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[APL tactical pistol light – Night Evolution] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hello everyone and welcome to this video presentation of the APL tactical pistol light from Night Evolution You can find this flashligt in 2 colors: black and tan Then, this flashlight is proposed in a simple package but with a lot of various information on it about the characteristics about this one And we will find inside to begin, in a small plastic satchet, an extra mount for the flashlight and its Allen adjustment key A simple and effective instruction manual in English In a second satchet, you will find 2 Night Evolution and Inforce stickers to stick, if desired, on the flashlight And of course to finish, the APL tactical pistol light from Night Evolution, here with a black finish This flashlight is mainly made of ABS, only the rails and the locking/unlocking latch is made of metal The glass is advertised as being tempered and treated with an anti-reflection coating Note that no marking is present To insert the battery, unscrew the front part Then insert this one according to the direction indicated by the small sticker next to it, which can be removed later The compatible batteries are the CR 123A as I inserted here or the 16340 This flashlight works thanks to 2 paddle siwtchs on the back which have the same function A short press will light the lamp in a constant mode and a second press will switch it off A long press will cause a constant light that will cease when you release the pressure on the paddle switch Of course, the second paddle switch works exactly the same way, allowing an ambidextrous use of this flashlight The last available mode is the strobe, to activate it, you will have to do a double quick press The flashlight is fixed to your bb gun thanks to a removable rail system 2 different systems are available as standard to ensure installation on most bb guns To install a fastening system, simply remove the visible screws with the supplied Allen key and then screw them back back To disengage the clamping system and allow the installation of your flashlight, you will have to lower the lateral lever Then install the flashlight by matching the slot correctly on the bb gun with the embossed relief on the mount To finish, lower the lever and your flashlight is fixed This flashlight perfectly fits the shapes of my S17 Stark Arms The operation paddles switchs are well accessible, no worries to turn on the flashlight The presence of 2 paddles at the back, allows an ambidextrous use of the bb gun and the flashlight Removing the flashlight is very fast, raise the clamping lever and remove this one To conclude, this APL tactical pistol light from Night Evolution is a pleasant surprise It is compact, has a good finish and illuminates perfectly for use in airsoft Its shape fits very well my bb gun and thus allows a fast handling of this one, in addition to being ambidextrous Thanks to you for watching this video If you appreciatted it, feel free to leave a little like, or, more importantly, share it with your friends You can also leave a comment if you have questions about this flashlight or if you want also to give your feedback Be sure to subscribe to the channel and my various social media to not miss any future publication and also show your support See you very soon, in a next video

5 thoughts on “[APL tactical pistol light – Night Evolution] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

  1. Une super vidéo.
    Il y a eu de réels améliorations depuis ces dernière années. Le rendu est vraiment cool.
    Bonne continuation.

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