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Amsec’s HD Pistol Safe PS1210, strong USA made pistol box

Hi this is John Dean with
Dean Safe company and I wanna show you a brand new
pistol box that American security products has come out with here in 2014. This was
featured at the SHOT Show and it should be shipping probably middle of February beginning of March. It is a
heavy, heavy duty box. Let me show you the box
it comes in. Since this thing weighs close to 25
pounds, they had to reinforce the packaging. They’ve got great package in it and here are
all the instructions. I opened it up so you didn’t have to watch me
opening it up. But it is from American Security Products
also known as Amsec. Heavy Duty pistol box and just let me show you why it’s so heavy-duty. Because it has an eighth inch steel body and a three-sixteenth inch steel door. Now that is substantially stronger than
a lot of the other products out there on the market place today. Some of the features of this that are
quickly noticeable is it has pluck foam on the inside it has
a carry round handle could also has holes
on the bottom so that we can be bolted down. The door
is so heavy it needs a piston to help support the weight. It has a very strong brass bolt that looks like it is a inch-and-a-half, by at least a half inch brass bolt in the lock body, and
it’s all reinforced with 3/16th inch steel all the way around and on the
bottom. Now regarding the pluck foam – there’s actually
two pieces of foam in here. I would also like to point out there’s a
3/8 inch steel lug that’s attached to the
door on both sides there is two of them when you close the door it folds down
underneath the back hinge, so not only is the hinge attached these steel lugs help prevent prying. It does a
great job. Okay one last thing just a reminder made
by American Security Products heavy-duty pistol box model PS1210 HD available at
by the way. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Amsec’s HD Pistol Safe PS1210, strong USA made pistol box

  1. What about the cut-out on the right side of the safe that allows for the gas strut to come down?  It seems that the cut-out is pretty low and may be susceptible to prying.  Could someone slip a crow bar or screwdriver up under the lid and catch that cut-out to get a good pry point???

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