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Apex Legends – How To Buff The Mozambique Shotgun

Hi everyone, ThrillGame here first order of
business I’d like to welcome all new subscribers to my channel hope you enjoy
your stay and hope you find my content useful and enjoyable and I’d like to
also thank all of you for the support you showed on my first video I greatly
appreciate it and I promise that I will try my hardest to make content of the
same quality if not better anyway in this video I would like to go more in
depth on the Mozambique shotgun leading up to my shotguns review video that will
come out in about the next two days and this will be the first part of my weapon
review series but without further ado let’s get to the topic at hand the
Mozambique shotgun is seen as one of the worst guns in the game if not the worst
gun in the game by a large part of the community and once lived in a great spot
it’s not terrible either and I can see what direction respawn wants to go with
I recently looked at the legendary skin for the Mozam and while I wasn’t sure
if respawn was pranking me or whatever was going on it did have one benefit and
that is that it prompted me to use the weapon more often and after using it for
multiple games it slightly changed my opinion of the gun
currently the Mozam has a tighter spread and only has three pellets which
makes it more useful at longer distances than all the other shotguns and it has a
higher fire rate and higher reload speed than all the other shotguns as well even
the evo 8 it seems like respawn wants this weapon to be slightly in between
the two styles of the Peacekeeper and the EVA-8 where the peacekeeper requires
you to be more precise and the ev8 has more leniency in whether you land your
shots or not because you could fire so many of them however the most of ends up
losing its range advantage when a peacekeeper gets a precision choke for
example the peacekeeper then enters that range domain of the Mozambique and does
more damage in less time while also having more ammo in the clip and the EVA-8
aid can’t boost its damage range with the hop up but still does more damage by
default and doesn’t fall too far behind in fire rate and it can still fire
significantly more shells before you have to reload and the Mozam has such
minor advantages over the other two standard shopkins Letton
negatives just outweigh the positives so how would I buff it and make it viable
I would buff it in two waves wave one would be a fire rate and readout speed
buff right now the fire rate of the ev8 is close enough to that of the mouse M
while having other advantage over the weapons so you’d always pick the Evo
eight a higher fire rate would put it right in between the Peacekeeper and
evey eight where it would be slightly more forgiving if you missed a shot
but you would still be able to dish out damage while still requiring you to be
more accurate than with the EVA-8 so it would have that middle ground where is
more forgiving than the Peacekeeper but not as forgiving as the EVA-8 I would
also increase the reload speed of the weapon the Mozambique does 45 damage if
all three pellets hit and 66 damage on a headshot if all three pellets hit which
is not a lot of damage this means that you can only kill someone with three
shots if they have no armor if they have great quality arm where you have to land
at least one headshot to kill in three shots and if they have blue armor it
would require two headshots to kill on three shots if they have purple armor
you wouldn’t even be able to kill them with three headshots placing such an
insane expectation on players for the weapon to be usable is unreasonable I
would increase the reload speed to allow missing or not getting headshots to be a
little more forgiving of course you would still have to be fairly accurate
with your shots and those not comfortable with that could always
switch to the EVA-8 those that are very accurate could use the Peacekeeper
instead this way give players a choice to pick one of three equally viable
shotguns depending on their play style and skill wave two would depend on the
performance of the Mozam after the fire rate and reload speed buff if it would
still under-perform I would increase its damage because that is also a large
downside of the weapon compared to the other shotguns that’s how it would bump
the Mozambique shotgun to make it viable what do you currently think about the
most what would you do to buff it and do you think these buffs would be enough to
finally make the weapon viable and get it out of that spot of the worst weapon
in the game let me know the comments as a reminder
upload a review of all shotguns in the game within the next two days and after
that I will continue my weapon review series if you don’t want to miss it
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28 thoughts on “Apex Legends – How To Buff The Mozambique Shotgun

  1. Nice vid! Maybe they’ll buff it so much it because best gun in the game 😂 we can only wait and see! Looking forward to future vids!! Keep up the work!

  2. I personally think it should a be a power house king at close range like 75 dmg for 3 pellets in body 100 for headshot but up to 5~10 meters

  3. just make a revolver like taurus judge

    if isn't a option they should buff the reload speed and just include mod for the Mozambique, maybe even every pistol, like the prowler select fire to p2020 so it can burst shot and maybe the choke to Mozambique…would be interesting if the choke made u shoot all the 3 bullets at once in a horizontal pattern like the legendary shotgun, maybe a pattern like the multiplication sign * or just a slug pistol (practically a Flintlock) but a one shoot pistol could be troublesome to some people.

    maybe even turn it into a saw-off double barrel (since is a brake action like the gun) and give a tight pattern like a inverted 8 with 4 tight pellets groups with a single pellet connecting both (making fun the fact is a multiple of three can't be divided by 2)

  4. I was thinking of a buff myself: have a select fire by default, that you can choose between a slug shot and buckshot. Also either have it use extended mags or let it have 5 shots at base.

  5. 6 bullets in the chamber and buff it’s firing speed
    Or buff it’s headshot/limb damage to be more consistent and decrease spread
    There are alot of ways to make it really good

  6. In Titanfall 2 the mozambique had more ammo, slower and bigger projectiles and it was really good but respawn went a little overboard in balancing it in apex.

  7. Give it explosive bullets, heat seeking ammo, automatic fire, 10 shells capacity and double damage and only maybe will be somewhat usable

  8. A good hop up for the p2020 & Mozambique: Last in the Chamber
    "The last shot in the magazine deals 2x damage on a body shot, and 3x damage on a headshot"
    Add a reload speed buff on the Mozambique, and you get a much better weapon.

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