AMERICAN WEAPONS That May Come To Battlefield 5 Pacific Theater

Americans are coming this fall to battlefield
5. While some American weapons such as the M1
Carbine, the remington model 8 and so on are already in the game, we should be seeing some
other weapons and vehicles. Today I am going to discuss which guns might
be coming to the game. Some of these have already been datamined
and I will let you know which one they are so you will know there will be a higher chance
that they will be added. I will also give my thoughts on what other
weapons I think would be cool to come to the game. Let’s start off with the pistol category. We already have the British classic Webley
Mk VI revolver in the game, but I think only having 1 in the game doesn’t do revolvers
justice. The Smith and Wesson Model 27 is another great
choice to be added into the game. It is part of the leak so I think the chances
of pretty good. The model 27 is the original 357 magnum revolver
and at the time it was first made in 1935, it was known as the registered magnum. It shoots a 357 magnum which is a hell of
a round. It was mostly used locally in the united states
for the police department. And a bit of an interesting piece of history
is that General George Patton of the US Third and Seventh army also ordered one of these. In order to inspire his troops, he carried
this flashy ivory white handled model 27 and has called it his killing gun. Wouldn’t it be cool if DICE makes an ivory
white skin just for this? When we talk about pistols in WW2, we can’t
leave out the Colt company. But the iconic Colt M1911 is already in the
game so how about the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless. Over 500000 of these were made up to 1945
and most of these were issued to the US army and air force general officers. And just like any other good weapons, it was
also favored by gangsters at the time because of how compact it is, ranging from Al Capone
to bonnie parker. The original models shoot a 32ACP round and
the later 1908 model shoots the 380 ACP. Alright, now let’s move on to what the assault
class might get. Yes and yes you guessed right, it’s the M1
Garand. This has been found in the files and will
most certainly be a part of the life of an assualt player. It is a 30-06 semi-automatic rifle. It was the first standard issue semi-automatic
rifle that replaced the springfield M1903 bolt action rifle. It uses an 8 round en bloc clip that makes
the famous ping sound. One issue with the en bloc clip is that when
the soldiers wanted to launch grenades from their rifle, they often have to remove the
partially loaded clip and replaced the entire clip with blanks. Another potential problem was the actual ping
sound it makes. It was originally reported that the ping sound
could alert German and Japanese soldiers that the M1 Garand is empty but it was never verified. Some accounts from prior german soldiers also
noted that the ping was not noticeable during gun fights. As you can see in these clips, the ping is
not really audible compared to the gunfire itself. It would be interesting to see how DICE decides
to balance this gun with the rest of the semi automatic rifles in the game. Would the Gewehr 43 simply be a superior option
due to its magazine reload specialization and its ability to hold 10 rounds? That we will have to wait and see. Alright, moving on, the next weapon will be
the M2 carbine. It is essentially the same gun as the M1 Carbine
in the game, which was designed for the support combatants who were not otherwise able to
use the M1 Garand because of the weight. The M1 carbines were so successful that the
troops were asking for a selective fire option. This would end up to be the M2 carbine. This is pretty much the same gun as the M1
carbine but with a switch to turn it fully automatic. This gun has also been found in the game files
but once again, i await to see how DICE will want to distinguish between the 2 guns. Then the next one here will be a lesser known
rifle. It would be the Johnson M1941 rifle. It is a 30-06 semi automatic rifle that was
first designed by Melvin Johnson by the time the M1 Garand was well into its way of production. And because of various reasons such as higher
maintenance costs and the fact that the US Army already placed orders on a large number
of M1 Garand, the Johnson rifle did not see much of combat. But in the end, Johnson was able to sell some
of these rifles to the US government and was used by the paramarines and the army’s special
forces. This gun has quite an interesting design that
feature a 10 round rotary magazine and accepts 5 round clips. Then let’s talk about the medic class. As you know we got the whole new class of
weapons which are the bolt action carbines recently. So how about the M4 Survival Rifle? It is a 22 calibre bolt action rifle that
was used as part of the survival gear for aircrew in case they were shot down. And to be honest, this will probably be a
bit of a meme gun if it does come. It only has a 4 shot detachable magazine and
shoots a 22 hornet round. But nonetheless, I think it is a pretty cool
rifle. How about the SMGs you say. Of course we will have to get the M1A1 Thompson,
some minor details have also been found for this gun in the files. It is slightly different from the M1928A1
thompson we have in game. Some of the major differences would be that
it usually takes a 20-30 round mag instead of the 50 round drum. Also, its bolt and the ejection port are moved
to the right. You probably noticed that M1928A1’s bolt bounces
back and forth when you fire so I can only imagine how much better the irons will be
for the M1A1 variant. Then I’d want the M3 Grease gun. It fires the 45ACP just like the thompson. It was cheaper to make and lighter as well. But it was definitely less accurate than the
thompson. But how would DICE balance this if it is less
accurate and simply just worse than the thompson? I would suggest that perhaps we get the suppressed
version of this weapon that was used by the OSS. It just looks damn cool and would definitely
make me want to use it even if it is statistically worse. As the Thompson was more costly to produce
and there were concerns for its supply, the united states marine corps adopted this sub
machine gun mostly for the officers and NCOs. And this would be the 45 Reising submachine
gun. Over 100,000 were made. While this was cheaper, more accurate, better
balance and lighter than the Thompson, it does suffer from various reliability issues
and was eventually replaced with other rifles such as the M1 carbine. In the end though, these guns proved to be
much more successful at local law enforcement agencies where battlefield ruggedness was
not a huge concern. The next one would be the United Defense M42
submachine gun. It was also known as the Marlin as it was
the subcontractor who actually manufactured the guns. It was originally designed to replace the
thompson but with various issues including legal and manufacturing right issues, it was
not widely used. Two prototypes were made, which were the 9mm
and the 45ACP version. But eventually only the 9mm version was mass
produced. As you may have noticed, the magazine here
are 2 25-round box mag stuck together and that’s how it was originally made. In the end, it was found to be most suited
for resistance forces use. A lot of these weapons were air dropped on
the island of Crete and all the way to China to fight against the Japanese. Then how about light machine guns? Oh I can imagine the backlash if this gun
is left out! How about the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
or the BAR for short? This gun was used in WWI and then WWII and
then all the way to the Vietnam war when the early M16s were having lots of reliability
issues. This is one of the guns that has been found
in the files so I can’t wait to use this iconic weapon on the battlefield! Judging from Battlefield’s history of adding
prototype weapons, how about I suggest a gun that fits right into the theme. How about a gun called WAR, or winchester
automatic rifle? I can’t think of a gun with a name more fitting,
can you? This gun never left the prototype stage and
it was based on the Winchester Model 30 which was also an experimental self loading rifle
as a competing option to the M1 Garand. This was designed to hold 20 rounds firing
the 30-06. During initial testing phase, it had very
impressive scores but it was the right equipment for the wrong time as the later tests did
not occur until well into 1945. The war ended and so did the interest of the
WAR. Either way, I still think this is a cool weapon
and a great weapon of its time. Next up, this weapon resembles the FG42 in
many ways and it is the Johnson M1941 light machine gun. Just like the other LMGs, it also fires a
30-06 round. It had an adjustable rate of fire. It was lighter than the BAR and was utilized
by commandos, like the Devil’s Brigade or the 1st speical service force. For medium machine guns, that is one weapon
that is a must, and that would be the M1919 Browning machine gun. This weapon has also been leaked so the chances
are definitely high. In fact, I think a lot of people would rage
if this is not included. I am particularly interested in the A6 variant. It first saw combat in late 1943. It was lighter than the previous variants
and was able to switch barrels relatively quickly. This is definitely not as efficient than the
MG42 but still an improvement. It has a roughly 400-600 rpm rate of fire
so it is definitely going to be one of the slower firing MMGs in the game. Moving onto the recon kit. The M1917 Enfield has been found in the files
for a long time now so I can expect that to be coming at some point of time. It has the nickname American Enfield which
was a modified version of the P14 Enfield rifle. In WW2, it was given to mortarmen and artillerymen
as there were shortages of the M1 Garand. The recon kit wouldn’t be complete without
the Springfield M1903. I am particularly interested in the A1 version
with the 8 power scope used mainly by the United States Marine Corps. The Army’s version of the gun which was the
A4 variant has a 2.75 power sight. Eventually these were used by both branches
of the military but proven to be not very effective as sniper rifles because of the
the poor scope quality. Then another lesser known rifle, which is
the Winchester Model 70. It was mostly used in training camps but some
did end up seeing action in the pacific campaign. Some of these were fitted with an 8 power
scope as sniper weapons on guadalcanal and even up to the Korean war. It also fires a 30-06 round and can hold up
to 5 rounds. Then it comes to the self loading rifles. How about the M1C Garand. Around 8000 of these were made at the time
and it was adopted as a standard army sniper rifle by June of 1944. Still it was not the best design and had issues
which eventually led to the development of M1D. But that variant did not really see combat
even up to the Korean war. Last but not least the shotguns! We already have the Winchester M1987 trench
gun and the browning automatic 5 in the game. But I have 2 extra suggestions and that would
be the Ithaca 37. This has been found in the files so I am pretty
sure it will be coming. It was used in WW2 all the way to the vietnam
war and performed extremely well in the jungles. Interestingly, one of the largest users of
this shotgun was the NYPD in the 1970s to 1980s. The second one would be the Winchester Model
1912 or the M12 for short. Over 80,000 of these were purchased during
the war and was mostly used in the pacific theater. It performed outstandingly when the marines
were fighting on the pacific islands fighting the Japanese troops. And that is it for some of the weapons that
have already been found in the files as well as some of the guns I want to see coming to
the game. I do want to say that nothing here is guaranteed
to be released as even the leaked weapons are a leak afterall. Anyway, what do you think of these weapons,
are these the ones you want to see as well? Did I leave out some of the must-add weapons
or are there any other american weapons you want to see during this fall? Let me know in the comment section below. If you want to support my channel and want
to be notified when I upload another video, remember to hit the notification bell after
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see you all around again. Peace.

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