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Arkan got hit by a sniper & ustashe paying for crimes in Vukovar [TrueHD]

In recent days there were a lot of contradictory information about Željko Ražnatović Arkan being wounded. We met him in Šid around 5 o’ clock. When did this happen? It happened 4 days ago when my units were liberating Borovo Naselje. I recieved a sniper round – Is it a heavy wound? No It’s a lite wound, so I immediately returned to the front, without being absent at all. – You also have a hole in your gun? Yes, that’s the hole That’s how it was Here is the hole It was a small caliber sniper Nothing serious – What now? We will move on for Osijek Osijek. Government session of Serbian independant authority of Slavonija, Baranja and western Srem was held today in liberated Vukovar About decisions and destiny of Vukovar, our reporter interviewed prime minister of Slavonija,Baranja and western Srem Mr. Goran Hadzić We are in Šid On the way to Vukovar but from there has just arrived the prime minister of Slavonija, Baranja and western Srem Goran Hadžić You have today held the government session in Vukovar What was the final conclusion? This was the first government session in our to be capital in our Serbian province of Slavonija, Baranja and western Srem Besides the necessities linked to getting life back to normal and establishing at least a bearable state of living, there is one basic conclusion, which is that Prisoners of war, ustashe who surrendered, they cannot leave Serbian province of Slavonija, Baranja and western Srem so they cannot go to Serbia, a country which is not at war Soldiers that surrendered are not real soldiers, but members of paramilitary units Only this nation can prosecute them, our nation of Serbian province Which is acknowledged and has it’s own court We even have 2nd step court 3rd step would be on the level of federation of Yugoslavia but we have our district court and municipal court So we have arranged with military authorities, to keep ustashe in our camps here on outskirts of Vukovar Knowing, that there is a group which already departed for Sremska Mitrovica I set it as my personal goal to return these people If we can even call them people to return them and to prosecute them those who are guilty. Those who are innocent we will free and they can rebuild our town with us What’s your estimate on the member count of these Croat paramilitary units? There is a lot of different data The night before last night was said that two hundred surrenderd Today in combinat Borovo over a thousand What’s the real number? I think it is around three thousand Around three thousand of those who were wearing ustashe uniforms Even though there is a lot of them hiding amongst the civilians And yet there is a lot of good people Our prime goal is to question and to not allow anyone to suffer and be persecuted who is not guilty Better to let a guilty one go, than to have an innocent suffer That is our goal Law exists here and militia and all the authorities So we will work on preventing the persecuition of innocent – How is the forming of civil authority in Vukovar coming along? Today the first step has been made We prepared for this occasion I was a bit too optimistic I didn’t expect that Vukovar would be so demolished When I’ve first seen it today Words can’t describe it There isn’t a house intact There are still bodies on the streets So we first have to prevent infection through our ministry of health, with vets and doctors To stop that And then to begin the normalization of life As it is already prepared Today we have talked with people who fought this war Those are people from Petrova Gora Without them, our fight for Vukovar would be lost So I will take the opportunity now to thank them for everything they’ve done And tomorrow we have the next meeting with representatives of these people To decide the authorities, to form a civil authority in the city As from our promise with representitives of military authorities It was agreed that we won’t form military administration It is important that civil authorities take control – That means you will soon take off your uniform too? I represent Serbian nation, selected from Serbs If Serbian nation, who selected me thinks that The current borders are sufficient I will take it off But I personally think that I have to continue to wear it As Serbian borders are much bigger than what we currently have – Thank you for the conversation You too

42 thoughts on “Arkan got hit by a sniper & ustashe paying for crimes in Vukovar [TrueHD]

  1. Giving away Vukovar peacefully was one of the dumbest we could ever do. It was very realistic and attainable for Serbia to annex this piece but our politicians screwed us yet again

  2. Ребят это оцифровка с Betacam или VHS? Просто очень похоже на Betacam по качеству записи.

  3. братья по больше таких видео, в россии мало говорят о этих войнах

  4. Fun fact : Croats executed 9 handicapped Serbian civilians,including women,they were in wheelchairs,it happened in 1995 in the school of a town called Dvor na Uni. Danish "peacekeepers" were just meters from there and they watched it all happen without doing anything. No one was ever persecuted or convicted for this crime.

  5. Апофеоз сербского, хорватского и боснийского дол*****зма. Ну что могу сказать, все виноваты, все начали резню.

  6. Iz Republike Srpske sam srbin sa veci i svi smo vi veci srbi iz republike srpske nego vi iz Srbije NEMAM NISTA PROTIM VAS JER SMO MI SRBI SVI I ARKAN JE SAMO ULAZIO DOLE DJE JE NAJMANJE VOJNIKA I NAJSLABIJE I KREAO JE Pozdrav

  7. Arkan was a low life drug dealer that posed as a patriot for his own profit. It’s sad so many of you dumbasses are blind to this, he screwed you guys over at the end by making you look like maniacs. Even Chetniks I talk to admit Arkan was a degenerate who never deserved to represent Serbia. Thank god he was assassinated
    Za Dom SPREMNI

  8. Истинный Мужчина и Защитник Отечества! Спасибо, Аркан!

  9. Čovjek koji je naredio ispaljivanje stotine tisuća granata na Vukovar se čudi kako je grad jako razrušen…
    Kad se već spina, dajte se potrudite da bar djeca od 3 godine progutaju priču.

  10. Hahaha serbs will remember Vukovar, it is not easy to lose few thousands sodiers and few hundreds tanks.

  11. Arkan looks like nice and loving to me even though I am a Muslim he's a nice guy may Allah bless him

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