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Arizona Firearms Attorney Marc J. Victor – C2 Tactical Gun Training

Hey guys attorney Marc J. Victor here
first off I want to commend you for taking such a good quality class at c2
tactical these guys over there really know what they’re talking about it’s my
first choice of places to go it’s where I shoot and so I’m a big fan of what
they’re doing over there and I’m very glad that you went in there to get a
good handle on being a responsible gun owner I wish I could be with you there
today but fortunately for you I’ve got my five
things every responsible gun owner ought to know and hopefully this will be there
for you to look at now let me tell you why this is really important I’ve been
representing clients throughout this state in criminal cases
lots of gun cases for over 23 years now and so I’m very familiar with the issues
in gun cases and I know the things that you need to know to stay out of trouble
I also have given many many talks at the various major gun shows around our state
over many years and I know the questions that you have that you want to ask me
the things you need to know I’ve put it all together for you in the five things
every responsible gun owner ought to know pamphlet and so just pick it up
take it home with you take your time go through it carefully you’re gonna find
first of all number one don’t make any statements after a shooting I know it’s
easy just to say that but you will still be tempted to talk to the police if you
read this section you’ll get a good understanding of not just why I say this
but how the system works and why it’s important for you to just keep your
mouth shut even if you haven’t done anything wrong so take a look at that
section second understanding self-defense I’m not gonna get in all
the nooks and crannies of what is inside here of self-defense you’re gonna have
to read that yourself but understanding the basics the 30,000 foot view of how
it works will really help you to get a handle of what’s reasonable third the
fact that we lawyers we don’t argue about the law most of the time we are
you about the facts you’ve got to understand this you guys love to ask me
hypotheticals what if this happens and what if that happens and what if
something else happens can I discharged my firearm that’s not
really the right question we lawyers we almost never argue about the law what
we’re arguing about and this is what trials are about we argue about the
facts you got to keep that in mind at all times and then number four mandatory
minimum sentences almost all gun crimes in Arizona carry with mandatory minimum
sentences this makes it very very hard for people to take their cases to trial
even in good cases because the risk is so high if you’re gonna carry a firearm
you need to understand when you pull that firearm out you may be risking a
prosecution that likely will carry with it a mandatory minimum sense this will
help you understand what that is and why it’s so important to sort of get your
brain around it and finally number five what to think about when you’re thinking
about pulling it out this is really the meat and potatoes of what you need to
know this is that what I want in your head and that last second or two when
you’ve got your hand on your firearm and you might be thinking is this the time
to pull it out this is what I want going on in your head and then finally there’s
some random miscellaneous thoughts in here that I think are important to
understand so when you get a chance I’d appreciate it if you pick this up read
it through carefully if you have any questions just give me a shout you can
always call the office anytime you can get me online at attorney for freedom
dot com you can come in and sit down I’m happy to talk with you about
anything you want to talk about relating to guns or criminal defense so again
compliments to you that you picked such a good course and a good place to be a
responsible gun owner follow that through learn how to control your
firearm understand how it operates but get your brain around the legal rights
and especially responsibilities of firearms owners in Arizona that’s Marc
J.Victor for you that’s all I got have a great rest of your day

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