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Armed Citizen Stops Attack on Female Clerk | DGU Breakdown

What’s going on? Luke for USA Carry here. I’m back with another defensive gun use breakdown. Today this one is out of
Wenatchee, Washington where a shoplifting incident turned into a violent attack
against a female clerk. But then when it spilled outside the assailant was
confronted by an armed citizen who turned the tables. Before we get started
if you’re new to the channel I do guns and gear reviews, defense of gun use
breakdowns, and other concealed carry related content. If you like that kind of
stuff hit the subscribe button below and while you’re down there give us a like. Now let’s get to it. Alright, unfortunately, there’s no audio
with this security footage and just a quick warning, it does get a little
graphic when the female clerk starts to get attacked. So this footage picks up where this guy in the sunglasses and suspenders is
reportedly trying to buy his alcohol with his ID. Not sure how that works but
the clerk and him apparently talked for about four minutes. We’re picking up
toward the end of that conversation so they’re talking. He’s pointing at
something. Maybe the “Give a penny. Take a penny dish.” Pretty sure that’s not for
people to buy beer with though. So he starts picking up his things. He grabs
his six-pack. She rips it back. He gets one and she decides she’s gonna
call the police. He throws a piece of plastic at her from
the bag. They’re going back and forth. Looks like she’s starting the camera on
her phone and that’s when it starts getting a little serious. Throws the beer
bottle at her. So he starts to head outside but then he decides he’s gonna
go after. That’s where things take a turn. So she’s trying to video this in her
left hand and call the police with her right hand. And she’s backing up. I’m
not sure if there’s an exit or another room that way. So he grabs her hair,
starts dragging her out. That’s pretty scary because at this point she’s not
sure what he plans to do with her. When she gets the end of the counter she’s
resisting pretty good. He’s trying to drag her. She’s not letting him drag her
out. Then he knees her in the head and starts punching her. Hits her with one of the beer bottles. Starts hitting her again. And he picks up
his other beer bottle and this is where the armed citizen drives up. This is a
Washington firefighter. Now he’s got two kids in the truck. Just keep that in mind
. They’re either coming back from or heading out to do a little jet skiing
but things don’t go as planned. Now it does seem like she had a slight window
to get out of there when he was walking to pick up her beer. It took her a little
bit of time to get up but she needed to move and get out of that store when that
window opened. Unfortunately, he hits her again with the beer bottle and a couple
more blows and then she gets out the door. He picks up his beer, some other
stuff. I guess he’s forgetting his six-pack or five-pack. And he heads out
the door. So now we go back to the security footage from the parking lot. She comes into the frame on the right as he’s going after her again. Hits her two
more times. Looks like the guy in the truck has his
windows down so I’m pretty sure you can hear what’s going on. He starts to back
up as if he’s not sure what’s going on here. What did he just drive into? then he
hits the brake and you see the driver’s door opens up. He doesn’t have his gun in
his hand at this point. It’s in his console but it looks like he’s given
some kind of verbal command because the assailant stops while he’s throwing a
punch at the clerk. And then the assailant starts walking around the side
of his truck. Remember he’s got two kids in the truck. One is in the front passenger
seat and the other ones in the back. And he gets very close. Way too close to the
truck. Especially too close to the kid. That’s where this armed citizen draws
his gun. If we zoom in and slow it down it looks like you can see him draw the
gun and then point it at the assailant. Again there’s a kid in that passenger
seat that he’s pointing across but then he comes flying out the truck probably
tell him assailant to get on the ground while he’s pointing his gun at him. He
gets pretty close to him. Does a little arm drag takedown but it’s still able to
keep control of his handgun. I would have liked to see him holster that gun before
he did that so he’s not waving a gun around but we’ll get to that later cuz
he doesn’t actually a holster on him. Then he takes his
attention off the criminal for a few seconds so you got to watch out for that. Then he spins around gets his knee on
him. He gets some pressure on him. This guy was acting big and bad when he
was beating up a female clerk. Not so much now that he’s got a bigger guy on
top of him with a gun pointed at his face. Then he tries to get away. Remember how he kneed the clerk in the face? Well he’s
about to get a taste of his own medicine. POW Knee right to the face. Sunglasses go flying and that flattens him out. Let’s watch that again a few
more times. Now the video we got is sped up from here. He holds the assailant down
for about 3 minutes until police arrive. Now let’s go back and slow it down to
see what happened to that pistol. It took me a few times watching this to make it
out but you can see that the armed civilian hands the gun to the guy in the
black so he can have two hands-free to keep the assailant subdued. That’s right
about when the police arrived on scene with a rifle. The guy in a black shirt
slowly sets down the gun as the officers running up. Looks like the officers tell him to put the pistol on the ground and pointing. Good guy looks to be pointing at his gun maybe saying, “I’m not armed. There’s my
gun.” The assailant must be struggling because then the police officer gets his
knee on to him. It looks like he responds on his radio and then another unit rolls
up. Alright, after watching this video a few times I came up with 9 takeaways
from this incident number. #1 Is a six-pack of beer worth getting into a
confrontation over? I know some people will say, “Well, If you let them shoplift
once, they’re gonna do it again.” But what is the store’s policy regarding
shoplifting? If they have a no-contact / no-apprehension policy, then you need a let
go of your ego and your pride and let them go. In the end, is it really worth
the risk over a six-pack of beer? Especially if you’re unprepared or
untrained to deal with shoplifters or in this case shoplifter turned assailant. Cuz
as you just saw, once this turned violent the clerk was completely unprepared to
deal with him. There’s loss prevention agents that deal with shoplifters day in
and day out, mostly at bigger box stores. But they’re trained for dealing with and
apprehending shoplifters. And sometimes they don’t even go after them. Another thing is they didn’t steal your stuff, unless you’re the owner. While I’m
sure it’s frustrating to watch somebody you know just stole something walk out
the front door, again didn’t steal it from you. There’s a
chance that the store has insurance to cover the loss of stolen goods or they
can claim it on their taxes as a deduction so this makes confronting and
trying to stop a shoplifter even less worth it. #2 Learn some self-defense skills. Hand-to-Hand. Grappling. I’d recommend
finding a jiu-jitsu gym near you. A lot of them will let you try it out for free. But even taking a self-defense course is a step in the right direction. The owner
of my gym, Vita Jiu-Jitsu, did a weekend class for females just to show him some
hand-to-hand skills. So I sent my wife so maybe she would learn a few things
or maybe she would get the bug for jujitsu, which she didn’t. The only thing
is, just like everything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it. We often forget what we learned unless we practice it and reinforce what we
learned. And that’s why I consistently train Jiu-Jitsu. A normal week for me is
about four or five days of training during lunch. I’m sure this isn’t the
first or the last time you’ll hear me talking about Jiu Jitsu so just get used
to it. And you’ll also learn some takedown skills like we saw used in this
vide. They might not be the most fun thing to do because you’re getting
slammed on the ground over and over but we do train them in every class. And this
guy did a good job of taking the assailant to the ground although he was
waving his pistol around but he did get him to the ground to subdue him. #3 We talked about this earlier but escape when you can. She had a brief
window to where she could get up and get out the front door. But she didn’t move
and that put her in the position to get attacked again. So if you see an opening
where you can safely remove yourself from the situation, do it, get out of
there. #4 Never let the muzzle cover
anything you’re not willing to destroy, right? Well, when he was taking that guy
down, he was waving that gun around. He might have pointed it at his truck where
the kids were. And then at another point he’s pointing at something with his gun.
I don’t know what he was pointing at but you shouldn’t be pointing at things
with your gun obviously. So if you’re using one hand to hold a guy down you
need to be able to reholster your gun if you need that other hand free, which
we’ll get to. #5 Things can happen at any time. It looked like this was in the middle of day. This guy is about to go jet skiing
with his kids, or coming back from jet skiing. Pulls up at the gas station and
bam, he’s right in the middle of a defensive gun use incident. Luckily
things ended well for him. He stopped the attack. No one else got hurt and he
didn’t have to fire any shots. Good job. And that kind of brings
me to my next point. #6 Do you know who exactly you’re willing to
protect with your firearm? I was just reading the Varg Freeborn book, “Violence
of Mind,” which I’ll link to in the description below. And he talks about
knowing your mission. Who are you willing to protect with your gun. Yourself? Family? Friends? A lady you don’t know that’s being attacked in a parking lot while
you have two kids in the truck? Sure, this guy could have driven away but he didn’t
he decided to put himself into that situation to stop the attack. But you
need to answer that question, “What is your mission?”, before you find yourself in
an incident like this. Are you just gonna protect your family and make sure you
get home at night? Or are you willing to protect complete strangers? #7 This
one’s kind of brief but one-handed shooting. Now this whole incident, this
guy had one hand on his gun, the other hand taking a guy down or subduing him. So how often do you practice shooting with one hand? How often do you practice
shooting with your support hand? If you don’t, you should add that to your
practice routine at the range and at home when you’re dry firing. You are dry
firing at home, right? Alright, we’re getting there. #8 Holding somebody down at gunpoint until police arrives. This one
can be a little sketchy. Now that guy didn’t have a weapon on him
so if he did get up and run, I don’t think he would have been justified in
shooting him because he was fleeing, right? And then when police arrived they
just see someone holding a guy on the ground pointing a gun at him. They don’t necessarily see a good guy holding a criminal down, waiting for
police to arrive. Salvatore, one of our writers at, just wrote an
article covering this and some other stuff which I’ll link up here. So if you
can, you want to make sure you or someone else calls the police, gives them a good
description of you, the bad guy and what’s going on in this situation so
that when police to show up they might have a good idea of who the good guy and
the bad guy is. And as always, comply with all the
commands. They might be telling you to drop the gun, get on the ground, put your
hands behind your back. Again, they might not know who the good guy and the bad
guy is so you just need to comply and let them sort it out. And the last one
#9. I’d like to touch on using a quality holster that would allow you to
re-holster if needed with one hand. In this situation, the good guy had the hand
his gun off to somebody else to keep the assailant subdued. In a perfect world, I’d
rather just re-holster my own gun instead of handing it to somebody else I
don’t know even if they’re trying to help. I don’t want to be handing my gun
over to a complete stranger. And this also makes me think about holsters that
are mounted inside your car. Now this guy pulled his gun from his console and
didn’t take his holster with him so he couldn’t reholster. But there are some
ways to mount guns inside your vehicle and they may seem like you have better
access to them. But what happens in a situation like this. If you have to grab
your gun and then you’re outside the car what do you do? Your holster’s still in
the car. So don’t consider your car holster.
Personally, I appendix carry so if something like this happened and I had
to draw my pistol in the car and then get out the car, I still have my holster
on me so I can reholster when I need to. And no, appendix carry isn’t
uncomfortable while I’m seated in my truck. I carry that way all the time. It
took me a while to figure out the right holster to make it work for me but it
was well worth the time and money spent. I have quick access to my gun and that
holster is always gonna be on me. I’m also not doing any unnecessary gun
manipulation while I’m getting in and out of the truck, re-holstering or
anything like that. That’s where I carry. I get in the truck. I drive to where I’m
going. I get out. I’m not messing with holsters. I’m not messing with guns. Alright. I’m always surprised at how many lessons we can get out of these types of
videos after watching them over and over and over. I mean we got nine lessons from
a three-and-a-half-minute video. And I’m sure some of you may have caught some
things that I didn’t catch so let me know in the comments and we can discuss
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100 thoughts on “Armed Citizen Stops Attack on Female Clerk | DGU Breakdown

  1. Who is looking forward to that Maxpedition Bag? Thanks to all of you that have subscribed! Did you see anything in this video that I might have missed? Let me know. 👇🏼

  2. at my core, I am a protector, but having become older, I have learned that you need to evaluate all situation before jumping into an unknown event, especially if you have loved ones with you. everything is not always as it seems, as you point out regarding the officer arriving on scene. btw read that book, worthwhile reading for sure.

  3. To see the bad guy get the knee was justice served.
    Being a bit older, shorter and not I peak conditioning & as a carrying citizen, I hope I have the discernment of when to draw a firearm upon someone. I’m rather surprised this fireman wasn’t charged or detained. All he saw was a couple swings at this woman. Clearly the video shows she was in mortal danger from the bottles over the head but I think on one hand , I’d love to stop a crime like this this, yet would I have drawn a gun to do so as this man. I feel I’d have been dragged to jail for aggravated assault. It is shameful dirtbags like this cannot be stopped everyday by everyday people carrying guns. The further shame is to have to think of legal ramifications to intervention in an event like this.

  4. He could have put the gun in his shorts just behind his belt. And if he needed it again, it's right there. But having a holster is better. I do like the holster on the side of your seat just inside the door of your vehicle. Easy to get to, and it's concealed.

  5. Excellent review of another case of armed civilian, doing good in this case. He got most of his actions right. Most times we see idiots with guns getting it all wrong. This guy did well for the most part.
    I would love to see this kind of gun news reported equally with anti-gun news on the nightly propaganda at six. Which of course will never happen.

     I know it is wrong, but it was oddly of satisfying seeing the criminal get a taste of his own medicine with a knee in the head. I am sure the clerk would agree, after his repeatedly attacking her.

  6. Train train train. Right when you think you're done, train some more. This guy, the firefighter, clearly does train. The takedown and control of the bad guy was executed quite well. Granted, the gun flailing was excessive, but you'll see cops do this to. All the time. It doesn't make it right. I'm not saying that at all. It's just another indicator to train more. My biggest takeaway from this video… I'm going to train more.

  7. I agree about jujitsu. A good place just opened near me finally. Can’t wait to get in and roll a bit! Take the wife with me as well. Let her learn a few things… Thanks for what you do. Never stop learning.

  8. My big thing that wasn't addressed: never approach a suspect who is showing no signs of compliance. If that was me, I would have stayed behind the tailgate with my sidearm pointed at him until the guy was complying. I would have had him face away from me, lay on the ground, put his arms out like an airplane, and cross his ankles before I'd even consider closing the distance. Bad shit happens in that 21-foot bubble.

  9. You made some very good points, especially handing your gun to someone else. I’m no lawyer but I do believe that guy would be criminally responsible if that other guy did something stupid with that weapon. I am enjoying these video’s and feel I am learning from them. Who would I defend, I’m a Vietnam vet so I would have to say pretty much anybody who needed it. That clerk must not have been taught much when she was hired, which is the fault of the store, about the camera system or she wouldn’t have bothered trying to record things with her cell phone. I don’t know, a lot of possibilities there. But low training for this situation seems to be present here. Maybe they did go through things that she simply forgot in the heat of the moment, obviously I can’t say. I would never take that job, most of those clowns won’t let their clerks be armed. After that their hit her with the bottle I would have put 3 in his head. That’s assault with a deadly weapon, shoot him. But like I say, most of those joints won’t let their clerks carry, stupid.

  10. As a CCL, when I looked at this video my thought is that the good Sarmatian went to his pistol way too soon. He could have put his window up and locked the doors (assuming power windows and door locks on that fine truck) or he could have put the truck in forward and driven a distance away before getting out. He should have thought of his kids first, and when he did get out should have closed and locked the truck. Going to the gun and pointing it that close to his kid, if he did shoot out the window, would have caused severe hearing trauma to his kids. Lastly, he seemed to know how to take the bad guy down, with one hand no less, so why did he keep is gun out? Because he didn't have a holster, duh. If you are going to carry be prepared, train, practice, and be constantly aware of your situation.

  11. #2 should be don't hesitate if you are going to call 911. Clerk should have known that camera's were active in store.
    Clerk should have fought back harder. Outside when the clerk and assailant separated, the she should have put the truck between them or the firefighter should have instructed her, as it was she was cutting off an avenue from the firefighter, what if the assailant went to the front of the truck. I would have consider the assailent to be armed has he was still carrying stuff in his arms during the take down, something spills when he takes the knee to the head. Minor point is the FF's choice of footwear-Flip flops fail to provide any support and little traction you can see his right foot slipping when he's kneeling on the bad guy.

  12. so many mistakes made. our hero is lucky he didn't get his own or his children's heads blown off with his own gun

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  14. Loved the breakdown of this videos. You made good points I may not have hit on without your commentary…Please keep making videos like this!

  15. I have always been a strong proponent of having…..LOUD ALARMS in small stores.
    Once an individual has threatened violence to a proprietor…..a push of a button…..and a very loud alarm
    which can be heard outside the store can be heard for blocks. This will make the perpetrator… out to of the store……fearing folks hearing the alarm will be coming to help.

  16. It’s hard to predict what could happen in a situation like this. I’ve been in situations over seas almost every day while deployed and every single incident is different. Over all the gentleman did what he could do in the situation to the best of his ability. I believe he sized him up as well before he got out of the vehicle and made a call on how he was going to control the situation and he did. I believe he had a plan before he got out of the truck. He knew he could subdue that toothpick with one hand. He knew he looked a little drunk. Think naturally if the bad guy was 300 lbs muscle would you get that close? Nope lol. I would keep my ten paces and give commands. Would he have done it that way? I’m sure he would have. Great video thanks

  17. I thank the guy did a great job and commend him for his action but I wouldn’t have tried to take the guy to the ground. I would have held him at gun point until the police arrived. If he did turn and run so be it. Everyone is still safe.
    My concern with trying to take him to the ground is him overpowering you and taking gun from you Whether it’s in your hostel or hand….. Like I said the guy did a great job and very glad he was there.

  18. Have you been training yourself to draw your firearm from your appendix while sitting in your car with a seatbelt on? I personally found it hard to draw my firearm carrying appendix while sitting in the car with the seatbelt on. I was just wondering if you have come across the same issues while driving and appendix carry your firearm.

  19. These liberals need to watch this why they are trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens Also if you’re working at a store you should not play hero like he said if you’re not prepared to take someone down that’s a shoplifting just let them take what they want is not worth it

  20. Or you put the barrel on the back of the guys head and say if you move your dead. Then you have control of your gun and the criminal

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    I can't wait to see more!

  23. States and countries that culturally preach acquiescing to criminals are also the same states and countries that have the highest incidence of rape… The string on his bathing suit wouldn't hold his his holster. And as far as flagging people with the pistol if your finger is straighten off the the only thing that will makes that gun go off is if it is struck by lightning He's got a better chance of winning the lottery. As far as the tactical and technical advice putting your weapon on safe in the middle of a combat situation to change magazines is a futile exercise 99.999% of the time you're putting yourself and your teammates behind you at risk not the threat in front because you wanted to practice safety for the threat in front. To hell with the guy on the ground if he wanted to be safe he would stop beating cashiers at gas stations.

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    Beating on a woman?
    He’d make a halfway decent block of ballistic gel.

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  27. new subscriber here, what kind of holster do you have? The lady at walmart needs more training her adrenaline was high and took over her senses of what she should have learned when she got her cc training that is if she even had good training. My cc instructor was awesome I learned a lot

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  34. I don't know if that was Wa. State where this took place, we just had a huge incident here in Lakewood, Wa. A Mr. Martinez went on a crime spree with a female accomplice. A barber shop owner was stabbed and beaten to death. A 76 year old man was able to chase him out of his garage with a golf club. And a woman was able to run away and grab a gun causing him to leave. Story just went bye bye. They showed one photo of him, plastered with Mexican gang tattoos. There's two back stories right there. Was he a illegal alien? A gun saved a womans life. Just silence, yeah Jay Inslee!!!

  35. PRO TIP COMMENT FROM A FELLOW CCW USER: The holster mounted in the car should supplement the holster on your person, it works this way: get in the car, unholster from three o'clock waist position to the mounted holster inside the vehicle (under the steering wheel for example), reholster on your person before your exit from the vehicle. This way you have a holster with you at all times.

    COMMENT: this guy probably wasn't carrying concealed regularly because he would have had his holster on him. Fireman do not have to carry firearms, so he probably wasn't mentally prepared, obviously handing the gun to a stranger indicated he didn't give much thought about his "armed sheep dog" tactics. But his did perform, as a proper citizen should have, many would have simply fled, especially in a heavily populated urban area, so good on him for an honest effort. Also, the body language of the perpetrator indicated questionable motor skills meaning he was inebriated or physically handicapped, less threatening than a highly functioning adult male who may have presented a very serious threat, and potentially the most deadly call for police and armed security: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

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  42. The first take away, "was it worth it"? Over a 6 pack of beer. Uhm all of this didnt take place over a 6 pack. It was after theft turned into battery. Potential threat to his children and saved that women. I could be wrong, but it sounded like you were asking if this scenario was worth intervening over a 6 pack. I apologize if I'm wrong. But it seems worth it for the well being of your children and helping an innocent, defenceless lady.

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