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Americans Will Never Give Up Their Guns, So How Do We Reduce The Carnage?

Yes, well guns is a special case because it
does have very dire consequences for misuse of other people’s freedom. So, you know,
the general libertarian perspective or principle that I should be free to do what I want as
long as I don’t restrict your freedoms from doing what you want. That is the freedom for
me to swing my arm ends at your nose. Okay, so guns are a special case. I’ve long been
pretty much against gun control. That is people should choose to do what they want. I’ve
since gone back and forth on this mainly because the rates of accidents and suicides and homicides
is so high when guns are readily available. It is a complex statistical argument in both
directions. More guns, less guns, more crime, less crime. Which way does it go? Which state?
Which county? Carry and conceal laws. So this is one of the more complex social science
problems I’ve ever looked into. And I have to say it isn’t really obvious other than
if you look at states like in most European states that either – where no one has guns
or almost no one has guns. They have nothing like even remotely like the gun violence we
have. So clearly if no one had guns we wouldn’t have a gun problem. That said that’s never
going to happen in America. There are about 320 million guns on the streets,
in people’s homes or whatever. We’re never going to take them back. No one’s going
to go house to house like Nazis breaking down the doors and stealing people’s guns. That’s
never going to happen. So in fact the Supreme Court has voted twice in 06 and 08 and particularly
the Heller case, handgun case in Washington D.C. It is protected by the second amendment.
That’s not going to change anytime soon. So let’s face up to that and see if we can
do something to just reduce the carnage. Like why are people allowed to buy AR15s and AK47
rifles? What are those for? I grew up hunting with shotguns. I had a 20 gauge and a 12 gauge
shotgun. Shotguns are used for shooting birds out of the sky. Or certain rifles are good
for deer hunting. Okay, I get all that. And handguns for self-defense – okay I understand.
I’m not going to have one in my house. Too many risks there. But still if you want one
okay. But what’s the purpose of an AR15 or an AK47? It was designed to kill as many
people as possible in as short a time as possible. And of course that’s exactly what it’s
used for. Target practice? I don’t know. Maybe I guess. Some people say they enjoy
that. I don’t know. But there I would say the risk is too high of it being misused.
And as we’ve clearly seen in recent terrorist attacks anybody can get one. They’re not
hard to get. And that’s a problem.

100 thoughts on “Americans Will Never Give Up Their Guns, So How Do We Reduce The Carnage?

  1. so does every AR an AK owner go on mass shootings? should high speed cars be banned because of their ability to commit high volumes of damage if their misused?

  2. The AR15 is not a military issue/grade weapon or an “Assault Rifle”. The AR15 was brought to market in 1963. It was marketed primarily to varmint hunters and target shooters.

    The selective-fire variant adopted by the U.S. military as the M16A1 wasn’t fielded until 1967, and wasn’t the standard service rifle until 1969, six years after you could buy an AR-15 at your local sporting good store.

  3. Yes. I have an AR15 for the sole intent of fucking someone up if they invade my home with the intent to harm me. It’s also a very easy gun to use for stress relief when responsibly shooting empty soda bottles or target practice at the gun range. Why is it wrong or politically incorrect to say that? We have to stop demonizing citizens for wanting to protect themselves.

  4. 1. Most mass shooters are on anti-psychotic medications which are prescribed in place of anti-depressants FAR too often.
    2. Many mass shooters should not have been able to obtain a gun legally, and either did because of failures in our background check system or because they circumvented laws some other way (stolen or obtained through friends or family).

    In my opinion, addressing mental health issues through better, more affordable healthcare, including changing how anti-psychotics are prescribed, and making sure current gun restrictions (like background checks) are working correctly is a better, more effective approach than trying to pass more gun restrictions.

    If you removed ALL guns from the country (which would be an insanely difficult thing to do, as everyone I'm sure agrees) you would still have a problem with violence, in addition to creating the largest black market in the world, and people/law enforcement might incorrectly shift their focus to other weapons like knives, like they do in the UK. Guess what, you cannot prevent violence by passing legislation. If you ban all guns, then ban all kinves, people can still EASILY kill others with blunt objects. Sure, not as easily as with an AR-15, but my point is it does not address the underlying problem.

  5. Stop the carnage?
    Completely outlaw gun free zones because 96% of MASS SHOOTINGS happen in GUN FREE ZONES.
    80% of gun homicides are gang or drug related but libtards are too brainwashed by the media to know the FACTS.

  6. Why are people allowed to buy Skeptic Magazine? What's it for? What's it's purpose? PS: The terrorist "attacks" are fake propaganda street theater events. NOBODY DIES AT THEM. They are created to instil fear in the masses so they turn to gov't and law enforcement for protection. It's an old trick.

  7. All semi automatic rifles or just the ar15? I’m pretty sure people hunt with this particular sporting rifle along with many other types of semi auto sporting rifles. People also use them for home defense in good judgment since home invasions usually involve multiple criminals. Out of all this firearm confusion I’ve learned one important thing and that is to do a thorough research and see for myself statistics of actual firearms deaths and after doing that I’ve learned to completely ignore main media and from all that I still back the 2nd amendment 100%. I’m lucky to live in a state that has always promoted freedom and choice as long as it’s in the confines of being legal.

  8. Utterly bomb the hood, homosexual communities, gut abortion clinics, and massacre all liberals. Then most all bad guys will be gone and the seed for government tyranny will be all but dead.


  10. London now has more murders than New York and most are committed with knives, gun control failed. I am sorry if some people can't understand why our Bill of Rights is worth fighting for, worth our life blood, our Bill of Rights was paid for with the blood of our forefathers so we could have the ability to fight tyranny. Tyranny sucks and guns are just tools, tools of freedom, tools that stand against tyranny, the mere possession of guns is a stand against tyranny, and the criminal politicians in control know this and will spin lies while standing on our dead to confuse and attempt to steal our Freedom. We will fight for our Freedom.

  11. That is why we all need ar-15’s and/or ak-47’s to defend against scum who decide they want to take guns away. Not just those two demonized weapons but any weapons, ammo or magazines. They might win against one person with a weapon of such, but they wont if your city and neighborhoods ban together, willing to fight for your rights!

  12. Typical FUDD. I'll enjoy my AR15s and AK47s and use them to kill cars full of gangbangers trying to commit drive by killings, or rogue, criminal government agents who go full blown Nazi Gestapo for confiscations and kidnappings at gunpoint, should the situations ever arise. For those who think it can't or won't happen, see what happened to German, Russian, Chinese, Cuban, and Venezuelan people once they let Communist and Socialist dictators and militaries seize power during the last 100+ or so years.

  13. A shotgun is a firearm actually used by the military. The Mossberg 500 is used by the Navy and Marines. The AR15 is used by neither or any military branch. Why, when it lacks "selective fire". By the way, the 12 gauge pump shotgun was considered such a brutal weapon that Germans in WW1 lodged a protest over the US using them in battle. Remember, these were the same Germans that were using machine guns and chemical weapons, but they despised the brutality of the shotgun. Look up the statistics on mass shootings. The handgun is by far the more used weapon. The most deadly school shooting in US history was carried out with a 9mm pistol and a .22LR pistol. The shooter killed twice as many people as the Parkland shooter with a AR-15. I doubt you used a shotgun much, because if you did then you'd be very glad that shooters don't opt for shotgun to attack schools. You should do more research before spouting ignorant opinions.

  14. AR-15 style rifles are used to keep people alive, but immobilize them, so they can be arrested, or detained.

  15. The purpose of an AR-15 is home defense against government tyranny or foreign and domestic terrorism.

  16. In India people generally don't have guns ,and don't find it useful most of.. thinks like people die but not with guns atleast..fights not end up in life's of people.. mostly sorted out with discourse.

  17. People you's guns to justify that what they think is the only solution…and after action regret it often in mind only guys think about Iraq and Vietnam war and our soldiers… And who are the people who bennifitted from this..

  18. The AR-15 was not responsible, for these mass shootings! Stupidity was, and still is playing a big part in all of this! Our incompetent government has had the tools to prevent a lot of this, but greed, selfishness, and stupidity have hindered these tools ineffective! The incompetent greedy media along with the stupidity of socialist anti-gunners are responsible, for encouraging this mass murder trend from the start, and that blood is on all of their goddamned hands! We have city police, county police, and state police! We also have the ATF, FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, and more! If proper gun control can’t be conducted with all of this law enforcement then stupidity is the problem, not guns! People are stupidly blaming the gun when they should be blaming the fools governing our nation! There no such thing as assault weapon, or gun violence! There is only human violence with human intentions that dictate, just what is a weapon, and how it will be used! Our own military is taught to fire only when fired upon, and that makes their weapons a weapon of defensive because the human is responsible, for the tool in their hands! This stupidity makes stop because stupidity is always the most dangerous weapon in the world that is always underestimated until the damage is done! Just wait until this stupidity causes cars, and chemicals to be used as weapons because this is direction we are headed if it isn’t stopped! Our own government has not earned, and will never earn the right to be the only ones equipped with guns! When they have proven that they are nothing, but criminals sucking Liberty’s tits dry at our expense! No politician will ever make America great because they are the ones responsible, for ruining America to begin with! They have created the mess we live in today, and they do nothing, but add to this mess! We need to wake the fuck up before stupidity dreams us into oblivion! The problem lies at the top, all of you need to ask yourselves, do you really want a bunch of fools deciding, and writing laws that they know nothing about, or never have to abide by! It isn’t hard to see the real problem within our country, and it is not guns! In fact guns are not even in the equation of this country problem! Open your eyes!

  19. "people are never going to go door to door like 'Nazi's' stealing people's guns"

    No Nazis went door to door exterminating Jewish people – quit the false Nazi analogies for God's bloody sake.

  20. if you want to reduce the carnage then stop sanctuary cities send the ms13 gang members back across the border, close the borders and that'll cut out the majority of it.  It'll definitely do more good than harm.

  21. 90% of house holds in Montana have firearms, yet it is one of the safest states along with Vermont, which also has incredibly lax gun laws. The myth that more guns equals more violence just does not hold up. Maybe instead of blaming the tools, why no other blame the people?

  22. Straw man argument "an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument." The second amendment wasn't made so I could hunt ducks on the weekend or to conceal carry in the ghetto. It was literally put in place as a way to defy the government should it become something it was never intended to be.

  23. 1:16, yes if there are no guns you cant commit a chrime with a gun, so that stat would be lower but you need to look in to the violent chrime rate also, a bad person will still do bad things no mater his tools.

  24. The ak-47 came from the stg44, germany wanted an intermediate cartridge, something between a rifle cartridge and a pistol. Now one might say "it was created for war" my response is no it was created to have a harder hitting round that has a 100-150 yard range, good for hunting wild bores.
    The ar-15 was designed to have a bullet that was small but fast, this allows it to travel through shrubby without losing accuracy. This round is actually less powerfull, being a .22 cal bullet, and is deemed inhumane to hunt large game with it, being restricted to small game and pest control. One cant just dislike something based on how it looks, if anything one should take in to account the ammo the gun is using to how "dangerous" one is. But then aggain laws dont stop chrime.

  25. Michael Shermer's really gotten softheaded with his woo-woo analysis of the 2nd amendment. He apparently thinks the purpose of the 2nd amendment was/ and is "…the right of the people to keep and bear sporting goods, shall not be infringed." He's also apparently unaware that London has now overcome New York's murder rate.

  26. with the volumes and volumes of studies that drastically lean in favor of gun ownership in regards to safety and preserving human life, I must come to the conclusion that you are a lying snake and are spewing propaganda from your man Pleasers

  27. I am notoriously thrifty and don't shoot more than the rounds i need after I achieved my zero; so target shooting for 'fun' is never my objective. Being competent is…

  28. I'll explain to you why the AR-15 and similar rifles should remain available to citizens. It's for us to defend ourselves when riots break out and police are not available because they don't have the resources for that magnitude. Liberals want to take them from law abiding citizens so they have less of a chance to protect themselves from thugs.

  29. Am against weapons but…how can my dear american brothers and sisters defend their loved ones?.. with big knówledge of sovereign law… truth and LOVE?…Educate cops they work for EVIL against the people !!! Love to you áll

  30. Please read "Heller" decision by supreme court. "Arms" are specifically defined as items which can be carried in your arms. Historically and originally fists/spears, then swords, then bows, then firearms. Murder stats are biased by a few outlier urban centers and drug infused demographic groups. If eliminate a couple of cities from the stats, murder rate is practically the same as the gunless European authoritarian socialist nations. Don't extrapolate the crimes of a few to the general population in the US, who are pretty much peaceful.

  31. Hey dumbass in this video. Ownership of property in the United States of America is not predicated upon the NEED for it. (“Why does anybody need an AR-15 or AK-47?) That’s a communist view or reasoning. “To every man only that which he needs”.
    In America ownership of property is based on a WANT not a need.
    If you want something you work hard for it and you can get it.
    That’s the American way.

  32. What's the purpose of an AR-15 or AK47 you ask? Why don't you ask the Asian shop owners who took to the rooftops with AR-15s and AKs to defend themselves and families during the L.A. riots…. Those people would be dead and their entire community burned down if it wasn't for their ownership of the AR-15s and AKs. They were trapped in what had instantly become a violent and lawless land, surrounded by people who wanted to kill them because of the color of their skin (they weren't black)… That's an inconvenient truth the gun control advocates always seem to intentionally forget to consider. So go tell them they shouldn't be allowed to have an AR and that the police can protect them… After they're done laughing at you – maybe you'll have gained the insight you pretend to seek with your disingenuous question.

  33. Ya know if we forced gun safety and gun education in schools again that would help alot… also an AR 15 is a fancy, black .22 and yes you can hunt with the AR15 and the AK47…. but that has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment…. we the people have the God given right to self protection including with deadly force against not only people wanting to do us harm but also to ,as a last resort, rise against an oppressive and/or tyrannical government. We the people shall have the same arms as any standing army (founding fathers 1791)

  34. Did you know that more people die from alcohol and lung cancer from cigarets each year then guns yet they are both legal with no restrictions. 😬 And 2/3 or ppl that do die from guns are suicides. And for those of you wondering. “WhY Do yOu NeEd THirTy BulLETs AlL aT oNce” well a have a gun that can actually carry up to 100 rounds (belt fed) and it’s something I’ve always had around me. I go out and shoot and it’s fun to me and knowing I’m more protected then the police can ever make me (living 20-30 miles out of town) makes me feel more comfortable. Guns are a hobby a sport to sum of us even a collection. So I ask you. Why do you have more than one car? Why do you have 50 different nail polishes? Why do you have so many video games? Why do you have so many pairs of shoes? Well for the same reason you have so many of those is the same reason I have so many guns. You just can never have enough.

  35. The purpose of the AR 15? Why the fuck would we want the government having better guns than us?!! We have to have power over the government so that they can't take full tyrannical control over us. (I am aware that they already do have better firearms than us because of the horrible assault weapons ban that is an extreme government over reach).

  36. what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  37. Cities that have more gun Control, have more murders. Cities with more concealed carry license have less murders.

  38. “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

    – George Washington

  39. You're not going to like to hear this in fact you might just get triggered the real reason the AR-15 and AK-47 exist in this country is because they are nothing more than an insurance policy. Having these weapons gives us the ability to combat our corrupted government should they ever try to overthrow their citizens and don't bullshit me and tell me that that would never happen because history says otherwise.

  40. To the guy that made the video your typical leftist Marxist that wants law-abiding people disarmed the bad guys don't get their guns at a gun shop they get them illegally and if the government is going to have all these Heavy Duty guns why can not law-abiding citizens have them I'll tell you why because the left can't beat the Rye and they want to disarmed them and use the Army and the police to do it but if they try it they're going to get smoke then eat their asses kicked which is about what they got coming they're not going to change us one damn bit in this country. So another words we're going to keep our firearms.

  41. What are they for? They’re for when leftist start trying to kill us, and AR15’s and AK47’s are the best tools for self defense in a WAR ZONE.

    I grew up liberal too, but I see from a different perspective now in light of all the abuse from leftists.

  42. Sir, If you read the 2nd amendment of the constitution it tells you why we need ak-47, and ar-15 in the first 4 words "A well regulated Militia". As previous commenters have also noted, all weapons were at some point military weapons even the long bow. In order to have an effective well regulated Militia, modern weapon systems always must be available to the people.

  43. 2:00 Paraphrased "AR15 why do you need that? I had a shotgun. Its for shooting birds…
    Kerch, Crimea 10/17/18, 20 dead by a pump action shotgun

    bolt action rifles are good for hunting…

    University of Texas at Austin, 1966, 17 dead, 31 injured, nearly all with a bolt action rifle.

    handguns are ok for self defense."

    Virginia Tech, 2007, 32 dead, 17 injured, 2 pistols

    So you're ok with just settling with people getting shot with these? Grow a pair just say citizens shouldn't own guns. Piss or get off the pot.

  44. It’s so we have a chance against a tyrant government with guns much much bigger and deadly than the ones civilians can get. It levels the playing field. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT YET THEY WANT TO TELL US THEY ARE PERMITTED TO HAVE BIGGER BADDER GUNS AND TELL US WE CANT. not a chance.

  45. "You don't need an AR15 to hunt.."

    That made me completely lose interest in anything else you had to say. You just don't fucking get it.

  46. Omg another dumb shit that thinks guns are the reason for murders and suicides…Hell NO there not if someone is gonna kill or commit suicide they will do it with whatever they have, if it's a gun, a knife, a bomb, or a vehicle. Banning guns will not stop murder, it will just stop law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves, loved ones, or possibly even you one day…

  47. AR 15‘s and AK-47s are for shooting lots of people if the need arises. No law-abiding gun owner wants to do that, but we live in the real world and in the real world, civil unrest can become a thing. It’s rare, but it happens. Ask all of the Asian small business owners in Los Angeles who protected their stores with semi-automatic, high-capacity rifles during the Los Angeles riots. Ask the small business owners in New Orleans who protected their businesses and livelihoods with semi-automatic rifles after Hurricane Katrina. You don’t protect the sheep from the wolves by creating more sheep.

  48. I should go back and count the number of times the comentator said "I don't know " one thing is for sure he doesn't know much about guns or the facts surounding them. He was a poor choice.

  49. Hitler loved gun contral mow loved it goverment love it becase then they can pass any law and then you could not do anything about it.

  50. Obviously, this channel is left wing, watched 3 videos and all of them are a bit nonsense. But I like to think, so have subscribed.

  51. More people are killed with hammers every year, and Britain has a higher murder rate than new York city and guns are illegal in Britain

  52. Im sure you and hitler would be great friends. In eroupe they gave up there weapons and look what happend to them. If we give up there rifles eventually theyll take the handguns this is how it starts!!!!! We defend our 2nd amendment with our lives.

  53. A lunatic can purchase materials from Home Depot and make a bomb to kill several people. A psycho can rent a car and take out a crowd of people in under 1 minute. A deranged individual can stab numerous people with an ice pick in the mall before the masses realize what’s going on and run. Out of those statistics, how many gun deaths are from justified cop shootings? How many are from gang on gang violence? How many are from law abiding citizens defending their life against someone who wants to hurt, rape, or kill them? You don’t have those statistics. How is London doing with their gun ban? Their annual murders increased with no guns. They want to ban knives now. Evil exists in the world. The ignorant liberal moron in this video needs to do some actual research. We do not have a gun problem. We have a mentally ill problem!! Wake up!!

  54. If we didn't have guns ,people would be beating people's heads in with bats,pipes, very gruesome killings. I'd rather someone shoot me then beat me to death. American people need our guns/ protection. Nobody will turn them in . Keep pushing gun control people, see what happens!

  55. Sooo…..basically you're just another retard with absolutely zero education or knowledge on firearms. AR15s and AK47s are meant for one thing, to kill? Umm, ALL firearms are meant for killing!!!! That's their purpose! Animals, criminals, intruders, rapists, tyrannical government; that's what guns do…KILL. So hunting rifles are okay but not AR15s? This is the uneducated part. You do realize most hunting rifles and rounds are substantially more powerful and more deadly than the 5.56/.223 round used by the AR15, right? No? Didn't think so. The reason military adopted the round was because it was a smaller, intermediate cartridge and enabled them to carry more of it and be more light weight.
    Guns kill. Period. That's what they are designed for. Kill for food or kill in self defense. You want to stop the killing that's illegal or unjustified? Deal with the cultural and mental issues that cause it. Don't infringe on good, honest, law abiding people's rights.

  56. Guns are nothing more than a tool you can use tools for helping or hurting given examples a hammer can build and both destroy it depends who is useing it and for what purpose you have to know when were and most important of all why to use a tool. Now everybody alive did not ask to be born however we all have the right to defend the lives witch we are given. Mmm #thinkforonce

  57. Wow, this guy really doesn't know what he's talking about! He is completely unqualified to talk about this subject. The majority of his "facts" about guns were plain wrong. More to the point, the second amendment is completely clear. Our right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. What part of that doesn't he understand? ALL gun control is clearly unconstitutional. This is the US of A and not Europe where most citizens are bereft of real freedom, and the government has a monopoly on lethal force. Love it or leave it. I love it, but will love it even better when the constitution is restored to its rightful place in our great republic.

  58. All of these killings…..are not normal. It makes me wonder if the government is using mind control in disturbed individuals to accomplish school, mall, festival shootings. Why would the powers that be do that? They want to cause enough outrage so gun rights are revoked & law abiding citizens will no longer own guns. We are like sheep at a slaughterhouse.

  59. This cat is so biased and appears to know nothing about the AR15 platform. It's the premier hunting rifle in the u.S. Go ahead, try and take it.

  60. The Second Amendment is not for hunting or target practice! It is to defend ourselves from shit foreign and domestically, especially tyrants in our country! It is your right. If you don't want one because you don't like them then don't get one!

  61. Stupidity, is the most dangerous assault weapon in the world and it’s never licensed, or regulated.
    Government gun control only controls the abiding and it’s done nothing, but a damn fine job successfully disarming the wrong side of citizenry.
    Government gun control will never control, or prevent criminals from preying upon the populace.
    Just like big government drug control and the war on drugs, was in all of its ignorance a useless bonafide failure.
    The government’s trying to control something that laws and legislation cannot control.
    Laws and legislation have no power, or authority over predators.
    A disarmed population will always be a target for predators to prey upon.
    An armed and vigilant citizenry, is gun control.
    Government gun control took that away and it has empowered predators with the complete freedom to prey upon us.

  62. This is the same guy who got his ass kicked in a debate over Evolution and creation with Kent hovind Kent absolutely destroyed him

  63. Knocking down doors and taking guns has already happened. KATRINA! The cops went door to door and took law abiding citizen's guns. And not anyone can get an AR15. You have to go through an FBI background check. I wonder if you'd pass?

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