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Ancient Weapons: The Chakram

hey guys in this video I’m gonna show
you how i made these chakram. Chakram are ancient throwing weapons from India that date
back to the Year 200 BC all you need to complete this project is a regular saw
blade I use a 10 inch blade for the larger chakra and a seven half-inch
blade for the smaller one first I use a cutting disc on my angle grinder to
remove all the teeth do this for all the teeth on the saw blade to prevent the
blade from overheating I use a Tupperware full of ice water to keep it
cool after cutting off all the teeth this is how it turned out
next I use a grinding wheel to try to smooth out the outer surface and after that this is how it looked to
make the disc an exact circle I set up this jig on my disc sander with this jig
the screw limits the amount of material you can remove now that the disk is round I’m going to
use a flat wheel to smooth out the surface this also helps when we have to
draw a line for the inner circle to mark the inner circle that we’re going to cut
out I use the compass referencing from the center of the middle hole in the
blade I left a 1 and 3/4 inch area on the
outside of the circle to cut out the inner circle and when you use my dremel
with a cutting disc get close to the line but it doesn’t have to be perfect
because we can fix it later next I use a grinding disc to get as close to the
line as possible and then I did any needed touch-ups with
a drum sander on my dremel and this is how it looks so far to get a good finish on the middle I
sanded it from 80-grit all the way to 1200 grit this is how it looked after sanding to really make it shine I use the
polishing wheel on my angle grinder the last step is to sharpen the edge I
did this using my belt sander hold the blade at a steady angle and slowly turn
it then flip it over if you don’t know their side until you have a sharp edge once I had an edge
I switched 120 grit sandpaper and decrease the angle which I was standing
at to test out the chakram I’m gonna throw them with these watermelon and
balloons on the first watermelon I’m going to test a small shock room and now
it’s time to see what the bigger shock room can do and last we have some water balloons
filled with colored water overall I’m pleased with how both
shotguns turned out a smaller one is much easier to be accurate with while
the larger one is definitely more powerful thanks for watching please hit
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2 thoughts on “Ancient Weapons: The Chakram

  1. Thanks for watching, if you want to help the channel share the link to this video on social media. I really appreciate any help. Also if you have any suggestions for weapons you want to see me build let me know below.

  2. Nihang Sikh warriors adorn their turbans with this weapon. Were always out numbered so throwing these weapons would scatter a multiple attack to get into your position.

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