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AR 15 Great Deal Everything you need to get started shooting

my name is Charles with safe home
consulting today we’re going to talk about the american minimum kit when you
purchase the kit comes in a bag and discreet bag that contains all the
contents of the kids 3 carrying handles and shoulder strap that you would wear
across your body contains the rifle contains a pistol contains the gear belt
also has a holster in the top o the top pocket if you want to put your pistol
there for easier access as well as storage compartments in the mid portion
of the kid and then the bottom of the kit when you open to get there is a
sleepy prevents the rifle and the other content from rubbing up against each
other you have a hundred rounds a nine-millimeter ammunition rounds of
rifle ammunition kid comes with three magazines for the rifle magazines for
the pistol now we’re going to talk about the rightful that comes in the american
minuteman get the rifle that comes with the american minimum care is
predominantly in Anderson receiver Anderson Bolton carrier Anderson part
scared the reality to AR 15 upper lower receivers that 7075 p6 aluminum and its
country mil-spec doesn’t matter whose name is on it it’s the same thing the
same material cut to the same specification it’s the same thing I’ve
used Anderson parts in this kit specifically for the quality of the
parts and the cost effectiveness of the parts has a 6 position collapsible
buttstock beheaded eighty style pistol grip the kit comes with Magpul magazines
has a UTG fifteen-inch slimline handguard and it comes with three Royals
section so you can add accessories only where you need accessories and you don’t
have the balkan the cheese grater everywhere else it also has flip up
sights UTG flip up sights or what’s on here with an 80 you flash hider the
rifle consistently shoots under an inch at a hundred yards and using in Anderson
one in a twist barrel which gives you brought us and most selections you can
see the chief 55 grain and bean mission all the way up into the 70
Greene ammunition get a lot of variety in the rifle itself as a foundation that
you can go any direction you want to go you want to get into competition if you
want to put a scope on it and start hunting whatever it is you choose that
suits you best the rightful has that foundation that
you can go in the direction you wish to go with it next we’re going to talk about the
pistol to come to me American minimum get the pistol is a Smith and Wesson M&P
9 317 round magazines unless you live in a
state where those magazines will be prohibited would come with 10 round
magazines the reason we went with the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol is because
it simply fits more hands than many other guns do the M&P pistol also comes
with 3 interchangeable back straps and has three dot sight was a very high
quality pistol the very suited for the kid if you wish to have a different
handgun in the kit that can be adjusted for you it may or may not affect the
price of the kid next door to talk about the holster that comes in the american
minimum care it’s a Safariland als holster on an MLS clip that amounted to
the the bell for the cat the Molly Belle has a Safariland Molly clip holster
attaches to the clip clip attaches to belt holsters one of the most common
holsters using law enforcement it is a retention holster but where the release
is located on the holsters a very simple very easy and very fast for you to place
your hand on the pistol properly drawn while releasing the retention of the
holster itself when your hand comes down properly under
the pistol your thumb will match really hit the release for the holster along
the pistol without hitting the release the holster does not come out of the
whole missiles not come out of the holster so very natural process to
release the pistol once you hit the release on the holster the belt that’s
located in the american minimum kit is the same belt that’s currently being
issue you have suspenders for the belt which are detachable they’re very easily
removed if you wish it has a polymer clip for the bill the belt is padded at
somali bill on the bill is a dump pouch rifle magazine pouches and pistol
magazine pouches you have two pistol magazines house on the bill to rifle
magazines housed on the belt as well magazines that come with the kit for the
rifle Magpul magazines and magazines that come with the pistol or so smith
wesson magazines 17 round magazines and less that magazine capacity is
prohibited in your state discuss the rightful the pistol and the
bill that comes in a minimum kit additionally get a single point sling
you get one hundred rounds of ammunition for your rifle and you get a hundred
rounds of ammunition for the pistol this kid has PMC and blazer breast the
ammunition manufacturing maybe vary based on availability that kid closes up
very simply when you package like it you simply folded over the kit both sides the kid can then be carried
by the carry handle one of three carry handles or you can slip to get over here your shoulder and carried out that
arranged basic minimum kit costs 1500 $49.99 plus
kit will include a red dot sight Magpul flip up sights and its 17 $59.99 the
last kid in the production was a patriot can’t repatriate kid is $29.99 it also
includes everything you see here in addition to that you get a team point
patrol optic he three X extender on a flip mom a surefire x300 that can go on
the rifle or pistol Samson iron sights on the rifle belt or stock on the rifle
a Magpul grip on the rifle Magpul ms3 sling on a rifle with the QD and a pair
equip at the other end with the RSA for attaching for two point additionally you
get apex trigger kit on the pistol night sights on the pistol frog lube cleaning
kit and I fact the Patriot kid is $29.99 with everything included thank you for
watching the video I hope I answered your questions you can order the kits in
safe home consulting dot com or you can come visit us in Tulsa Oklahoma 8722
East 41st Street

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