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Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Ted with the A-Team and today we’re gonna be talking about
our new Deity Condenser Microphone. Now we’re pleased to say that this
design has been made in cooperation with over 20 leading sound
experts in the film industry, ranging from operators and mixers
that have worked on the sets of Like any of the best workhorse
microphones in the film industry, The Deity is a Meaning that it is extremely directional and
boasts a lot of off-axis rejection. Now, as most sound professionals
know, this pickup pattern is ideal because it means that
the deity can laser in on one specific sound source –
like a person’s dialogue – even when they’re speaking in an extremely
noisy environment full of unwanted sound. One of the pitfalls of many super-
cardioid microphones on the market has been intertwined with
this desired off-axis rejection. They’re fantastic at isolating and focusing
on that audio coming from right in front of it, however when they pick up
from audio that’s off-axis, it tends to sound not only
quieter – but also distorted. When engineering the Deity,
we’ve kept this problem in mind and have created a microphone
that minimizes off-axis distortion. Meaning that even if your boom
operator misses his mark by a little, or you’re shooting a run-and-gun
documentary, you can rest assured that the audio that you’re picking up
is clear and faithful and not distorted. Since every mic is handing a current and is
full of internal electronics, every mic will generate a little bit of noise that it’ll
actually pick up from itself. Now, this can be referred to as
the noise floor of a microphone and is generally undesirable in any audio scenario. Now we’re happy to say that our engineers
have worked extremely hard at keeping this low which means that the self-noise of the Deity
is at an industry standard of 12dB (A-weighted). Now, when we announced this microphone
at NAB almost 2 years ago, our users asked for it to be weatherproofed. And we’ve taken that request to heart. In fact, so much so that the Deity is not
only weatherproof, but it is also every Deity comes with its own windshield and impact-proof hardshell case included. And if you wanna get the optional location
kit, the Deity can also come with not only a professional dead cat wind screen,
but also a Rycote shock mount handle. We’re proud to announce that Rycote – the
industry standard of microphone grip gear – they have listened to the Deity
and it has been improved and won the approval of their designers as well. So, there you have it. There’s the Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone. Be sure to find us on Instagram, Facebook,
the works. And if you’ve got any questions, be sure to
leave them in the comments below. We can help you answer them there. I’m Ted from the A-Team and we will catch
you guys next time.

5 thoughts on “Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone

  1. Hi thanks for the info. Have a question I hope you dont gloss over..
    We are looking at the choice of spending some dollars on good sound before we upgrade to fullframe video
    We are filming a talking head, indoor small room environment with echo. we have sound diffusers to treat the room
    We just want good sound and easy to sync up post so we dont need to rely of the camera's audio
    What would you choose for this? Lav or super cardioid device into a recorder if so what?


  2. Is Aputure planning of making a "Deity quality/price" Hypercardoid short condenser mic for indoors dialogues? That would be awesome, because right now, the cheapest alternatives are the Audio Technica AT4053b (599$ USD) and the Audix SCX1/HC (499$ USD).

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