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Ancient Weapons: The Macuahuitl – Modern Build And Demonstration

hey guys in this video I’m going to show
you how I made this small version of a macuahuitl a macuahuitl is an
ancient Aztec weapon is basically a wooden paddle they use volcanic rock is
the cutting edge I got the idea for this build from zna productions he basically
used a wooden paddle with razor blades as the cutting edge I’ll leave a link
down the description for his channel I’m going to show you how I made this and
then in the end I’m gonna do some tests to show you how it works to complete
this project you need a piece of wood ten razor blades some epoxy and
something to finish the wood width I use Danish oil to finish the wood and in oak
board three and a half inches wide by 3/4 inch thick start by drawing the
layout of the handle I used a combination square to mark the center of
the board then I use that point to make a half circle for the base then I
completed the handle with a length and width that was appropriate for my hand
after marking the length of the handle I used that point to draw 45 degree
lines outwards forming the paddle shape to cut out the outline of the handle
I used a jigsaw after getting as close as possible to
the outline I use a round file and a flat file to touch it up after a whole lot of filing this is what
it looks like now that the handles cut out we’re gonna work on the upper
portion of the weapon first by cutting the total length and then by tapering
the sides to create the taper mark a line 1/2 an inch in at the base of the
paddle on both sides then connect the top corner to that line I use the jigsaw
to cut the taper on both sides next I use the chamfer bit on my
makeshift router table to create a 45-degree angle all around the edge of
the board and I’m only going to remove enough wood set that there’s a quarter
of an inch a flat space left all the way around the side and this is what it looks like after
routing over all the edges it’s starting to really fit nicely in the hand now that the shape of the paddle is
completed it’s time to sand it you can round over the edges as much as you want
I chose to leave them on because I like the way it gives it a distinct look to add the razor blades first you must
find the center point on the flat surface on the side of the paddle once
you have that mark aligned on the complete length of the paddle do this on
both sides to cut the slit for the razor blades
I used a wood cutting tool my Dremel cut a quarter inch deep slit down the length
of the paddle on both sides before inserting the razor blades it’s a good
idea to score the surface so that epoxy has something to hold on to to attach the razor blades I use a
two-part epoxy after mixing it up a dip each razor
blade into the epoxy and then insert it into the slit I repeated this process
with all 10 razor blades trying to minimize the squeeze out of epoxy on the
wood after letting the glue dry overnight this is how it turned out
next I finished it with Danish oil with this stuff you just wipe it on let it
sit for 30 minutes come back and wipe it off after 30 minutes I wiped it off let
it sit and dry for another 16 hours and now it’s time to test it to test it I’m
gonna be chopping some produce and then to really check the toughness I’m gonna
chop some wood I expect some razor blades to come out but hopefully before
then I can do some damage the macuahuitl held up better than I
thought it would but it’s meant more for slashing than chopping anyway and don’t
worry no watermelon was wasted thanks for watching please hit the subscribe
button if you like the video hit the like button and if you have any tips or
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34 thoughts on “Ancient Weapons: The Macuahuitl – Modern Build And Demonstration

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