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American Sniper RPG Kid (1080p)

VOICEMAIL: Hey, this is Taya, I can’t get to the phone, so please leave a message. CHRIS: It’s me, uh… Just calling to hear your voice. (sheep bleating) I’m missing you guys. I’m thinking about some things you said. Tell the kids I love ’em. I love you, too. Don’t pick it up. Don’t you fucking pick it up. Son of a bitch. Fuckin’ drop it. Drop it, you little… (breathes heavily) MARTIN: All right, listen up.

100 thoughts on “American Sniper RPG Kid (1080p)

  1. USA will invade your country and kill your people…
    And 10 years later they will make a movie of how killing your people make their soldiers SAD

  2. They should’ve made it dramatic and had the kid shoot it. In real life there is trained kids unfortunately. They could’ve just shown the sniper take the shot and that’s it, but knowing weak Humans, they get offended easily and this movie would’ve been criticized like crazy

  3. Its fucked up how that stuff works. People fighting from the back foot love kicking off ambushes by putting a wad of kids in your way. You can't run over a clump of children with a hemtt and go back to being the same guy you used to be.

  4. Бедные жители Ирака, зачем США влезла к ним, точно так же как мы на Данбас

  5. I wonder how different it would be if he fired a warning shot near the rpg right before the kid picked it up.

  6. Son of a butcher, you are so perfect of a marksman, aim for the child's leg not chest or shoot the rocket even before he picked it up. Son of a sodding whore.

  7. Not being rude but if I saw a kid holding an RPG I wouldn’t think twice about shooting him. Like the mf would probably blow u up if he had the chance so might as well ensure that doesn’t happen!

  8. That kid has -1 iq. He saw a guy get sniped in that exact spot, so he goes to that spot and does exactly what the man did

  9. Gut wrenching scene with barely any words spoken. Knowing he has a curious kid at home, it makes it even worse.

  10. Goes into their country and kills them and takes the moral high ground in the movies. Murica…!

  11. You know that outside of the movie he wouldve killed the kid .we all know how bad americans fought and how many kids killed .ofc you dont know that .the movie should always make americans right however this takes place in iraq. America are the invaders

  12. # fun fact .. there is no such thing called isis they are actually americans dressed in black with beards , their accent isn't even middle eastern any one with an actual brain cells knows that in the middle east , and oh so no matter howw much they spent on this shitty movie trying to show up as the real heroes , they still ended up showing the invaders , oil diggers side of them .. they are even trying to justify killing children , this is some sick shit fr !!!! just get fucked ffs , i hope the fat fucks macdonalds heads won't attack me for this .

  13. What I find scary is that you could be shot by a sniper at any moment. That scares the shit out of me. And also I really want to be a sniper

  14. يغزون البلاد ثم يصنعون فيلم يحكي قصة معانات الجنود الامريكان 😂 A7A

  15. He acts like there’s a difference between shooting an armed adult and an armed child… granted the kid dropped it but why the constipation over it so one ignorant kid is dead maybe a lesson is learned from the other children. “Hey your head will get blown off if you attempt to join this fight.”

  16. عند مشاهدة هاذا المشهد من أفلام هوليود؟؟تتفتكر انهم دعات سلام. وهم ارتكبو ابشع الجرائم عبر تاريخ الحديث والقديم. لماذا ذهبتم الى بلادهم وقتلاتم الرجال ولاطفال والشيوخ. وسلابتم خيرات بلادهم. انتم محرمين بحق الانسان ولانسانيه

  17. 2:02 when you actually complete a COD game on veteran difficulty after constant hours of stress and tears going through your face

  18. The comment section… I also kind of disagree with what the Americans are doing but damn this is just a movie about a man living his Navy Seal life just calm down, guys.

  19. هذا نفاق امريكا في الحياة الواقعية يقتلون الأطفال بدم بارد حتى دون سبب بحجة اخطاء عسكرية

  20. really moving scene
    this is reality though
    many snipers from across the world have taken the shot
    in that short time period a sniper has to decide if the person is a threat or not
    if it's a visible threat, it's even worse because they see that seemingly innocent person suddenly changing into a target that they have to eliminate, even if it's a child
    like you see in this movie with the grenade thrown by the kid and mother
    it's truly horrifying
    these men are trained to their cores for this shit, but you can never mentally prepare to shoot a child
    i know a number of veterans, and i respect them greatly with all my heart
    some of them young, some of them old. and they have told me plenty of stories about what they did, and some of them had to go through some really tough shit, one guy lost both of his arms because he was manning a mortar and it got hit as they where firing shells, boom! battlebuddy dead and he's lost both of his arms
    i also know a man who was a sniper with the Dutch commando's, he isn't allowed to talk about most of the missions he carried out
    but this video shows perfectly what kind of job he had, and the things he had to do
    all i know is that it took him about 5/6 years to somewhat get back into society because he has some serious demons
    his daughter is a very good friend of mine
    that's how i know the man
    very nice man and incredibly smart too, very well spoken
    awesome guy, awesome wife and an awesome daughter
    we often go fishing at sea with some other friends on his boat, or i help him with other stuff
    it just sucks because i can see that he's been through some tough shit, amd because of that his daughter and wife as well
    you can see it when he has nothing to do
    but enough rambling
    this movie shows exactly what special forces snipers have to do sometimes, and it shows how fucked up it can be
    it may seem like the coolest thing ever, holding a bolt-action sniper rifle and stuff
    but it really isn't that cool, if you see what a sniper has to go through sometimes
    if anyone in reading this wants to become a special forces sniper, be prepared!

  21. ほんとこのシーン印象的。自分の子供と同じくらいの歳の子を殺さなければならないカイルの気持ちを考えるとつらみ。

  22. you know had he shot that kid anyway, he would've stopped that kid from growing up to be another taliban or Al qaeda soldier who'll end up shooting RPGs at our troops any chance he gets. but on the other hand, he just a kid. if i were in Chris' shoes i would've just shot his hands off as soon as he leant down to pick up the RPG

  23. Im surprised he didnt run off with the RPG, i would've taken it the moment that fool got sniped, hey, free RPG to protect yourself with.

  24. Not trying to be that bastard, but I know I would have made that shot, but I know the duality of the shot is conflicting………turmoil

  25. Well you’re a soldier and you gotta accomplish your task at all costs. He shouldn’t have waited. If the kid actually shot it would be a bigger tragedy than killing the terrorist kid.

  26. Can we just appreciate the attention to detail in this scene? Kyle gets visibly more upset as the kid switches from holding the RPG upside down to over his shoulder, but if you notice, his front hand is holding the grip low and not close to the trigger, so Kyle holds off. The kid drops it without putting his finger on the trigger.

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