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Ar15 Meets Wild Hogs and Ranch Management

Shoutout to my dood Deaf Kev! These captions are for you.. Good morning everybody! It is 8 in the morning, at the ranch. We’re getting ready for hunting season. Hunting season, is right around the corner. Its gonna get here really fast. I am doing a little brush hogging on the tractor…..
yup. As i’m driving the tractor to ughhh start
brush hogging and start messing with one of the cameras, a group of pigs goes by. Didn’t bring the gun, well, i have my pistol
with me but they were too far away. And then, coming over here to where I’m brush
hogging right now there was two different groups of hogs. So i’ve probably seen 50 hogs this morning,
a couple deer, but its getting me really really excited for hunting season. But before hunting season gets here there’s
a lot of work to be done. Where I’m brush hogging right now we usually
plant a flood plot…. food plot*. But we just didn’t get around to it this year. Anyhow, we’re gonna be doing some essential
stuff around the ranch, so.. Stay tuned and come along with me!! That was kinda weird… Yeah…ugh. Cut. Well, that was fun. I was hearing something rustling, you know
half the time, or most of the time its an armadillo or a possum something like that. I was able to track this little dude down,
and he or her.. whatever. Is the perfect eating size. So, i’m gonna get this dood butchered and
in my freezer. Music: “And I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more…” Well, I finally made it home. I’m beat, we’ve done a lot of work at the
ranch. A lot of stuff to get ready for hunting season. I’m super excited. We filled all the feeders, checked all the
cards, put hot wire around the feeders to try to keep the hogs out so the deer can get
to the corn. But I need a shower, I smell really bad. And you know what? I got the hog in my freezer so I may do what
the sign says and Bon Appetit. Everybody loves long pauses…. C-YA

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