially at night. What advice would
you give someone that does not want
to use his firearm?>>Charlie, that’s
a great question. First of all, police recommend
that you put your alarm on at night when you go to sleep. That you do, but you also could, should put it on in the daytime because 80% of burglaries
happen during the daytime and God forbid,
you’re home alone and your wife’s there alone and they come in to do
a home invasion robbery, you should have the
alarm on in the daytime. Everybody says, that
guns in the home, necessary, maybe not, maybe yes but if you do have
a gun in the home and you have a
permit, don’t forget, keep it locked up or
use a trigger lock. Because most of the
accidents that happen with firearms in the country, happen inside the home and lots of times
children are involved. So you really gotta learn
how to use that firearm. I would recommend that
you go take lessons. Go to a gun range, get an
instructor and practice. I think you’ll feel a
lot more comfortable, if you know how to
use that firearm. I understand your reluctance, God forbid you
ever have to do it, but you should be very
familiar with that gun, how to use it, how to keep it
safe, how to keep it locked. And again, use that alarm in
the daytime and at nighttime.

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