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Apex Legends New Weapon – The L-STAR

Bangalore: Care package touching down. They usually carry rare platforms. Bloodhound: L-star here. Pathfinder: I am taking fire, friends. Bloodhound: I bathe in the Bloth! Your ignorance meets your end. Need help Pathfinder: Good job me. Bloodhound: A new season. Strong work. Hostile over there. Bangalore: Frag out. Lifeline: Wicked Making contact with enemy. Accept it – I’m here, you’re not.

100 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Weapon – The L-STAR

  1. Learn about the new energy-based light machine gun, new hop-ups, and more coming to Season 2.


  2. Can wait to use this and it's nice to see Singapore server, can play with a decent ping now, played the game for weeks with a 190 ping before.

  3. Dang. I was hoping it would make people explode like it did in Titanfall 2.
    Also, experimental ammo type? Interesting…

  4. Well well well they brought back my go to shame its a gold weapon but i could see why in apex no titan to block for you hahaha! #frontiersedge

  5. My squad: we can win this if ee rush them!

    Enemy squad with 3 Lstars: Good guess but actually no

  6. No pls don't do this Lstar is OP as f*ck in titanfall2, you must run from it shoots, in apex it will be impossible

  7. If the smart pistol ever gets added into the game as a legendary weapon I'm gonna stand under a Leviathan.

  8. Both of the legendary gun skins I have are for legendary weapons. I can only see them on that slim chance I get the gun that game.

  9. 2 days into the new update : Nerf this shit already… This is so frustrating. It's shreds golden armor within a second , and the drops are so consistent that almost every team have one in early game , when people are low on gear. I don't say they should touch the gun itself but it should be significantly more rare. This gun is so common that it's seriously hurting the game.

  10. Whyyyy change the sound effects to the L-Star in my opinion, I think the titanfall one was WAY better

  11. L star is op somebody with L star break a level 4 Shield and downed me in f*cking one second I count

  12. I loved the lstar the devotion flatline and spitfire and the alternarator is broken as always

  13. I always find this weapon but WHAT IS THE AMMO FOR IT I always try energy but it never works like if the ammo for this gun was mythic

  14. The L star in the video has a 60 round mag, but when you get the L star in a care package it has 40. Anyone noticed that.

  15. I just reliase how Bangalore,Bloodhound and Pathfinder use a matching blue skin to resemble as a team and Mirage,Giblartar and Lifeline use a matching red skin

  16. I usually fire a complete magazine at an enemy and barely come through the shield. And that guy kills 2 and a half men xD

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