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Apex Legends – Shotguns Review (Peacekeeper, Mastiff, EVA-8, Mozambique)

Hi everyone, ThrillGame back again with another
Apex Legends video. In this video I will be reviewing and ranking
all the shotguns in Apex Legends. This will be the first part of my Apex Legends
Weapon Review Series. Next up are SMG’s. First I’ll review every gun individually and
then I’ll rank them. I’m not going super in-depth on the Mozambique’s
flaws. If you’d like more info about that gun, check
out this video here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Let’s start with the EVA-8. The EVA-8 is a fully automatic shotgun. It fires 9 pellets each doing 7 damage to
the body for a total of 63 damage. On headshots it does 10 damage per pellet
for a total of 90 damage. It can hold up to 8 shotgun shells. The attachments it can use are the shotgun
bolt and an optic. It’s recoil is vertical and has a minor curve
to the left. The EVA-8 packs a punch and is very reliable
in close range. It is not as good at slightly longer distances
as the Peacekeeper with Precision Choke Attachment or the Mozambique. However, with it’s fire-rate and larger mag
size it makes it more consistent in a fight and let’s you take on multiple enemies. Next up is the Peacekeeper Shotgun. The Peacekeeper is a lever-action shotgun. It fires 11 pellets each doing 10 damage to
the body for a total of 110 damage. On headshots it does 15 damage per pellet
for a total of 165 damage. It can gold up to 6 shotgun shells. The attachments it can use are the shotgun
bolt, optic and Precision Choke Hop-Up. It’s recoil is negligible because it’s lever-action. The Peacekeeper hits hard, especially when
you land a headshot with it. The Precision Choke let’s you charge the shot
to reduce it’s spread to increase the chance of you connecting with your pellets. The reduced pellet spread also makes it useful
at slightly longer distances than close range. However, it’s fire rate is lower than that
of the other shotguns and it can only hold 6 rounds so if you don’t land your shots you
will be punished. On to everyone’s favorite weapon, the Mozambique! The Mozambique is a fully automatic shotgun
pistol. It fires 3 pellets each doing 0 *cough cough*
I mean 14 damage to the body for a total of 45 damage. On headshots it does 22 damage per pellet
for a total of 66 damage. (yeah right)
It can hold up 3 shotgun shells. The attachments it can use are the shotgun
bold and an optic. It’s recoil is negligible. The Mozambiqye does less damage than the other
shotguns but has a higher fire rate and has the highest effective range due to it’s spread. The Mozambique is better than nothing. And that’s probably it’s best trait. And last but not least, the Mastiff Shotgun. The Mastiff is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun. It can be found in care packages that drop
on the map or even Lifeline’s care packages that she can call in. Notably, it’s spread is completely horizontal. It fires 8 pellets each doing 18 damage to
the body for a total of 144 damage. On headshots does 36 damage per pellet for
a total of 288 damage. It can hold up to 4 shotgun shells. Because it’s a legendary weapon it can’t use
any attachments. It’s recoil is negligible. The Mastiff dominates in close range, being
the highest damaging weapon in the game if all pellets hit. It’s downside however, is that it has a horizontal
spread which almost guarantees that some of your pellets will miss unless you are in very
close range. Depending on the distance you’ve got monster
in your hands or you’re better off with a fully-kitted Peacekeeper. So, how do I rank them? #1 Mastiff
#2 EVA-8 #3 Peacekeeper
#4 Mozambique The Mastiff is statistically the strongest
shotgun and performs well as long as you stay in close range like you should with a shotgun. The EVA-8 is more reliable than the peacekeeper
and is more forgiving if you don’t perfectly land your shots in high pressure situations. It also doesn’t require a hop-up attachment
to reach it’s maximum potential. The Mozambique ranks lowest because it’s the
Mozambique. To hear about why it’s so bad, click this
video right here. That does it for the shotguns. In the next video I will review the SMG’s. Don’t want to miss that video or see more
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of the guns? Let me know in the comments down below! Thanks for watching,
ThrillGame out!

10 thoughts on “Apex Legends – Shotguns Review (Peacekeeper, Mastiff, EVA-8, Mozambique)

  1. I personally would put the Mozambique 3rd with Eva 8 4th because the small advantages it has that plays more to my play style. You forgot to mention that the Mastiff and Mozambique spread decreases when ADS allowing them to be more effective at longer ranges. Also completely unrelated the Mozambique has an amazing reload sound.

  2. I wasn't satisfied with the way I made this video before so I improved the video with more visual information as well as a summary at the end. I also corrected some misinformation about Lifeline's packages. It does NOT drop the Mastiff or Kraber. Only defensive items.

  3. I'm very interested to see how much the shotgun bolts increase fire rate, because w/o a bolt I don't really see using the EVA-8 over let's say an R-99.

  4. Bruh it shouldn’t take 4 shots to the damn head to kill a mf with a SHOTGUN they all suck…they only good for clean ups when your automatic clip run out. 😡

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