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Armscor Rock Island Armory M206 – Budget .38 Special CCW Revolver

Second target Third target kneeling I’d say I got, out of twelve shots… maybe six? There you go, Rock Island Armory M206 38 special functionality…..Good! As long as you don’t block the hammer. During the late 1990s and the early 2000s most of the law enforcement agencies the United States began to transition into steel or polymer framed 9 mm, 40 Smith & Wesson or 45 acp handguns for their duty carry, but if you jump back about 30 years some of the more popular handguns were revolvers and if you know the Smith & Wesson M&P series that’s very popular today with their M&P 9, or their shield series these guns came from the military and police line which were revolvers during the seventies one of the guns that was very interesting was the Colt detective special which was marketed by Colt towards plain-clothes police officers and detectives and it was a really cool gun 2 inch barrel 38 special revolver with six rounds. I was very interested in this gun and there was a time in my life when I considered purchasing one but the price range is pretty high for them market nowadays is usually around five to six hundred dollars for one of these handguns and they’re no longer in production you have to buy them used but i found that Armscor a Filipino company marketing under the Rock Island Armory brand produces a clone of the end of the Colt Detective Special and they call it the M206 and i purchased a gun because i really like the Colt Detective Special. Today is the first day that I’ll be shooting it and I wanted to give you guys a little look at it That should be six. Whew! Smoking barrel! Wow it has an interesting recoil actually it’s a lot different than my 9 millimeters, it kind of has more muzzle flip to it then the 9 mm does probably because of the short barrel I have like a almost four-inch barrel on my 9 mm, whereas this is like just over two inches but yea, it shoots well. definitely have some struggles with the accuracy let’s um… I’m gonna try some close-up Im’a try ’em one-handed as if i had to draw so I’m going to try drawing from my go-bag that i’m working on and just see how it works out. if you notice on there, something i noticed i gripped up on it right here if you can see my grip was right here and when I pulled back it kind of short… it kind of short stroked it and so it didn’t actually fire on one of them i think… yeah, that was… that was weird. So we had a fun time today! (awkward) as you can tell we went through a lot of rounds. This is just what we shot today… um… I think this is a pretty good amount of shots to be able to give a quick review of the gun and maybe give my first impression about it just got it back from the range today I don’t have the total round count but i’d say it’s probably just over a hundred if I had to guess. But I wanted to give you a quick review to let you know what I thought of it and what I think of it as far as value goes for a either concealed carry gun and just a fun revolver. One of the things i want to note is that we used several different types of ammunition today we used some of this 158 grain round nose by Freedom Munitions, these are remanufactured rounds we also use some of these which were 158 grain semi-wadcutter lead also by Freedom Munition. Those are brand-new manufacturer and i used some of its 130 grain 38 special from Winchester white box. I think the Winchester and these remanufactured shot pretty similarly. Both of them shot really well I didn’t really have any problems with them. The lead, if you saw in the video, the lead was a little bit smokey. I would say other than that it’s shot just as well as the other. It just had a lot more smoke the biggest trouble i think with this gun is learning how to be accurate with it. I noticed that i think maybe part of it was the sight picture that i was using was not quite lined up. If you can see actually took some white nail polish from my wife and painted up the front post and that gives a lot better picture for me and I think that holding that picture as well as getting a good grip on the gun are the two things that I’ll have to practice to get proficient with it. So I don’t want to bore you guys too much so I just want to quickly go over my pros and cons. First of all pros: I really like the fit and finish. I like the construction there’s a lot of wiggle in the cylinder the hammer lock back really nicely and the dub.. the single-action trigger is extremely crisp You can see right here I like the feel of it. It feels great in hand actually. It’s very palmable. The price at $242 dollars is great and that it was very reliable during our testing their no issues that we had that were not due to user error. As far as the Cons go, I’d say the main con that I have has to do with the platform itself. This small little pistol is very hard to be accurate with. There’s a lot of muzzle flip after every shot a lot of vertical muzzle flip, also it’s very difficult to get a good grip on here you have to kind of like really focus on getting a grip steady before you fire, and also the sight picture… It took both of us, my wife and I some trouble to get it lined up and um.. so those things are kind of some cons Definitely will take you to practice to get used to… but at this price point I think it’s a good buy

34 thoughts on “Armscor Rock Island Armory M206 – Budget .38 Special CCW Revolver

  1. Good production! I would love to shoot one of these. I think with this short of a barrel, trigger discipline and grip is exponentially more important. Would love to see more!

  2. interesting revolver I think it would be a great budget pistol for anyone looking for something that just works

  3. I have the bobbed hammer version (dao) and I absolutely love this gun! I find it easier to shoot, and just as accurate as my Smith and Wesson 442. The only change I would make is reshaping the wood grips to be more vertical along the sides, rather than slanting in. For concealed carry, it's almost perfect. The 442 is a little easier to conceal, but there's just something about this Armscor that draws me to it, like a puppy. By the way, painting the front sight orange rather than white will give you a better sight picture. You could conceivably be shooting at a white background, whereas you're not very likely to be shooting against an orange background.

  4. My man up close and dirty like that is what a snub is designed for. You can be accurate with one but itll take some practice. BTW your channel name attracted me to this video. I think i will sub for the name alone. Too many millenmials are pussies that need safe spaces. I am glad to see one that likes guns and is being prepaired for anything! Rock on bro and keep makin vids. Ya did damn good on this one. I would like to see that sub number in the 1000s minimum! You deserve it as you did a great job on this video!

  5. great video.. snubbies will recoil more.. less weight.. Great challenge to shoot.. shorter sight radius.. great video honestly man

  6. I was thinking of buying one of these just to test my reloads nothing more I would hate to ruin my Ruger GP 100

  7. One way I did to improve my shooting accuracy was to put my left forefinger at the front of the trigger guard to reduce the muzzle flip. Snub nose revolvers are harder to shoot than those with longer barrels.

  8. From all the different reviews I determined half bad and half good reviews . So I took a chance and ordered one . I sent for the spur less one . HOPE ITS A GOOD ONE !!!

  9. Good review. If I had to pick one thing for Armscor to make on these guns it would be reducing the length of the hammer spur. Aside from that I can't find another gripe about them.

  10. I know it's been a year since you posted this video, but I found an old American Rifleman article on this firearm that includes a very comfortable sounding work around for that cocked hammer hitting the thumb web of your shooting hand issue:

    Excerpt from article:
    Included in the shipment was a good supply of Armscor USA .38 Spl. to break in the gun along with one of the full-size hard black polymer grips usually installed on the 4" barrel M200. I was glad to have the grip because I found that the long hammer could pinch the web of the shooting hand thumb when the hammer was cocked for single-action fire with the compact wood grip. Installing the polymer grip resolved the problem.
    – – End Excerpt (Emphasis Added.) – –

    So the required trick would seem to be to locate replacement grips for the M200 and put them on your M206 like the author did… the website is not responding to my attempts to go there at the moment so I cannot search for M200 parts, but I'd say it is a safe bet that since American Rifleman, the official publication of the NRA, went and published the above article with that suggestion to use the bigger meatier grips from the M200 on the M206, they probably got a fairly large number of customer requests for them from countless M200 owners, especially those with large hands. Hopefully that means that by now they will have long since added an easy way to order those M200 grips to keep their M206 customers happy…

  11. I think you need more actual grip and firing training , and don't need to be trying to be a tacticool warrior until you get that worked out, but good job with video

  12. Practice trigger control, the gun is plenty accurate. Your grip and ripping the trigger to the rear most of the time is ruining your accuracy.

  13. How is the gun holding up? I wanted a budget .38 revolver a couple of years ago, I looked at m206 and taurus m85, I chose the m85 although I liked the looks of the m206 better. The m85 is very accurate

  14. I would never carry a pistol in my bag. On my belt or in a pocket. It just seems like it would take too much time pulling it out.

  15. The M206 is more durable for EDC than the Colts. The shrouded cylinder axle is a great improvement from the Colt. However the cylinder lockup and timing does have a bit of play compared to zero play in the Colt. This jiggle of the cylinder did not effect the function but you can hear the jiggle when you walk with it when concealed. All in all, I paid $154 plus tax. Good fun!

  16. Ok…the moment you slammed the cylinder shut…YOU LOST ME !!. It made me sick. Learn how to care for a firearm before you show case it. That is the worst thing you can do to a revolver..

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