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Anthony Garcia from Save the Second 2A Rally Washington DC Speech

this next speaker I’ve gotten to work
with a lot over the past few months he has changed my view over the last few
months of just how easy really if you ask it is to get grassroots activity in
our community I think the cliche in our community has been that it’s hard to get
people to come out to a rally it’s hard to get people to give up a day in the
hunting stand or an afternoon at the range it’s hard to get people to skip
work and spend the money to come out and do things or you guys have all proven
today our speakers have all proven today that that cliche is wrong and one of the
people at the forefront of grassroots activity in this space Anthony Garcia all right my name is Anthony Garcia I’m
president has saved the second what I want to talk to you about today is duty
our duty as citizens of the United States because believe it or not we do
all have a duty and an obligation to maintain our Constitution and today
specifically our Second Amendment because the Second Amendment is the
right which protects all the rest of them the Constitution the Constitution
is a gift given to us by the founding fathers it’s our birthright it’s the
thing that has kept this country as free as it is today but that does not mean
that it can’t be changed or warped and interpreted in ways the founding fathers
didn’t intend and we’ve seen plenty of that especially with regards to the
Second Amendment now I believe the right to self-defense thus the right to keep
and bear arms as a natural right it’s right that didn’t need to be granted by
any man and it’s a right they can’t be taken away by any man it simply is the
Second Amendment is supposed to be a guarantee that the government would not
interfere with that natural right however that’s exactly what’s happening
and now we’re locked into a struggle with those who had wish to use
government to deprive us of that right and is our duty and obligation to
protect that guarantee of our natural rights to protect that Second Amendment
because if we don’t protect it we along with everything else resembling
freedom in this country after the Constitutional Convention in 1787 Ben
Franklin was asked if we had a monarchy or Republic his response was that famous
quote a republic if you can keep it that means that we as citizens of this
country must be actively involved in protecting our rights it means that we
cannot sit on the sidelines we cannot hope someone else will do it for us only
we can keep our Republic our Constitution and our Second Amendment
now we can fulfill our obligation to protect our rights in many different
ways but the most powerful of which is grassroots activism and that means you
you standing here at this rally you watching this on your livestream you
listening to this two years from now this means you doing what you know you
need to do grassroots is without a doubt the most powerful weapon that we have
because after all the buck stops with the voters but I believe that a handful
of determined smart and mildly angry individuals can change the world through
grassroots action sometimes as activists we pool our resources form organizations
to become more powerful and as members of those organizations we still need to
hold them accountable to an obligation of protecting our rights that’s actually
what my organization saved the second does or focus on fixing the NRA on a
fundamental level returning them to a place of efficiency and effectiveness as
well as updating them to modern gun culture bump stocks anybody that’s
there’s actually some petitions going around if you are a voting member of the
NRA you can sign those to help get term limits for their board of directors but no matter what we the people have to
take the fight to the gun grabbers we have to rally like we are here we have
to testify in our legislators our town halls and city councils we have to
campaign for pro-gun candidates we have to take the fight right to them right
down into the trenches and in the end it will come down to you and what you
choose to do will you do nothing or almost nothing and allow our rights to
be slowly and completely eroded will you choose to let someone else do it for you
while putting it none of your own time money or effort will you allow the gun
grabbers to continue to continue dismantling our basic and fundamental
guarantee of a natural right to self-defense through the ownership of
arms or or will you choose to fulfill your obligation to your constitution our
freedom and our Second Amendment will you choose instead to fight to keep this
Republic will you rise and meet your duty to preserve promote and expand our
right to keep and bear arms will you walk away from here today after hearing
the words of so many of these awesome and amazing speakers and do everything
you can for our Second Amendment I hope you will our freedom depends on you
getting involved in this fight my name is Anthony Garcia of save the second
thank you for listening

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