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ARK: Survival Evolved How to spawn Pistols

hello and welcome to GFI today my name
is gray and by the end of this video guys you will be able to spawn in a
fabricated pistol for your self on the single-player or on your own server that
you have very easy very simple all you have to do is press Start LB RB X and Y
together and that will bring you up to me come our admin command and then you
just go over to this box it will be empty
you press it and you type in your cheat so it is as followed cheat space GFI
space pistol Space 1 space 0 space 0 that is all you need to do and you press
Start come over here admin command and boom one primitive fabricated pistol
simple as that guys I hope you enjoyed this very short video please make sure
if you like these GFI codes subscribe to me and if you haven’t done
so already please like this video it goes a long way and leave a comment down
below if you if you enjoy these if you think I can do things any better please
let me know and I will see you later guys thank you ever so much for watching

2 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved How to spawn Pistols

  1. OMG thank you I've been trying to find a way to get that pistol for a week I'm so glad I finally found the answer and the codes for it no more breaking down and demolishing my structures! thank you fam! 😍

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