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Howdy folks and welcome to a new video, today
we will be going over the Assault Rifles in Anthem after the majority of weapons received
some balance changes as well as a number of other things added in Patch 1.0.3. As with all of these guides we will be focusing
on testing and analysing the Power 61 Masterworks to see both what they claim to be vs realworld
results as well as whether they are actually worth using and more importantly, spending
your hard earned Masterwork Embers to craft. For your convenience there are timestamps
in the description if you just wanted to check out a specific weapon as well as a bunch of
other stuff like full uncut versions of my test runs in the Tyrant Mine. So let’s get into it. BASE STATS For the base stats, the Divine Vengeance which
is the Masterwork and Legendary version of the Warden, is a 4 shot burst weapon, it has
an acceptable hit per shot of 323, this does nominal but expected base damage of a standard
weapon. The Divine Vengeances Rate of Fire is decent
at 600, the highest of the Assault Rifles, which makes those bursts nice and quick, though
because of the Bursts and so the Burst Fire Delay which ocurrs between every 4 shot burst,
it is more like the middle road for rate of fire and general DPS. It’s effective range is 45, it’s force is
above average and it holds 36 in the mag. While it is on screen at the moment, we will
go into Special Effects right after we’ve covered the weapons purely at their base stats. Elemental Rage which is the Masterwork and
Legendary version of the Defender, has a low Damage per shot at 238 with the second highest
rate of fire out of the AR’s though when the Divine Vengeance’s burst delay is taken into
account, it is likely the fastest. Even with that though, it’s DPS is low, not
just in comparison to the other Assault Rifles, but overall. The Elemental Rage’s effective range is 35
while the mag holds 40 and it’s force is around average. Ralner’s Blaze which is the Masterwork and
Legendary version of the Hammerhead boasts the highest damage per shot of the Assault
Rifles at 359, though also having the lowest Rate of Fire at 425. With purely base stats taken into account,
Ralner’s Blaze has the highest effective Damage Per Second of the Assault Rifles at 2543 per
second. It’s Effective range is short at 25, but it’s
force is massive and it holds 30 in the mag. SPECIAL EFFECTS The Special Effects found on Masterwork and
Legendary items only are often quite powerful and play a huge if not the only part in helping
you decide what weapons to carry in your loadout and spend your resources crafting to refine. The Divine Vengeance’s Special Effect is “Every
third Weak Point hit causes Large Fire Explosions” Note that this does not require a hit streak
and instead will just tick a counter tied to your weapon every time you hit a Weak Point,
every third time, it set off what is essentially a combo detonation type deal. It is very logical to assume that the power
of the explosion is linked to your Power Level as is with the Ultimate among other things,
though it is difficult to test this. We’ll go into it more in the next part when
we review my testing. The Elemental Rage’s Special Effect is “Hitting
Elite enemies increases all Elemental Damage by 5% for 10 Seconds. Stacks to 20” This effect makes the weapon a buff tool for
other means, byt this I mean that the power of the weapon being used directly is not all
that strong, it’s low DPS makes it a means to an end, ut that end is 100% extra Elemental
Damage accross the board, which for Storms and certain Colossus builds is indeed extremeley
powerful. Ralner’s Blaze has “Ignites the target while
on a Hit-Streak (5)” as it’s Special Effect. This is very similar to the Divine Vengeance’s
effect, but where the Divine Vengeance requires 3 weak point hits to trigger, the Ralner’s
Blaze require 5 hits of any kind on an enemy and they must be in succession for a Hit-Streak. The other difference being that Ralner’s Blaze
adds a fire Damage over Time effect on the enemy, including bosses, which ticks and Primes
the enemy. THE TESTS For my testing I performed a full Tyrant Mine
run on Grandmaster 1 using the weapon as my primary means of damage, this includes in
the case of Elemental Rage, using that weapon to buff more powerful attacks. My Test Build for all but Grenade Launchers
and Autocannons will remain the same for all weapons tests and a short video showing it
is linked in the description along with the full test runs. The Divine Vengeance run proved to be extremely
effective. The Special Effect of the Divine Vengeance
is really quite something, taking down shields in just a few shots and Enforcers very quickly,
I had naturally assumed at the time that the huge damage boosts hitting the targets were
actually another player assisting me on the enemy, but later realised what I thought was
2 players hitting the enemy, was actually just this weapons powerful effect stripping
them of there health while dealing enough force to keep them semi staggered and so not
able to properly defend themselves against me. The recoil on the Divine Vengeance is just
excellent, I did not find it hard to land Weak Point shots the majority of the time
while floating around, though while the Divine Vengeance’s Effective Range really helps here,
you do not want to be pushing it’s range limits against anything but a Turret, the Swarm Tyrant
or something else with similarly large Weak Points. A Small mobs head is not big enough to land
more than one or 2 shots of the burst from above the effective range, accuracy is key
here. The Elemental Rage run was not unfamiliar
to me, I have been using this weapon largely since level 28 when it dropped as my first
Masterwork, I often carry 2 in order to stack the 100% stacked buff with both of the weapons. This is a buff you prepare with, you must
land 20 shots on elite enemies within 10 seconds of each other, then if you have a second Rage
switch to that and start ramping that up to 20 switching to your other every 9 seconds
or so to refresh the 20 stack of Veteran’s Furor for each. In all honesty this use of 2 of them is only
really best pre ultimate, you can have both with their buffs stacked up to 20 with one
at 9 seconds left and the other at 10 seconds left for 9 seconds of 200% extra Elemental
Damage, this full applies to your ultimate and makes it just insane. The highest I have achieved since the 1.0.3
update was 280 thousand damage per hit. For standard use of this weapon, it is not
so fun to keep 2 set of the Veteran’s Furor stack up constantly and depending on your
gear and their inscriptions, may even result in less DPS just due to the amount of focus
required to not just hit a mob to refresh but specifically hit elite mobs with both
weapons, it is very doable, but at what cost. The recoil on the Elemental Rage is great,
it hits light and for lowish damage, but your arent using this weapon for it’s direct damage
dealing ability. The Ralner’s Blaze also performed very well
in my testing and showed a very interesting use of it’s effect. I cannot be 100% sure, but it looked very
much like when the dot effect is applied on a shielded target after 5 consecutive hits,
as the Fire DoT cannot be applied to shielded enemy, it instead deals the full damage of
the DoT on the shields instead. It is very difficult to prove this, but I
tried it multiple times and the timing would be too perfect to assume otherwise. It is also possible that as well as the DoT
being applied that a chunk of damage is dealt when the DoT is applied. The Recoil on the Ralner’s Blaze is acceptable,
it is definitely the worst of the 3 Assault Rifles, to be used effectively, it should
be used at a low to medium range, It’s Special Effect trigger goes nicely with this in that
it does not require exceptional accuracy, just a little control with your mouse or controller. Due to the fact that the effect it gives is
a Fire effect, this weapon would not be advisable for the higher ranges, certainly not Grandmaster
3, but would also be troublesome in a weaker group in Grandmaster 2. The reasoning behind this is that freezing
your enemies is an incredibly huge advantage, it is the current best crowd control we have,
Storm have it to a great degree, I use it on my interceptor currently in a small way
with the Cryo Glaive and a high end colossus Build using the Masterwork Lightning Coil
to shock and freeze surrounding enemies is also used in higher tier to gather up enemies
that cannot be instantly killed and effectively take them out of the fight. This weapon, would apply the fire DoT that
would melt the ice and bring them back and able to deal damage to you, a combo is great
and all, but if it’s only dealing 5% of the enemies health, I would rather have them remain
frozen and deal the damage by other means. CONCLUSION The Divine Vengeance is my personal favourite
of the Assault Rifles, it deals crazy damage, takes care of shields very quickly and just
performs excellently provided you can hit those Weak Points. The Elemental Rage is a must have for any
self respecting Storm, it is easy to maintain and boosts your damage by 100%. The Ralner’s Blaze is a great weapon that
deals great damage and for those who may not have amazing accuracy, will do you proud,
though would become very troublesome in the highest tiers of battle and will likely just
annoy your group causing them to refreeze enemies which removes the dot and so your
extra damage. OUTRO Thank you for watching folks, I hope it was
informative and not too mindnumbingly overly verbose. Have you had similar or different experiences
with any of these weapons? These videos require an awful lot of work
so if you could help me fight the complete lack of notifications going out and share
this where ever you can it would be super appreciated and think about subscribing if
you haven’t already. Xaine’s World has a Patreon if you wish to
support the channel and a Discord full of great people who just chill and talk about
games, music and other such things, all linked in the description. And that’s about it, Have a fantastic day!


  1. This commentary was superbly paced (for me ofc),allowing me to assimilate the info before overrun made it into gibberish IYSWIM; hope you do similar for the NMS stuff! 🙂

  2. About Ralner's Blaze: the DoT seems applied by a skill that deal a direct dmg. On my testing I clearly see a 11k fire dmg when the mob ignite. That basically kill any red bar mob in GM1 with 676 ilvl.
    About Divine Vengeance, I confirm the scaling with ilvl, unless I missed something.
    About Elemental Rage: does it double your elemental dmg, or (like other %dmg buff) does it apply to your base dmg? (buff on final dmg or on skill dmg before any buff)

    Great video all in all 🙂

  3. Just got elemental rage legendary today. Does the elemental rage proc buff divine vengeance explosions? I know elemental ops component on the ranger applies to DV but not sure if elemental rages proc does. Great vid!

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