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‘American Sniper’ Revised

– The Oscars, they’re coming up
in a couple of weeks. Have you seen
“American Sniper” yet, anybody? [cheers and applause] A lot of talk about the baby that Bradley Cooper holds
in one scene. Everybody’s saying–
if you haven’t– it looks fake or something? If you haven’t seen it,
here it is. [baby fussing] – There, you see, they–
they can’t wait, and we can. [laughter] – It does look fake, kind of. They reshot it for the DVD, and I have to be honest,
I got a copy, and it does not look
much better. – You’re the father
of my children, but they’re the ones
that pull you back. – Hi! Come give Elmo a big hug. [giggling] Elmo had so much fun
with his new friend. Elmo thinks
it’s time for a nap. See you later. [upbeat music] Dance with Elmo! Here we go. Elmo’s got to sing out loud. Say yeah. Oh, yeah. – Yeah.
[cheers and applause]

69 thoughts on “‘American Sniper’ Revised

  1. I believe the original baby planned for the scene came down with something and when the backup was called to portray the scene, she did not show up

  2. this is absolutely disrespectful. The movie was not to focus on effects, but a story of a true American hero. Maybe Ellen or her writers ran out of things to make fun of but this is absolutely a disgrace and not even funny.

  3. A "hero" that was fighting a war to "liberate" the iraqi people, but turns out he was a psychopathic killer who loved killing the "damn savages". COWARD

  4. If that's all you got from this movie then you clearly weren't paying attention. And those men and women are over there fighting for us so that we don't have to fight for ourselves here. So we can watch YouTube videos and make ignorant comments. Snipers are not cowards. Can you look down the barrel of a scope and become almost face to face with the man or woman you're about to kill? And maybe the reason they come across as racist or prejudice is because they're doing what they have to do in order to cope with taking another life even if it's to protect someone else. We'll never understand what they've been thru until we've been thru it ourselves which is why they're over there fighting and risking their lives. So we don't have to.

  5. I kind of find this disrespectful because Chris Kyle fought for us and we should appreciate it who cares about the fake baby maybe he wasn't a hero but he still gave what he got. Not only him but everybody else

  6. Lord, shut up. It was ONE little part that she made fun of and it wasn't even making fun of the guy, or any IMPORTANT part of the scene. If you guys find that part important enough to say it's disrespectful, then you're just plain stupid.

  7. This movie is absolutely disgusting, and anyone who likes it needs to rethink their life choices and how they view the world.

  8. To the staff that works on Ellen's YouTube channel:

    The thumbnail ruins the joke; please make note of that for future videos

  9. The fact that people are getting so worked up about Ellen making this joke just goes how strongly this film was pure propaganda. Freedom of speech, people. Even if you respect this Chris Kyle guy, who cares. Making fun of revered figures is the thing nowadays right? #JeSuisCharlie

  10. The movie is a multimillion dollar buffet of violence and psychopathy for war mongers. We should have never been in Iraq, we were deceived by puppet Bush and the anti-Christ Dick Cheney for control of Iraq's oil. It had nothing to do with terrorism or 9/11. 9/11 was the excuse for going and non-existent weapons of mass destruction. See the documentary Why We Did It on

  11. Wow. Look at all the people upset about this. The baby was so obviously fake, why wouldn't she point it out and make fun of it? The entire theater when I went to the movies chuckled at how unrealistic the baby was.
    Those of you who worship Chris Kyle don't know his story all that well. He was a great soldier, but not a very good human being.
    Now, live a little.

  12. I don't look at this as them making him anhero or trying to make him more special than someone else. It's just telling the story of the horrible shit people go through

  13. OK i seen that and the whole time i was like that's a fake baby how in the poop and in the ending i had no idea what happen so i just stood up and walked away in silence like the whole crowd did lol

  14. It's so sad if this movie reflects what American people think about us as Arabs and Muslims 🙁 , I tell you that almost all of us knows that some American people are good but their goverment is the Evil himself!

  15. If anyone disrespects Chris Kyle, I'll know you the fuck out.  Honestly some bullshit that people have the nerve to talk shit about soldiers who put their lives on the line every single day to protect this country and world.

  16. I watched American Sniper on the first day it came out, and I didn't even realize it was fake until a week later when other people pointed out that the baby was fake. If I was Chris Kyle, I would be embarrassed by this mistake. Why couldn't they make the baby move more? One hint that gave away the fake baby was the lack of movement from the baby.

  17. I must admit, that movie was certainly patriotic. The way they are showing this man as a "hero" is really quite biased. He seems to be more like a terrorist. Yes, yes. Everyone is saying it is about "PTSD" and the bad effect of war and that he is doing the right thing for his country and a complete hero. Also, everyone will likely address me as completely wrong and give excuses about extremists. I beg to differ. In some sense, the Iranians he is shooting and the families he is terrorizing in the movie seems to be more like the hero and the victim respectively in other common unbiased sense and I quite sure those Iranians are having PTSD as well after what happened to them thanks to that presumed Hero. 

    Those who disagree, I encourage you. Assail me. I shall be waiting patiently. 

  18. Didn't watch the whole movie, done care to, but that scene was funny as hell. They couldn't get a real baby?!

  19. This man was a hero and the movie was about all he did for the United States. He risked his life for other people, we should not make fun of that one scene. Instead we should look at all that he did for people he did not even know and show him respect

  20. Just think while we complain about that movie.
     That dude Kyle is in his own personal hell with no arms and surrounded by snipers.

  21. That is dum I reported it that makes american sniper look bad I love that move I hope that This move gets deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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