American sniper trailer

I would whip your ass if you turn into a wolf. But we protect our loved ones. If someone tries to attack you, you have my permission to end it. Are you kidding me you’re a SEAL ? You’re a bunch of arrogant and selfish assholes, who believe they have the right to lie, to cheat their wives and to do whatever they want. I would never love a SEAL. Why do you say that I am selfish? I would sacrifice my life for my country. You are very optimistic to think that you can protect us all. Don’t you think, Chris? Special flash, simultaneous explosions targeting embassies of dar es salaam in Tanzania and nairobi in Kenya, are part of a war lead by someone against the united states. Look at what they did to us.. If you believe that this war does not change you are mistaken. Fight. If something happens to me, Lie down immediately ! will you hold on? Or die. It would seem that you are the most great sniper in American military history. Show yourself ! Your daddy, is a hero. Lights out.

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