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Arma 3 | Eden Editor – How to create simple weapon pickup and kill/destroy task

First, place a player unit Next, you want to place a ‘Create Task’ module Give the task an ID (The ID used to refer to the task), and a title. The title will be the name that appears in game. After that, select the owner as All playable units, or the player’s side. Or you can choose to sync the task with the player or their group leader. Make the task state assigned. You may also select an icon to display in game. You can also type a description. Trying to get rid of the player’s rifle. Now, a set task state. Set the state to succeeded(The check mark). This will be synced to a trigger, that will activate this or, succeed the task, when the trigger’s condition is satisfied. Also sync it to the create task. We will now place the first trigger, that will put a delay on the time until the task is assigned. Using ‘true’ to automatically fire the trigger. Sync it to the create task We placed a new trigger, that will succeed the task. It needs to be synced to the set task state We will now place a table along with our MX 6.5mm We will place the task over the rifle, so the destination for the task is on the rifle. Now we use the config-viewer under tools to find the code name for our rifle. arifle_MX_F. To get to this specific screen. Click the Weapons tab in the bottom left corner. You may also any item’s script name can be found by placing your cursor over it. Just remove the prefix before the first underscore such as Weapon player hasWeapon “Scriptname here” Now we test… It works. Now, I am creating another task, that is activated by the same trigger that ended the other. Same procedure Using !alive we can create kill/destroy tasks. We will use Officer as the variable name for our target. So, what’s basically happening is the game checks if the owner of the name Officer, is alive. If not, the condition is satisfied. Easy as that For the sake of the video, I am disabling his AI. Let’s test it. Once again, it is working. Now we will code it to require multiple targets dead/destroyed. There are two ways to do this. Again, we will need to give the AI variable names. Now, the coding will be very similar. But it’ll look like !alive Enemy1 and !alive Enemy2; Now, I will demonstrate the second way. Which does not use scripting. Instead, the condition is set to ‘this’. And the activation box is set to OPFOR Not Present. The trigger will check to see if any OPFOR are in the trigger area which in code is reffered to as thisList, something I’ll talk talk about in another video. If not, the trigger will fire.

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