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AMSOIL Tech Tips: Protecting Your Firearms

>>Welcome to Tech Tips. I’m Len Groom. Today we’re talking about a new product. We’ve got firearm cleaner and firearm lubricant. And instead of listening to me talk
about it, let’s go right to the source. We’ve got Mark Nyholm who’s the
product manager of these products, and we’ve got Paul Riedel
who’s a chemist in the lab. Mark, what do you have for us?>>Hey, thanks, Len. Paul and I are what I consider
avid shooting enthusiasts. We spend a lot of time at the
range pulling the trigger, and at home we spend a lot of
time cleaning our firearms. With that, we’ve never really been that happy
with the products we found in the marketplace. So we put our heads together and built something that we are truly proud of,
and I think it will be too.>>Thanks, Mark. Yeah. We think we have something
really great here. We actually created a firearm
cleaner and a lubricant. Many products in the marketplace
actually put the two together. But we looked at military specifications. We looked at what real-world needs
were, and we determined that we needed to separate both the cleaner and
the lubricant in order to make sure that we maximized protection for our products.>>We started this off, right, in
the lab component by component. Here’s a flavor of what we did, you know? We started mixing things together. We started running things on tests, all to dial in what the firearm really
needs, and that’s two things. I mean, we have separated products for a reason. We wanted something that really works great
as a cleaner, and we want to come back and give the lubrication that
the firearm really needs.>>You’re right. And the other important part
is corrosion inhibition. This product here, lubricant oil,
does a great job protecting firearms, protecting your investment. And we believe it’s the best oil out there.>>All these tests that we started in the
lab we then eventually took to the range, thousands of rounds through guns. And these products are effective whether it’s
a composite stock gun, whether it’s painted, whether it’s a semi-automatic, whether
it’s your modern-day sporting rifle, whether it’s a single-shot deer rifle. The products that we have
work great on all of them.>>You’re right. Phosphated or coated metals, stainless steel,
aluminum, stamped steel all work really well with our lubricant and cleaner system.>>Yup. Well, Len. Paul and I truly believe we
have something special here. And once other shooting enthusiasts
try it, I know they’ll agree with us.>>So there you have it right from
the source, right from the guys that designed and built this stuff. AMSOIL once again builds a product specific
to the needs of that particular market. For more information on any of our
products, check out Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Is the Firearm Lubricant safe for polymer frames? I dont mean spraying it on the frame but if it comes in contact with polymer does it cause any discoloration or any other issues?

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