13 thoughts on “Appeal filed against judge’s order upholding Northam’s weapons ban at pro-gun rally in Richmond

  1. Pre Crime Division stopping crime before it happens only a DEMONRAT Anti-American Law Breaking Constitution Violating DOMESTIC ENEMY OF 🇺🇸…INJECTING RACE Violating his Oath to UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION….We must IGNORE OBNOXIOUS LAWS FROM DOMESTIC DEMOCRAT TERRORISTS it is OUR MORAL DUTY

  2. i wonder if he has told police if antifa is there to stand down and let them act like they do in portland and california

  3. But yet the governor is intimidating all the people by disarming them and keeping their police well armed

  4. The people making the arrest will have guns but yet the people are not allowed to have guns It shows the government takes the guns from the people and enforces their own will.

  5. Yes, thousands upon thousands of people meeting across VA for these 2A sanctuaries, have ALL been violent threats right? This "logic train" needs to start some where. Let's start here. How many of the meetings held across the state with people on BOTH sides had any sort of threat or violence happen??? That's is correct. NONE. Stop trying to paint 2A supports as white supremacists. It is simply NOT true.

  6. just stay out of my way guntards. i have the right to drive around and use my streets that i pay for. any gun rally s.o.b. who infringes upon that right will be road kill

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