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Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

This weekend’s tragedies seem to have motivated
lawmakers in D.C. Some Republicans are proposing
new red flag laws to take guns from people who show signs
of threatening behavior, while many Democrats
are focusing on things like
universal background checks, renewing
the assault weapons ban, and getting
high-capacity magazines banned. Which makes perfect sense. I mean, the mass shooter
in Dayton had a gun that could fire
a hundred bullets before he needed to reload. Which is insane.
I don’t care what anybody says. And I know some people will be
like, “We need guns to hunt.” Yeah, but if you need a hundred
bullets to kill a deer, -maybe you should try fishing.
-(laughter) And while most legislators
are trying to figure out which laws will curb
future mass shootings, Fox News has chosen
to spend most of their time telling people that shootings
have nothing to do with guns. Starting with Mike Huckabee, who thinks we
shouldn’t have fewer guns, we should just have more God. It’s our cultural fault, and part of what we’ve done,
we’ve created a culture in which we’ve said,
“There is no God.” The common denominator
in all of this is not the particular weapon. It’s the hate inside the heart. It’s the loss of morality. It’s that disconnecting
from a God who values all people and who would never let me
do that to another person. That’s just not
how we’re hardwired, uh, from the Father above. Yes, according to Huckabee
and many people on the right, the real problem in America
is not access to guns, it’s a lack of access to God. So if people were
more religious, then they wouldn’t do
bad things. My only problem
with this argument, the whole God argument,
is that everyone seems to have a different idea
of what God is saying. Right? He says, like,
God and evil will never mix. If you have God in your heart,
you’re a good person. But think about it,
in the Middle Ages, the Crusaders said God told them to kill people
in the Middle East. Hell, in the 1960s in America,
white evangelicals said God told them black and white
people shouldn’t mix. So either people pick and choose
when and how to use God, or maybe God’s just so far away
he’s hard to hear. -You know?
-(laughter) Yeah. Maybe it’s the distance.
He’s up there like, “Love thy neighbor!” And people are like, “What?
Black people should be slaves?” (laughter) Like, I-I honestly don’t know where Huckabee’s
getting this from, because even in the Bible,
even in the Bible, people who are close to God
still do really bad things. Right? Like,
there’s the story of King David. He literally walked with God
all the time. Like, they hung out together. But that didn’t stop David
from killing a guy just so that he
could sleep with his wife. That’s in the Bible, by the way. David loved God but he loved ass
just a little bit more. (laughter and applause) Yeah.
Look at him in that painting. Look at him in that painting;
he’s going, (groaning):
“Oh, got to get that ass.” Look at that face. David’s nasty. So that’s Huckabee. “Leave guns alone
and get it to God.” Now, if you,
if you don’t think religion is gonna solve America’s
mass shootings, luckily, the Presidential
Advisory Network has another solution. Instead of fewer guns, they just
say we need more parents. These young men have no father,
no father at home. So you have to go back to some
of the institutions and ask yourself, what’s
different about America now? Nobody really believes this is about Donald Trump
or assault weapons. If only…
Young men are the problem. No communities,
no fathers, no mentors, no initiations into
personal responsibility. What happens
when boys are dad-deprived, is they don’t have
a male role model to channel their testosterone
constructively. (creepy voice): Why does
that guy sound so creepy when he’s saying that? (normal voice):
Okay, now, to be honest, I… I don’t think this is
the worst argument in the world. Right? It does help young men
to have a stable family life, but it’s also hard to have
a stable family life if your dad is getting gunned
down at a Walmart. Like, I would love for every
young man in America to magically have
a perfect upbringing that helps get rid
of their rage. But I have no idea how you’re gonna achieve that,
right? ‘Cause you can write laws
that will regulate guns. You can’t write laws
forcing people to have a good family life. What? Is it just gonna be like
a dad at the door, like, “Kids, Daddy’s decided to run
away with his secretary.” It’s like, “Actually, Dad,
the law says you have to stay.” “Ah, damn you Congress. All right, let’s go
and play some catch.” But as usual, the best worst
ideas on Fox can all be found in one place, Sean Hannity, prime time Fox News host
and neck with hair. You see, according to him, America’s problem
isn’t too many guns, it’s not enough guns. I have been calling
for a long time, every school, secure the
perimeter of those schools. Equip them with retired police
and military. I want guys to donate 15 hours. I think we could cover
every school, every hour, every day,
add a metal detector, and I think we’re gonna have
safer schools. Have one armed guard on
every floor of every school, all over every mall, the perimeter and inside
every hall of every mall. Now, that gives us a an
instant response opportunity that we wouldn’t normally have. Every hall of every mall? That sounds like the bleakest
Dr. Seuss book ever. “In every hall of every mall, “on every floor and every door, “we need a guard in every room
we’ll end up in the tomb. Good night, pumpkin.
Mwah.” “Good night, Daddy, I’m glad
the law made you stay.” (laughter) Look, man,
this isn’t a new idea. After every mass shooting,
Hannity and many other people say that having more
armed guards everywhere is the only way
to stop these shooters. What they seem to forget is that guns are everywhere
in America. Parkland had an armed guard
but he was afraid to go in. The country music festival
in Vegas had armed guards, but the guy was shooting
from the window of a hotel. And as for instant response, the police in Dayton, Ohio
responded to that mass shooting
in 30 seconds, less than 30 seconds, in fact. Think about that. That is an amazing job
by those police. They could not have done
a better job and, still, nine people were killed
in 30 seconds. So, like, I-I don’t think people think about this
the right way. Like, like Hannity
mentions schools and malls, but as we’ve seen, mass shootings
can happen anywhere. So are you gonna put an armed
guard in every Walmart, every movie theater,
every synagogue, every mosque, every church,
every office building, every bar, every nightclub,
every concert, every garlic festival? Huh? To have enough police for that,
you realize we’d all have to become police. Yeah. And I don’t want to be
a policeman. I don’t. I’m mixed.
It’s confusing. -The… Yeah.
-(laughter) The white half of me
would always be putting the black half of me over;
I’d never get anywhere. (laughter) And for me, the strangest part
of this argument, honestly, is this: Hannity and Fox News
talk every day about protecting
American freedoms, but if everyone in America
is forced to live in a world of perimeter fences,
metal detectors, and armed guards in every hall, then it starts to feel like
society’s living in a prison, and the only thing that’s free
is the gun.

80 thoughts on “Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

  1. Loss of morality? I want to know what religion the two fuckers are. God is such an abstract concept, and Trevor’s right it’s all about perspective.

  2. Trevor Noah is so brilliant. He just made those fox news people look stupid. Actually they are all stupid except Mr. Smith who is the only reasonable guy there.

  3. I think its cute how liberals routinely bring up hunting when discussing firearms issues. There is nothing in the 2nd amendment about hunting. Not a fuckin thing.
    The 2nd amendment is about protecting america from humans who would do us harm.
    Of course right now the most dangerous thing in America is a fat orange wrinkled cheeto and we elected that 70 year old baby, so maybe guns dont serve much purpose in the 21st century.

  4. 2:02 or allah saying "kill all non-muslim"

    Funny how the cherry picking work with Trevor Noah.

    Sad because he is talented otherwise… but his leftism is sometimes upsetting

  5. good on you for Shining more light on the mess that is the bible, or cathlic doctrine. nearly everyone knows the story of David and Goliath and it's morale, but very few draw to connection to the evil bastard that was King David.

  6. Hannity’s argument doesn’t make sense. The Dayton shooter was able to kill several people under thirty seconds before he was shot and killed

  7. As a man who grew up without a father….
    Bullshit my mom's was always their for me she taught me morals it's how we act upon or emotions parents can't change that

  8. Lol he loved ass just a little bit more..and let's not forget the slave bible. How certain chapters were taken out to keep us under control…

  9. That good guy with the gun scenario is a work of fiction. Just because you have a gun doesn't mean you're John Wick. More innocent people will get killed from scared shooters trying to be a hero

  10. The religious are sick people.
    I too was frightened to piss off the boogie man, not to pay the boogie man money collecter.
    The guy in Walmart was corralled in 30 seconds.
    Still he killed and hurt a bunch.
    Get rid of the guns or shut the hell up…
    The religious will never stop killing us.

  11. Only difference between USA and any other country in this regard is open weapon policy. Crazy people are there in every nation. But it takes months and months to get a license of a simple revolver in other countries. As long as these dumb individuals are not equipped with mass killing weapons, everybody can be at ease.

  12. If more guns equals less gun deaths , do more drugs equal less addicts ?
    Is it just me that thinks that that train of logic is flawed ?
    I wonder what the statistics will say …….

  13. The bible is one of the most immoral fictional books ever written, I’d advise against getting your moral guidance from it

  14. Yeah, the lack of faith is clearly the problem. That's why the US, one of the most religious countries, has by far the most mass shootings than any other country – including war-zones.

  15. I've seen a lot of bullshit in the media but Fox News is just major league bullshit. No competition whatsoever…

  16. So schools and malls will be prisons… I remeber doing my last 2 years in a NICE SAFE american highschool and the teachers freakongbout when i tried to go to the bathroom on another floor during lunch… Fuck youbi can shit in the empy bathroom if i want.

  17. The last part is powerful.
    It feels like men and women are living in a prison, and the only thing free is the gun.

  18. Hannity has some good points. If the evil people don't have guns they use bombs which are illegal. Evil is evil. It will use whatever it can to hurt people. We had a ten year ban on assault rifles which did nothing to help so why are you pushing for it again? People like Trevor have armed guards protecting them but want us to give up our guns. Our founding father's also wanted us to have guns to fight a tyrannical government if the need ever arose.

  19. Hannity's idea sounds more like turning the US into a police state which can easily turn into a totalitarian state. The next step would be take away the guns from the people.
    Well that's what the nazis did. The only sane thing they did.

    Your police is now heavily militarized. Which should freak you out.
    I think Noah is right. With the mass shootings Americans would live in a constant state of threat. Thats really a form of terrorism.

    I guess I'd be safer travelling through the Iran than traveling through the US.

  20. Here is a solution no one is talking about… since gun ownership is protected by our second admendment, tax the shit out of them. There is nothing that says we can't tax the gun and ammunition sales. Tax it like cigarettes, over 2000%. That would solve multiple of problems.

  21. Japan has 2% Christian population. They has total of 3 gun related deaths in 2018. Thus, solutuon is clear. Less Christianity, less gun violence, right?

  22. Some of the real Charlottesville "White Supremacists" were carrying loaded "Assault Weapons." Others were beaten unconscious with sticks. Why weren't any shots fired?

  23. Republicans will tell the real cause of these shootings is cream cheese , pantyhose , morton salt , baseball , Pinky Lee and breast reduction operations ….not guns.

  24. rescind the amendment and prohibit ANY civilian from owning the gun. This is the solution to the stupid Trump and his retarded supporters

  25. It's the Christians doing the shooting. None of these mass shooters were atheist. Try demonizing someone else, Fox propaganda.

  26. I'm from Poland. You know, the Eastern Europe, like close to Russia Europe. Our overall murder rate is 7 times lower than the US (meaning you are seven times more likely to be murdered (and not just by guns, with guns it's 110 times) in the US than in my 'is that even the first world country?'). And it wasn't that low before we had strict gun laws (stadial implementation mostly through 90's). In fact we saw over a 92% decrease in death by firearms in the last 20 years. Guns are so difficult to obtain now and therefore rare that I remember at career days in my highschool policeman asked how many of us ever held a real gun there was only one guy in 34 that raised a hand. I'm 24 and I never shoot a gun. And I'm good with that. Because statistically speaking I'm safer without them in my country. So if you guys from the US think you need guns, good luck with that. I'd rather stick to my 0,04 chance of getting shot dead than your 4,46 chance.

  27. How about you talk about stories are how gun saved lives , show the other side of story . Look at things from both views . Just view it and then tell me I see the other side then make a final conclusion . Go take a class and just see .my friend , I have taken shooting she never like guns before . She still doesn't . She had fun she said and willing to go with again . But she made the call why she doesn't want to own one .but she was willing to learn all aspects before making that final call.

  28. You cant take away guns !!! But where does it say you have to sale ammo !!! Quit making these bullets. For assault rifles

  29. Wow guys…the terrorist won…not the middle eastern terrorist….the white homeland terrorist has us considering protocols similar to the military in Brazilian favelas and narco territories in mexico?

  30. Cigs kill 521 thousand Americans a year by CDC page. That's from smoking & second hand smoke onto others < Maybe you can use that to point out the people trying to attack American rights over lives lost are uninformed jerks with a threat priority reasoning of a potato? Security that would defend vulnerable places is reserved for BANKS and government buildings only. Can you imagine WHY?

    Beware that the reason you aren't being properly informed, is because of extreme propaganda.

  31. How about- Ban Semiautomatic weapons with more than six rounds! It's the only way to stop the slaughter of Americans!!!
    The majority is sick of having weapons of war on our streets.
    Stop this madness!

  32. Write all the laws you want, Ban what you want, and the day after you do there will still be mass shootings. They will NEVER be able to stop it. People who are sick and have it in there mind to kill a bunch of people will find a way to get the guns they need. Laws and paperwork will not solve anything.,. Think about it… As big of a population the USA has your ar bound to have a small percentage of nut jobs. You will never be able to regulate that way! If the liberals had there way, all the criminals would have guns, and the good guys would not. Do you really think that a criminal cares if you ban a gun? Do you think that they fill out paperwork? They all get their guns on the street from other criminals with there drugs. They are already criminals they don't care if it's banned or what you say. All they will do is create an underground black market for guns they deem illegal. It will stop nothing. Heck there not able to stop street drugs, what makes them think they will be able to stop black market guns? The answer is they will not be able too.

  33. Really? Not guns but god? I can name multiple wars started because of religion, like the crusades, are you kidding me? Do you really think that a lack of belief in a god who does multiple inmoral acts in his book, is going to cause someone to go on a killing spree? There are crazy people on both sides that kill people “For bad people to do bad things, anything will go, but for good people to do be bad, that takes religion”

  34. True story. As a toddler i drank from a "colored" fountain at the Belks store in downtown Charlotte. 60+ yrs layer i remember old white ladies swooning 🙄

  35. There is no faster way to raise the death toll of black students and prevent children of color from feeling safe at school than putting even one retired cop at every school 😠

  36. It's the Deep States and fake news media want to start a crisis in the US and to disarm America!! They want to take the Second Amendment rights away from men and women in our nation You start doing that!! It will be a civil war we will take our country back!! In my opinion about you you sound like Hitler you probably would kill the innocent people the ones are disarmed

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