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Armasight Q14 Thermal Monocular & Weapon Sight – Product in Action –

Welcome to another OpticsPlanet Product in
Action video. My name is Matt and today we’re talking abut
the Armasight Q14 Thermal Monocular. So you can see it’s a very tiny compact thermal
monocular, roughly the same size or even a little bit smaller than your PBS14 Night Vision. It does use the mini dove rail, like the Armasight
Spark does, so some of the accessories might need an adapter to work perfectly. But the great thing about this is you can
use it as a monocular, just as a freehand scouting tool. Armasight also has a great head mount option
available for you to purchase. They took that great Crype Precision NightCap,
which is gonna be real lightweight, it’s not gonna bulk you down or crush your head, and
they paired that with a Wilcox mount, which has great adjustability, high quality machining,
and really one of the best mounts out there that money can get you. So now that you’ve got your Armasight Q14
all headmounted, you want to be able to show your friends what exactly you’ve been out
in the wild looking at. They offer an excellent HD DVR kit to go with
that. You can hook it up right to the monocular
and get that one on one vision for everything you’re seeing, recorded in a high quality
format. A nice feature about this kit that they offer
is that it also just includes a very tiny, compact HD camera, so if you’re not looking
to use it with the thermal monocular, you can still get usage out of the DVR. You can set it up as a tiny dashcam, a tiny
security cam, it has a lot of applications just due to the great size and the high quality
video that it takes. More than a monocular though. As you’ve already seen, you can head mount
it and use it in that capacity, but you can also use it as a weapon sight. Using your Armasight mount here, the same
one you use for the Spark Night Vision monocular, you can hook up this thermal sight to anything
with a picatinny rail. And it does have a reticle in it, so you don’t
need to use it with another sight like a clip on. So you can go ahead from straight from a monocular,
activate the reticle, hook it up to the rifle, and you have a weapons sight right there. Armasight offers the Q14 in a couple different
varieties. You can pick between two different resolution
levels, two different refresh rates, both 30Hz and 60Hz, and you can choose whether
you want a visible red laser or an IR laser built in to the unit. The nice thing about the IR laser is that
if you go ahead and scout with the thermal unit and you las that target with your IR
laser, anyone with a night vision scope is gonna be able to zero in on the same target. So lets go ahead and take it on the field
and show you how it works. As you guys can see it’s pretty easy to use. The option of the color palettes gives you
a nice variety and really, depending on your situation, is always gonna offer you the best
kind of picture option for what you have out there. So sometimes black has better sometimes the
full color palette is better, it just really depends on your environment and what your
target is, which is why the Q14 offers so many options and settings to let you get the
best picture and make sure that you’re hitting your target dead on.

7 thoughts on “Armasight Q14 Thermal Monocular & Weapon Sight – Product in Action –

  1. Is the video quality of this device really this bad, or is it just the way it was recorded? The image quality is a joke.

  2. HI, Armasight
    Can i please know the detection range/Recognition range of Q14 30 Hz for a human being of average size may be 5'10". Fast reply will be appreciated. Thankx

  3. Seems that a common problem with these thermal optics is that their ability to record is god awful. But seriously, they're asking $5000 for an optic that produces the image quality of the 1995 edition of Oregon Trail…
    I'd love to own thermals, but there is not a chance on God's green earth that I will spend $3000+ on something that I can't get my hands on first to try it.

  4. Ok so I have a question, I'm new to the thermal game and was wondering what's a good entry level scope to go with? I would like something that's good for let's say 120 to 150 yards to start with. I recently bought a armasight Orion and first gen night vision and wasn't very happy with it . So I'm not bashing armasight by no means but where I hunt is very dark and the hogs would see the inferred glow and run off . So I'm really wanting some good advice on a entry level thermal that I don't have to pay 8,000 to learn a lesson I might not like

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