100 thoughts on “ARE SNIPERS OVERPOWERED!? (Black Ops 4 Sniping)

  1. I actually enjoyed this video more than ur usual ones I guess it’s cause there’s less edits and cause ur being a bit less hyperactive

  2. Simple answer no , the stress and sweat to try and get Gold on the HBR50 on PC was Unreal , Just trying to get the 5 kills alone was enough to cause anyone to go mental. Nice to see that you're uploading more regular these days.

  3. Man. Ur content is much cleaner and genuine. I love it. We'll always love ur old videos but keep it up merk. How far youve come is crazy and ur content is always fresh but still same. 🙂

  4. If you want to get better change to pc play 1000 to 2000 dpi with 20 30 sensitivity and always take your shots even if they're noscopes never take long to line up your shots trust me I was A fucking beast at titanfall 2

  5. You kinda have to aim weird… I know it's not helpful but, you kinda have to aim the way the enemy isn't with the outlaw… but you also just have to kind of aim a bit longer with the outlaw because of how weird the aiming is with it.

  6. I have gold for the outlaw, and it's just weird and you kinda have to relax too… so then you can just aim a bit cleaner!

  7. Hey Merk, if you are needing Paladin quad feed clips, I’ve got multiple saved from my own gameplay on the PS4. Just let me know if you want to review some and use one.

  8. What I learned from playing multiple games with sniping u can't use the mobility to make your shots better u use your mind and placement to get some good feeds and a lot of luck cuz in most games u don't get sniping positions that often anymore cuz snipe lanes are basically it play with your surroundings and learn areas in maps that can be used as a sniping altercation to most games

  9. if you wanna get easy quads with the outlaw just use the operator mod and silencer on it in hardcore. It basically just turns into an m16.

  10. To snipe in this game, you have to stop moving when you shoot because the game for some reason will say you missed if you continue to move while shooting a sniper

  11. M3rk you stay still too much thing Is you need to fine tune your shots by moving a bit to the side left or right and not the aiming stick when your reticule zoomed in is close the the enemy good luck hope you get better soon 🙂 still enjoyed the video though well done

  12. As a Black Ops 4 sniper, for the outlaw the best setup is high Caliber, QuickDraw 1, and hybrid mags on 12 12 sensitivity

  13. For the outlaw, use the operator mod. It makes it a 3 round burst. You do burn through ammo, but it is a lot easier to use.

  14. the outlaw seemed to respond better for me when i drag scope with it and i fond it better without the rf the bolt emot is already
    fast asf

  15. I wish that they would add more fun and casual modes or just versions with more people that were less tactical. One of the biggest annoyances with BO4 is how weird the plays types are because of the more competitive vibe.

  16. So far I just need avidece on how can I get longshoots and a get 5 kills without dieing and then I will finally have gold for the outlaw

  17. Is that bo2 music in game when he was on slums? Haven’t played bo4 yet… just wondering if it was his editing or in game

  18. I use the recon sight on the outlaw for close quarter purposes , and try quick-scoping less with it

    And for the paladin , double high caliber and stabilizer.

    (Also try sniping on safeguard)

  19. Erik. I think u have to just hardscope objectives you know because I'm finding sniping in this game really hard too

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