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Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I
wanted to focus on how to use a shotgun and call duty World War 2 I know that
daily you got a login get your little supply drop contracts and one of those
happens to be everyday get shotgun kills 2525 LMG kills 25 rifles so on so pretty
much what you want to do is make sure you log in every day get this but what I
want to do is show you how to do this so you can make sure that you get your
shotgun kills pretty easily so for this typically you want to do two contracts
at the same time so the first time you can do it you can do the team deathmatch
one or the domination one so you could just do bolt at the same time along with
one weapon so pretty much what you want to do is select two and then once you’ve
completed those select another two you guys have been absolute rock stars on
the last couple of bids so let’s see if we can get 50 likes and go ahead and
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at all possible thank you for watching so this is my current shotgun class
setup I’m using airborne with primed for an extra attachment rifle barrel rapid
fire and extended mags but as I’m getting more accustomed to using the
shotgun I’d definitely change this up a little bit I’ll probably come out with a
video of that later on so the two contracts I decided to go with were the
team deathmatch 20 kills and the shotgun 25 kills for this particular challenge
so I can get to supply drops in one match or at least try to so when I first
went into the match I didn’t have too much expectation for the actual match or
how well I do because typically I just do not use shotguns just because I
prefer to have gun engagements instead of one shot one kill and that’s it game
over but I this match I had a lot of fun with the the shotgun just because when
you use a shotgun you got to realize you’re using a shotgun and play the map
to the gun strengths which is close quarters allow you to maneuver and
pretty much move quicker than your opponent can shoot so that they can miss
so right here you got to play a lot of defense there are times when you do have
to play offense it just depends on your opponent’s early in the match there are
a few people that left for no apparent reason on the enemy team so it’s really
a three versus six but they fill up pretty quickly and then just get the
streaks rolling and start getting a good amount of
with the shotgun knowing the range I’m still getting kind of used to it because
there’s some ranges where it feels like point-blank I should have killed them
but I think I’m maybe not centered enough or whatever the case is so just
learning to play a little bit with the shotgun you got to practice with it I
have used it very seldomly but I understand how shotguns are supposed to
work and the ranges they’re supposed to work
so I maneuver around the map smartly in a way that allows my enemy team to get
out of position like this guy knew he was coming around but I didn’t think
he’d jump back down so I just kind of got caught off guard so right now I’m
moving around still trying to navigate the map I’m moving a little bit quicker
because I do have the airborne on that’s the only benefit of that I might run
infantry another time just depending on how I want to play the map but you
really want to try and keep everything close engagement so this way I end up
sticking on this side and you can even bait people so if they start shooting at
you maybe you land a shot but you don’t kill them you can actually just kind of
wait for them to come to you in a lot of cases so you don’t really have to push
the engagements always because you know you have that strength advantage in that
close quarters where they come around the corner you can just snap the trigger
and you’re probably gonna insta kill them so just about playing smarter than
your opponents because a lot of times people lack patience like myself I lack
some patience at times so it’s just a rout out playing your enemies and just
playing it the right way so that you get the kills right here I don’t get it I
missed that shot it looked like it was lined up and right here I just try to
position myself smart Casey comes around that kind of side he’s gonna run around
and then there’s another guy that comes into the equation so I kind of lost out
on that one but we’re up we’re still playing well
it’s just a matter of striking up and that’s really all you need in the game
is there’s a little bit loss of momentum because you take so long for you to
recover your health you can and just can’t chain kills together like you
could before where your help you gin so quickly so what you’ll want to do is
just make sure that you’re not getting hit as often as possible so that you’re
making sure that you’re making the most of your streaks because again if the
longer you’re alive the more kills you’ll get it sounds kind of dumb but
it’s really the truth because when you die you start back at the spawn some
spawns all the way at the end you’re kind of limited on exactly how far you
can progress so at the top of the screen just now you
saw that I just got 75 one shot one kill medals so pretty much I’ve done use the
shotgun three times and pretty much this is kind of where it’s at I’ve used it
three or four times just to do these challenges over the days just so I can
make sure I get those ones so it’s just really I know how to play the game it’s
just a matter about maximizing your time with each weapon knowing how to play
against your opponents and this guy right now I know he’s gonna rush but
since I have airborne I can actually speed up a lot quicker than he can come
around get that kill so right now I’m a little streak I know the teammates right
there so I’m kind of just going to position I knowing that that guy’s gonna
come around that way so right here they call in the the UAV or the recon plane I
go ahead and shut that down you want to make sure you got that going on unless
you’re gonna run around with mountain for this specific class especially when
you get the streaks going it keeps a lot of information coming to you too so now
I know I cleared out this whole path unless someone’s running Melon they’re
all coming really much from this corner spawn gotta happen to sneak around there
he probably had Mountain on and right now I see that guy going mid I take
another shot I’m on a 10 streak 11 streak and just keeping it going right
here I do get in a bad position where I didn’t even see the guy and then I do
end up getting killed just because I wasn’t really in the right position
which you’ll see coming up right now so again I have my streak stack holding on
to that counter UAV until our counter recon until I get the recon up just
because I don’t want to be seen on the radar at all unless I’m pulling the
trigger so come around here I’m thinking this
guy’s gonna be popping out I turned my back to try and get this guy coming out
and he takes on my teammate I’m ready position and I get shot mid so sometimes
it’s bad luck you can’t account for this guy just happened to come out get a good
lucky shot on me I wasn’t even looking that way no one was covering it it just
just how it goes sometimes so pretty much I come up get my streak
again and pretty much you kind of just change your kills and rhythm together so
now that I’m back all the way over here I’m kind of unsure where people are
should be this corner you can see the guy running in for whatever reason I’m
not even really getting hit markers I’m on these guys and then the guy kind of
quickscopes me again I spawn in the same corner it’s not really moving there’s a
guy here be able to take him out and you just continue moving throughout the map
it’s funny how in this game shotgunners could actually be outgunned
by a quickscoping sniper which is hilarious to me that they’ve built it
that way obviously there’s quickscoping in all
Call of Duty’s but it just matter how good they are in this game the car 98 is
by far the most superior sniper at least in my opinion that’s pretty much the
only one that I see killing me in the feeds so that’s kind of from my
experience one shot one kill from pretty much almost anywhere you kind of can
decimate the opponents if you can get really good at the quick scoping aspect
and just kind of line up those shots so there’s only about 10 kills left we’ve
got a 20-point lead it’s probably a little bit inflated just because it was
only three men in the beginning but now it’s been a six man for a good amount of
time and it’s just about repositioning knowing where the enemy’s gonna be I got
an easy kill there come up around this corner here looking to see if there
gonna be anyone else popping out looks like this guy just jumped down and then
he’s taking out my teammate so I go ahead and jump down knowing he’s there
take him out and that’s pretty much the match obviously I’m playing with the
shotgun a little bit more so if you enjoyed the video go ahead and let me
know what you thought of it if you’d like a little bit more advice on
different maps on where to position yourself feel free to leave that down in
the comments section I do read the comments and I do respond thank you for
joining the video hopefully you did go ahead and click that like button and
subscribe if you haven’t already have those notifications on so you can make
sure that you get to be the first to see the videos thank you for watching the
video and as always have a great day


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  2. Something Iā€™m curious about is how much QuickDraw affects guns. I know smgs get the most benefit but rifles barely get any change. They only go faster by a few frames. Also I hear optics like the reflex sight reduce ads speed. Can you do some testing on this?

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