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ANTHEM Heavy Pistol & Machine Pistol Detailed Masterwork Analysis

Howdy folks, today we will be deep diving
into weaponry in this first video in a small series covering all weapons, components and
gear in Anthem comprehensively, to give you all the information required to make an informed
decision on where your Masterwork Embers should go. This video will cover both Heavy Pistols and
Machine Pistols Heavy Pistols are largely aimed at Interceptor,
but also have a place for Ranger and the very occasional Colossus, this is not about what
is best, just usable as there are better options dependant on the build and playstyle. Heavy Pistols are designed to hit hard, accurate
and largely slow at close range. Firstly, the Barrage, it delivers average
force, good accuracy, the highest mag size of the pistols, but the trade offs don’t seem
worth it to me, it’s just so weak. It’s Masterwork counterpart, Close Encounter
has a useful special effect which increases Weapon Damage by 75% for 10 Seconds when performing
a Dash. When a buff in Anthem targets a specific weapon,
it will usuaslly say something like “this weapon”, so as it states a blanket weapon
damage, it could be used as a nice way to buff other weapons damage without the need
to hover. If you want to hear about DPS, it is difficult
as true DPS applicable to all situations also requires the reload time, which we just don’t
have due to the game files not being accesible. But the DPS for a full clip of the barrage
at standard and Power 45 is 2250, which is almost half the second best Heavy Pistol for
DPS, and using the rate of fire and mag size, at maximum DPS, it would last 2.4 seconds. Next is the Resolution, this is actually my
favourite as far as just the weapon itself goes from the Heavy Pistols, it is a burst
fire Heavy Pistol which deals a burst of 2 shots, this function makes DPS even more innacurate
without the Burst Fire Delay stat, which is another we don’t have, without that, the DPS
is by far the best at 5363 for Power 45, but this is not legitimate. An educated guess would put a 40% decrease
on that, or something close to that to see the more accurate DPS value, so 3200 or so,
which puts it around midway between the Barrage and the Blastback. My personal like for this weapon is rooted
purely in satisfaction of use, it just feels good to use as it is accurate and hits rather
hard, a great weapon for that slow walk headshot feel. The Resolution’s Masterwork counterpart is
the Glorious Result, which increases all weapon Damage by 150% for 5 seconds after a Weakpoint
Hit-Streak of 2. This is a very useful effect and could be
used in a similar fashion to the Close Encounter for buffing anothers weapon, or just permanently
buffing this one to increase it’s DPS by a large margin. As it is a Burst weapon, nailing that second
shot will require close quarters and some serious accuracy on anything but something
like the Swarm Tyrant. Also, it’s wording of ALL weapon damage insinuates
it will also buff the blast damage of grenade launchers and the Devastator Sniper Rifle,
though I think standard Weapon Damage applies to those, so it could just be a different
person wrote the flavour text and worded it slightly differently. The final Heavy Pistol is the Blastback, and
it is currently the big favourite among the community. The Blastback hits hard in force and damage
at a whopping 1044 as a base at Power 45, it has the lowest Rate of Fire of all the
pistols at 240 rounds per minute, but is still not that much slower than the Resolution if
you factor in the Burst Fire Delay. It’s effective range is 40% higher than the
other Heavy Pistols at 35, it’s mag size is only 9 but can be emptied in 2.3 seconds. The Blastback’s Masterwork counterpart is
where it really gains it’s admirers with the Avenging Herald having a 200% increase to
Weapon Damage while hovering and I have heard but cannot cinfirm due to not being lucky
enough for this to drop yet, that falling and shooting also triggers the effect, so
if this is true, it essentially works provided you are not on the ground. Also another thing that I cannot confirm,
but have read in multiple places is that it stacks, so having 2 Avenging Heralds will
give you 400% weapon damage while hovering. Mixing this with Interceptor or Ranger weapon
damage increases through various means, that we will of course go through in an upcoming
guide, you can score insane hits with this, Khraze Mentioned a 40k weakpoint shot a little
while ago, so yeah, it’s a tad OP, I would love to know if this works with the Colossus
Ultimate, you could easily get over 100k per hit to a weak point with the bare minimum
of ultimate bonuses, but I’m skeptical that it would apply to that. So to summarise for the Heavy Pistols. The Barrage aka Close Encounter isn’t particularly
aptly named with low damage and DPS and a Special Effect that is near duplicated on
other weapons in a superior manner. The Resolution also known as the Glorious
Result, at least, to me feels great to use and could indeed be used to great effect with
it’s powerful Special Effect by those capable of brilliant accuracy in getting those consistent
headshots. The Blastback aka Avenging Herald is a very
powerful weapon, this is in Damage per shot, Damage per Second and it’s monstrous Special
Effect of 200% weapon Damage while hovering. Used by many already in their builds, it is
a fast favourite and certainly worth checking out if you intend to have a Weapon Build. Machine Pistols are automatic Pistols that
hit for low damage and force but in high volume at short range, like Shotgun Short. First is the Hailstorm. The Hailstorm hits for low damage, being 103
at Power 45 but at a rate of fire beaten only by one other weapon, which is the Cloudburst
Autocannon. The Rate of Fire is 1200 per minute and with
a mag size of 50 will empty the clip in 2.5 seconds of continuous fire. It’s DPS is one of the lowest total, and it’s
Masterwork counterpart, Vassa’s Surprise is underwhelming with the Special Effect of On
a Melee hit, gain 25% ammo in the Magazine. Now while this could be used in a way to never
reload, which would boost the weapons basic ability to that of a fairly nice performing
weapon, it would essentially be a decent weapon without a special effect. So because of this, I would generally avoid,
unless you have a specific crazy build that only this could satisfy. Next is the Fulcrum. It hits 30% harder in damage than the Hailstorm,
has a rather high rate of fire of 1000 per minute and shares the low effective range
of the Hailstorm at 15. It hits with a little more force than the
Hailstorm but is still below average and is overall just a slightly improved Hailstorm. The special effect, however, is far superior. The Masterwork version of the Fulcrum is called
the Unending Battle, and it increases both Melee and Weapon damage by 110% for 5 seconds
when you hit an enemy at point-blank range This could be utilised to great effect by
both an Interceptor and Colossus requiring a single shot to increase your melee by just
a huge amount, definitely a prime candidate for any melee build and pairs very nicely
with the Rolling Carnage shotgun which we will go into in the Shotgun video coming in
the next day or 2. The 3rd and last Machine Pistol is the Trajector. The Trajector appears to be a Machine Pistol
that has been designed with balance in mind, as it has a low yet still substantial Rate
of Fire of 700 per minute, it’s Damage at Power 45 is 213, more than double the Hailstorm
and at more than half the rate of fire. It’s Effective range is 25, so the same as
most Heavy Pistols and a whole 66% higher than the other 2 machine pistols and it’s
force is average. The Masterwork variant is called the Retalliation
of Garretus, and it’s effect is interesting yet feels boring and underpowered for any
good layered build. When suit health declines, increases Weapon’s
Damage by 125% for 10 seconds. Due to that being specifically health decline,
this feels most useful for a Colossus, yet a higher DPS than the one produced via this
effect can be gained on another weapon, including Colossus only weapons. It’s certainly possible that I am missing
something, but to me it just doesn’t seem enough to warrant using it with a better option
available to you. Also, the wording of that is important, it
seems to only affect this specific weapon, it’s the use of Weapon’s Damage and not just
the standard Weapon Damage, that posessive to me at least implies this weapon only, and
unfortunately, I cannot personally test this one as it is one of the ones that has yet
to drop for me. To summarise the Machine Pistols. The Hailstorm aka Vassa’s Surprise is a bit
of a let down in all honesty, it just doesn’t seem to be on the same level as most Masterworks,
in feel, it is sort of remeniscent of the Hornet from Andromeda with an Automatic Fire
Augment installed, just without the damage. The Fulcrum also known as Unending Battle
is a great addition adding some variety to your melee shenaningans, standard melee while
your Tempest Strike is on cooldown can be a little boring, but adding a shot or 2 of
this to your rotation fills it out a little more and boosts your damage dramatically. The Trajector, or Retalliation of Garretus,
is a weapon that is just almost there, it’s on the cusp of being awesome, but it just
quite isn’t. If the wording is just a little off, and by
Weapon’s Damage in the possesive does in fact mean all Weapon Damage, then it could certainly
be used effectively, especially with some Interceptor builds that already use components
that have such effects, there just certainly seems to be better options, less circumstantial. So that’s Heavy Pistols and Machine Pistols,
I’m aiming to get these guides for this series out daily for the most part, but don’t have
a particular preference on order myself, so if you would prefer one weapon type before
the other, let me know down below and i’ll do my best to get what you want most out first. If you are new to Xaine’s World, consider
subscribing for more Anthem content, I generally tend to focus on going deep into game mechanics
and analysing everything to it’s fullest, so if you like that kind of thing, this is
the channel for you. Also consider sharing this video with any
who may find it helpful, sharing is the only reason these videos ever get anywhere in search,
it shows people the video as well as tell youtube that it is worth promoting. Discord and Patreon linked below, have a fantastic
day folks!

8 thoughts on “ANTHEM Heavy Pistol & Machine Pistol Detailed Masterwork Analysis

  1. Yaaaaas! That’s that sweet XW gun porn we know and love! Great background music too, BTW! Thanks!👍

  2. CORRECTION! Colossus cannot use Pistols, thank you @Mcleod for quickly pointing that out, something I just hadn't considered or tried, very embarrassing!

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  3. Great guide man, and I'll be honest, I'm puzzled about the lesser weapons even being a "thing" at higher levels. Like in MEA, there were some great ones, a bunch of mid-tier, and then a large handful of lower ones. Makes you wonder what the intent was when you get to a higher level.
    Either way, definitely looking forward to buying and playing this, and looking forward to more guides (sniper and med-range especially)! Cheers mate!

  4. Great video I look forward to seeing a video on all guns from you, I want to see the 2 heavy guns, auto cannon and grenade launcher, I also met someone who said they have a Truth of Tarsis with 225% explosive and a Sentinel's Vengeance with 175% explosive, I’ll go and ask for screenshots to make sure he’s not lying

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