Asheron’s Call Hollow Weapon Quest

What is up ladies and gentlemen another
episode of Asheron’s Call I haven’t done gaming videos in quite some time I kind
of took a break I made other videos I’ll put a link up in the corner for you a
little card if you would like to see what I actually made I enjoyed it
today we are going to be doing it’s a little bit of a guide we’re going to be
doing the hollow weapon and the fletching tool to make the hollow arrows
so with that let’s roll the intro then won’t get right into it I do want to say as a side note as you can see on my screen there’s nameplates and I do want to give
a shout out for the add-on that is doing that and it’s called Tings T I N G S and
it’s freaking awesome being able to have name plates above players NPCs and mobs
I just love it it’s more like it makes Asheron’s Call
more like other MMOs one of the first things I do when I start playing an MMO
is I go to the options and turn on nameplates for everything even the
critters like the little rabbits that you see in like World of Warcraft I even
want to see those name plates I just like name plates so yeah the Addon is
right here is called Tings under the HUD section you can actually
turn them on there is one problem that I ran into minor problem if I have the
health and the vuln turned on it actually spams my chat with people’s
names over and over so I disabled that part of it to get rid of that spam that I
was getting to the Lugian quarry so let’s enter the coords here we are here
we need to go to here find my route please town network the Q it looks
like down here somewhere there it is Q to southern park sweet we’re going a
southern Park southern park portal over there we’re going do not lag me into
another portal I hate when that happens Southern Park all right
next stop is our end destination okay Lugian Mines portal I call it the quarry
so we need to find the Luggy kill some Luggys because we need what they have
Virindi’s going to loot all right we got our pickaxe let’s take the iron pea you
always take Peas got to leave combat do anything in this
game there we go now what I want to check out is we need medium grade for
the fletching tool you have to go to the Lugian mine to get the low grade for
the actual hollow weapon then to get the fletching tool you have to go to the
Lugian Quarry to get the medium grade yes tell me the Boshi yes it is Boshi
to tattered bridge there it is tattered ridge is our next stop that is high
mountain valley I’m not even sure what this place is I’ve never been here before
that’s our end point wheres this go back to interesting I assume this has a
purpose whats your purpose what is your function just kidding
Lugian Quarry yes sir WoW it actually did drain my mana I
didn’t think that trap would actually hit me yeah
take on my mana I don’t need it shot out to the devs of this server we
were getting about every 30 minutes it seemed like some serious lag spikes
where the game would just freeze for literally two minutes straight and
you’re just sitting there just waiting everything’s frozen you’re just running
in place they just did an update about two days
ago and the game was down for about 12 hours this server and since it’s come
back up I haven’t had that lag spike for some reason I’m gonna take two of these
I don’t know why I don’t know why I don’t ask I got to the Lugian
Excavations and that is where you get the high-grade ore yes it is but we’ll get this ore while
we’re at it we already got the other two we got a low/medium let’s just go ahead
and get the high right there and I saw the portal up here use our
little pickaxe bam we got it go back to the life stone then you want to head to
the beach fort and get all this stuff refined from the NPC there town network
to Mayona (May Oi) is probably how it’s pronounced but (Mayona) sounds good too
yes sir Lady Maila Estates you did not see me right into that wing collector
was like stuck there it is Ferooza Ibm Salack that’s who you give
it to yeah you go ahead and try to spell that yeah this brings back memories right
here that’s who you give it to this guy Ferooza Ibm Salack that’s how you say it
this dues shooting at me come on dude let’s give this guy all my ore he will refine it
for me thank you dude give you this one too
you can only do one learn something new everyday so now after you get it refined you want
to go to the crater village and buy the glyphs I actually already have two of
the glyphs I kind of messed up in a Neydisa Castle is where you want to head
Neydisa Castle is in here on the right endpoint right there so to save you a
bit of trouble you want to approach the crater village from the west side I do
not believe you can get in from any other direction I definitely know you
can’t get in from the south or the east since I’m running by the north to get
around to the west side just check out the north side you can get in from
this side so I stand corrected you can get in from the north and the West that
is awesome now it looks like the north is actually
gonna be quite a drop so I’m gonna take a look and actually
see if I want to actually drop down there oh yeah oh yeah I’ll live I Hope if your jump skill isn’t that high I’d recommend just run around to the west
side it actually goes right in there’s no drop at all you can see it right
there is a split that’s actually where I first ran into this place I guess this
it’s west a little southwest area you just run right on in
so that’s originally how I came into this place so we’ll just go with getting our
bow glyph and then you’re supposed to low-grade is for that medium grade is
for this and then the high grade is for this one let’s get our hollow weapon
first give it to the golem there’s the hollow bow
give this to the golem then we got our fletching tool with the other weapons
you actually do get a ravenous version first and then you apply the Bloodhunter oil to the weapon and it gives you the phantom weapon but the arrows I
mean the bows do not work that way it straight just give me the Phantom bow
like if I got the sword for example it would give me the ravenous sword first
and then if I wanted to upgrade it to the Phantom I would use the Bloodhunter
oil on the ravenous sword to get the phantom sword so we’ve got our deadlies
then you use this little guy on there The Deadly Chorizite Arrowheads
what you think let’s put on our Phantom bow there you have it that is both of the
quest for the hollow bow and the Phantom bow I’m more or less confused now on the
difference between either of them and why you would use one over the other I
think for me myself I would just use the Phantom bow because it seems like it’s
the newer version the fact that it has the phantasmal property and the hollow
bow does not it doesn’t have any properties so there’s something special with that
there’s something special about that phantasmal property and it does have a
higher bonus to melee defence the damage mod is kind of weird – 65 % so I would
assume I was just used the Phantom bow over the hollow but until I figure out
the difference between both of them and why you would use one over the other I’m
going to keep them both so anyway this is Moirior I hope that you enjoyed the
video and I’ll see you guys next time Take Care!

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