32 thoughts on “Arsenal Firearms – Strike One

  1. Yes, quite long. But even if the Strike One video presents a sporting environment, the pistol has been designed to be a defensive one.

  2. Wow, I wanna feel the feel how that shoots with such a low bore axis. Must be an easily controllable gun. Is the magazine release ambidextrous?

  3. @robertf77 , the trigger reset is not long at all, in fact it is extremely short and with very little practice you can almost fire in "bursts".

  4. If you want a video to impress people (namely American shooters that make up 98% of world market for handguns) get American shooters using it .Get some shooting critics from You Tube to shoot it and have their comments used .

  5. looks nice…but i know i'll never see it, since i live in the people's democratic republic of california…if they don't take it down before it even gets here, cal-doj will. so much for that 2nd amendment-thing-a-ma-bob…
    and as always; semper fi.

  6. Ma per l'Italia non sarà disponibile, visto che il calibro 9×19 rimane vietato per i civili, no?

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