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Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Roller-Delayed AR-9

As a gun owner you feel a responsibility
to stand up against evil and protect those who can’t help themselves “All you really have is yourself
when it comes down to it. If you’re the ‘pater-familias’
if you’re the father of a family
or the mother of a family you have to be a leader and if you’re the only one out of the entire situation that has the wherewithal to take that amongst yourself then you have to do it. That’s your
responsibility to protect those people.” Angstadt firearms are deployed
in over 30 countries worldwide. Our clients rely on us to deliver firearms
that excel in reliability and design. For the past several years we’ve been perfecting a firearm that exceeds the rigorous demands of a modern subcompact weapon. The Angstadt Arms MDP-9 is an
ultra-compact personal defense weapon Perfected for the Modern Age. With a proven Roller-Delay action,
and AR-15 platform compatibility, The MDP-9 is the ideal firearm for both professionals and prepared citizens “I hope I never have to pull a gun on anybody again
I mean that’s just as dangerous scary thing to go through but
I carry because I need to be one of those people that other people can depend on.” With the MDP-9 you get an ultra-compact 9mm a proven Roller-Delayed action AR-15 compatibility, a modern form factor… and yes, it runs on Glock magazines. The MDP-9 The subgun Perfected for The Modern Age.

12 thoughts on “Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Roller-Delayed AR-9

  1. Wow… Looks like you guys really listened to consumers… short-barreled (yes I own a vertx bag, lol), roller-delayed 9mm, forward side charging handle, low profile foldable brace (collapsible possibly?? ), AR-9 compatibility, tri-lug mount, last round hold open, styling AND accepts Glock magazines… Wow… my first gun of the new year it seems…

  2. The first gun that might actually deserve the title of 21st century MP5. Although a budget version would be great, the same price as the newly released original MP5 and twice that of a Banshee is hard to justify, even if the want-it-factor is high…

  3. I used your 0940 lower and love it for my build. I think this is a terrific concept. I think if you really want the market to see this, you should look into sending one to GarandThumb. I feel it would bring this into the spotlight. Great concept!

  4. Will you have to replace rollers eventually I imagine to larger ones like in the MP5 platform? Bad ass weapon system btw you guys make kick ass gear!

  5. Will we be getting the collapsible brace that is shown in this video available too, or are our only options the side folder and the deadfootarms single arm brace still?

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