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Armsan A612S Shotgun Review

Welcome to Team Wild TV’s gear show. Now we’ve been using these Armsan A612’s for about 18 months now. They’ve become instant hit with us, and since we’re going to
be concentrating on wildfowl and pigeons over the winter months, I thought I’d take 5 minutes and go through some
of the features on this wicked shotgun with you. Part of Armsan’s mission statement is they strive
to build the gun for the enthusiast. And are committed to providing the best gun at the
best price they can, with the best features involved. And you know what? They’re not doing a bad job. This gas operated, semi-auto features a strong and robust receiver. Machined from aluminium with a hard anodized finish, the barrel is
deep hole drilled to prevent flex and make it stronger. It’s also chrome plated and this model comes with a ventilated rib. The barrel’s are available in 26, 28 and 30 inch lengths. And just a shade over 6 and a half pounds it’s not too heavy
if you just want to go for a mooch round the fields. So if the sporty variant doesn’t take your fancy, there is also Realtree
advantage timber, a fully synthetic black stock, and a wooden version available. Now we’ve cycled everything through these guns, from 28, 30, 32, right
up to 50g shells and they have cycled with ease. No jams and the guns have performed faultlessly.
And we’ve really given them some hammer. So at about £500 or just over, £650 for
this variant, they provide fantastic value for money. And they are packed with the features that you’d normally
find on guns twice to three times the price. But now you’re asking yourself – At that
price, how do they really work out? Well don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself. Myself and Wildy have used the Armsan several times this
winter, and each time it has performed flawlessly. Steve’s been using the camo version and I’ve been using the red sporting version. First we took shots at pigeons over decoys in the snow. And despite the cold and heavy snow, the shotgun performed flawlessly. Light, easy to manoeuvre, it allowed us to get on
to those pigeons quickly and take our shots. We bagged around 50 birds and I’m sure the quality of the
Armsan had more to do with it than our abilities. And most recently I’ve used prowling Canadian geese after dusk. Again it was easy to manoeuvre and had enough power to
take down such a big bird moving across the sky. Those Canadian geese are a packing some weight but the Armsan
and a heavy cartridge brought them down with ease. Myself and Steve also used the Armsan back last winter after pigeons over rain. The shotgun took down pigeon after pigeon after pigeon. And even though
it fired so many shots in succession it never jammed once, and performed time and time again, and allows me
the confidence to take my quarry with ease. Tune in to next weeks gear show when Ian Harford will be bringing you
a report form the National World Turkey Federation show in Nashville Tennessee.

54 thoughts on “Armsan A612S Shotgun Review

  1. Nice short snappy and entertaining review, not keen on the metallic red action, but the camo one is nice. Good job Keith

  2. Nice presentation Keith. I do like these guns. They seem to be a good working, multi purpose tool. Now all you need to do is send me one and I'll be very happy lol. Great vid, great gear and great presenting. Another successful vid bud 🙂

  3. Just a suggestion, why not use the new go pro 3's to film a first person view of the hunting especially with the shotguns when the camera can be blocked by heads!!

  4. I would go for a mossberg 500 or a remington 870. Remington quality has gone down over time, so I would recommend a 500 (and yes I have experience with them since I own two myself). They are easy to disassemble and clean, as well as let you hunt nearly everything if you get a combo that includes a slug barrel as well as a bird barrel.

  5. was nice to see you boys at the british shooting show and very sporting of you to sign a picture for my mate neil in order for me to wind him up thanks lads was a bit disappointed tho not to see your any of your trucks on display

  6. Harley…You were at the show weren't you?
    The Khan 4 10 over and under is a great little gun to start out with, nice and light.

  7. Hi Jonny, and thanks, yeah, the Sporter is a bit 'bling' but we have used it in hunting scenarios to prove that it is a true sporter.

  8. Everything about this gun is solidly built and the type of set up usually found on 'higher end' shotguns, the gas valve that sits inside the barrel ring machined from one piece, the exhaust ports uniformly and symmetrically machined whilst the barrel extension is a good sturdy thickness along with a generous magazine cap, a small but important item often seemingly overlooked by other budget makers,the barrel is deep hole drilled to prevent flex. Have a look round one and see what you think?

  9. That's good to know as I was looking forward to seeing them I think the only other show I will be attending this year is the cla game fair

  10. Franchi 612VS you get the quality of a Benelli at half the price, I was shooting 24 gram clay shot from it on Saturday, 2 failures to eject out of 250 cartridges, not bad for a light load in my book. I haven't got hold of 50 grams yet, but have cycled 500 46 grams, over 3 weekends, with 2 cleans of the gun. Only paid £390 for it second hand, and it is as good quality as my brothers A300 Outlander

  11. Watch our earlier shows, the A612 have dealt with pheasant, duck, geese and pigeons with ease. Ideal for a walked up rough shoot.

  12. were can i get a hold of this bad boy in America viking arms doesnt sell stuff I dont know if im doing some thing wrog -Connor

  13. I've got a question regarding the Armsan, I am looking at getting a shotgun that is capable of all round shooting including clays. This 612 seems to suit the bill quite nicely but I am wondering whether it is 'practical' out in the field?

  14. So is there any real difference in the Armsan version and the Tristar version? I know armsan makes tristar and weatherby, but is tristar just armsan's american brand or are they actually a slightly different gun?

  15. Great review, do you know what chokes come with the black synthetic version? Spoke to Highland Outdoors and they only knew the Armsan came with 3 chokes. Thanks.

  16. Armsan A612s & A620s models is not slug. Slug models is Armsan A612DW, A620DW & Phenoma for hugs. Armsan Shotguns are easy disasembly and assembly, low price, high quality, long range shotting, campitable any rifle cartridges. Best Shotguns are from Italy, Czechoslovakia an Turkey in World. My idea. tnks you for vid Keith!

  17. do you prefer the black or sporting? Im looking at both but I think the black is great value? is the sporter heavier? thanks

  18. great review Kieth on this rifle, and the price is also great.. is there much recoil?..and what in your opinion is the best all round semi-shotgun.. thanks for posting, have a good one..Bill

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