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American Sniper Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

I gotta military age male, on a cell phone,
watchin’ the cowboy, over. If you think he’s reporting troop movement, you have a greenlight. Your call, over. Maybe he’s just callin’ his old lady… He stepped off. hold on I got a woman and a kid two hundred yards out, movin’ towards the convoy Her arms aren’t swaying and she’s carrying something Yeah she’s got a grenade, she’s got a RKG Russian grenade, she’s handin’ to the kid You say a woman and a kid? You got eyes on this? Can you confirm? Negative. Your call. They fry you if you’re wrong… Hmm…maybe Clint Eastwood will finally win Bradley
Cooper that oscar has been flirting with for the past few years and if he does somewhere in the audience
Leonardo DiCaprio will go goddamit because he of course worked with Eastwood on J edgar with no Oscar win. now the reason I
say that this might be a potential when Bradley Cooper is this this is the first
performance i’ve seen permit for this is just a trailer ash this is the first thing I’ve seen you
which I think might be really the Academy giving him away
because I think before is one that Brown who has been in bar involved in great project tonight we can
to Brett Lee Bradley Cooper ash drama nomination yes but no one day when
everything you might actually went now the reason I think you might
actually win here’s ABC’s just enough outside it is normal persona just about any discomfort
such it might make it had me take notice he
looks like he’s gained a little weight for this role he’s got that beard yes
the accent all the things you think the Academy
loves to see look to see actors transform themselves in Cooper looks to me are the most
trends %uh the biggest transformation you see him make yes got a huge
transformation obviously but for Cooper I think it’s pretty big I
think that he can pull this off with this is going to be difficult story to
tell hot because it’s no sniper sitting in
one position I think obviously there are maybe gonna
looks like they’re gonna jump back and forth during the movie I will see the story time it is II obviously it’s a very long story sir
several tours in Iraq I he is this it said the most a lethal
sniper in American history but also he has are very ironic end to
this story I don’t want you to wait not knowing
what happened to Chris Kyle I think this is going to be a movie
people potentially talk about quite a bit because more so than reflecting the war
that we find ourselves broil at least I think it’s going to be two
gun culture in America which of course is a very conversation
these days I don’t know if it’ll be it not because it’s so heavily said in the report so it might have been
disconnected people and bringing the argument home but I think it might at least be start
are so I’ll be interested to see this movie can kind of get some traction with
the awards circuit now don’t usually park you know what you
might be thinking what course is going to be a horse contender you got Clint Eastwood you go Bradley Cooper you
have a real-life American hero you have a commentary on today’s society
well sure you have all those things but let’s not forget I what happened with
Mark Wahlberg and hear birds lone survivor which was another very good movie very touching
movie about worse which also trying to go for I words
qualifying run last year has also exactly same release pattern as
American sniper I late December qualification
limited-run and then going wide in January ish and I’m lone survivor had a very solid
box office run a very strong box of trash so maybe americans I was hoping that the
very least if he can win over people at the awards because you are Heather
Locklear get a lot of awards you never know what caused a juror
hollywood’s gonna go with release the Academy’s going to go so maybe they’ll be making at least
councils doll in box office but audiences might feel they already
went and watch lines right although the support for Chris Kyle this country in certain pockets
specially is very strong and you all don’t see this movie so I
think it has a very healthy box office I’m future head now it’s the trailer
itself I thought it was good I really like to
see Matt Bradley Cooper did your did not recognize Sienna Miller I was
like Christina Lee here she looks familiar and they’re like
Sienna Miller I was like wow good you transform Sienna Miller I don’t
even recognize that baby no but I think that the deluge CDX courses for the home life but there was
also been hurt locker. but I think that no also be a very challenging scenario
for Clint Eastwood and this this script here to make this movie interesting when a
sniper is largely still they’re going to have to look at the
tension decisions he has to make now I hope these are all actual decisions
that Chris Kyle had to make in the field
because when I saw 00 it’s a child in women with their I’m can somehow shall I was like really range is doubling down on the emotional
turmoil here is a to Asian woman do a shoot child they
have a shell I think you need to ask me tell us to
get to keep our get renewed I don’t know but whoever runs at foreign
soldiers holding I some kinda ammunition nobody would
ever do it it is indeed a tough call I like the
line when the guy says if you if you’re wrong not Brian H and
it also shows kind of like the political pressure is on soldiers in the
field these days I am back are you know during our two
great wars 1 refer to it said aren’t you %uh I you know atrocities what happen of
vietnam you know all these wars their atrocities
a big deal worst pours a dark time and sometimes
things happen not by designed by accident you know in you beses ish you can the
time but today wars play tower everyone’s
basically watching you like a video game and everyone knows what you’re doing
thanks to cell phone technology I N you know how easily you can get
information if someone is there there’s a witness someone sees people lately know what happened hours
before the media welcomed by all of the doctor government
and squash a story I as so I think it to show how that
political aspects weigh in on soldier because fascinating so let’s
look at modern soul to receive a modern soldier before that so I’m really curious was gonna make
American center stand out it’s a tall order for Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper I feel probably up to it and I feel this
and considering you know this is training last night extremely gave you that much interest
there is I did not so much in Brevard to break lease with many Chris Kyle but that of course is not
demographic that’s in the Academy so will see this might be another situation
where I audience really support system he can he just doesn’t get which would
be a nice change of pace because of to be can be supported on that mainstream audience doesn’t get and
cherish what you think this film are you excited about American sector wise
because the town behind FL or is it because I love Chris Koch are
you familiar story increased I’ll do you think will
make for a good film should also do you think this is a we can we can get behind that aren’t you
know we’re season will reward considering one survivor didn’t have any
success in that regard was also based on a true story way but looks like
powerful stuff to me art but also are the last thing I ask
you how do you feel about all these movie star war effort in the Middle East
are do you think that you continue her to keep continue have an interest in
watching them or you like no es Salaam who is about
this already I would like to move on needs to send maybe you like you know
what arm I don’t think about what’s going on over
there all right thank you so much for a rivalry for tuning in I don’t think this our trailer and she
gets more episodes right now

99 thoughts on “American Sniper Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

  1. Don't you just wish you could get rid of all these anti-American people living in America who come here to bash on the very troops who provide their freedoms?  Oh a guy can dream can't he?

  2. OMG Awsome!!!…cant wait to see the movie! I read American Sniper, No Easy Day and Fearless. The Storys about the SEAL Training and there strong comitment to what they do…it motivated me in an unbelivebal way while i was pass the hardest time in my life. Thank God that these Movie was made by Clint "The Legend" Eastwood.

  3. It may be a good movie, but I have read the book five times. Personally if they dont get the movie right then it will be a flop unfortunately. The reason I say this is because there is just to much information and depth in the book, little things left out will ruin this movie.  I hope that it is a good movie for Chirs and Taya's sake.

  4. My dad was in Vietnam (Marine) and I appreciate the fair wording she put in her review. Good job and support our troops and the stories they tell because they truly are the ones that help provide our freedom even in the face of tuff decisions.

  5. Read his book and read his friends book Loan Survivor by Marcus Luttrell before giving a review on the movie. If I give an opinion on something I make it a rule to know what I'm talking about.

  6. LoL badly cooper win oscar? Wtf he is not a very good actor. He would be awesome at playing adam sandler. I can't imagine he being able to play Chris kyle. A woman can't play a man. And Hollywood didn't follow the book they always love to lie and twist the story around. He didn't kill the kid he shot the woman who was dead already by her choice.

  7. So you see Islam ??????? Islam is a religion of love and compassion, and his brother and violence that income is now only of making America and Israel in order to steal land, oil and the bounties of the country's Arab

  8. a bunch of islamic bigots who believed that all americans and all christians must die hit us in 9/11 and started the war on terror
    a bunch of american bigots who believed that all muslims must die chose to invade Iraq-

    WWII was started by two bigot racist countries who butchered millions out of racial hatred

    look we all need to look past all this bigotry but it just causes wars and ends in the deaths of so many innocents-

  9. This looks like it will be a great movie. The book was fantastic and i will be excited to see his story on screen. 

  10. There is a lot more to being a sniper than sitting in one place and taking a shot. As the trailer clearly shows, it is going to take into account the toll he personally paid and the toll his family paid for what he did. Trust me when I say that there is a heavy personal price to pay in that job. Having to shoot a woman or child is just something that any sniper may need to face with the way war is over there…..and there in, the price paid.

  11. Read the book, its the woman with the bomb not the child. SPOILER!!!!!
    He does in fact shoot and kill the woman dead for charging at marines.

  12. "Trailer review"

    "I think Cooper's going to win an award. Normally he's nominated and doesn't win but I think he'll win. He looks different, I think he'll win".

    Well thanks.

  13. Read the book you judgmental cheese ball and you will know the real story. Then you can put in your opinion about the movie.

  14. Actually you are so beautiful … your eyes take my away . I don't know what I say but you made my heart like boom bomm tak tak 🙂

  15. I think Hollywood and the reviewer should stick to what they do, movies.
     Leave the "gun conversation" out of it and your personal agenda as the only conversation you are interested in having is for them to be taken away.

  16. Chris's first confirmed long range kill was of a woman who was moving towards a group of Marines while holding a hand grenade, so the scene in the trailer is okay, but I don't recall him shooting any kids during any of his tours, at least based on his book.

  17. I read his book and was shocked to learn of his murder. I actually was in Texas at the time. Whatever you feel about the war he tells an amazing tail and I have a thing for biographies. What I look forward to is the response from the middle east english speaken audience.. I tried to tell my brother about the book and he didn't care and on the second day.. This awesome trailer..

    Worried about authenticity to the book..

  18. Ruy Duarte, you are the product of failed liberal education policies. You are raised to hate and loathe the very people who risk their lives everyday, for you. If you are living in America and enjoying the freedoms that men like Chief Kyle fought for, then kindly go find the door sir and GET THE FUCK OUT.!!! If you are some dipshit foreigner, then FUCK OFF.!!!

  19. I am excited, however not only because of Eastwood, who is my favorite actor and director or Bradley Cooper. But it is all about telling the story of a true American hero. I read Chris Kyle's American Sniper book and I definitely speak these

  20. Please don't make this a gun control commentary.  Gun did not kill Mr. Kyle – help the veterans.  Make it a commentary about them!!!!!

  21. he actually had to make that decision, so yeh you really should believe it even though it doesn't seem true, have some respect

  22. Yup i stopped watching this video once she started talking about gun control. Like some of you pro gun people are saying.. Which i agree with all of my heart. Guns don't kill people, people kill people! and the only person you'll be taking guns from are the innocent people that live day to day doing the right thing. How are you going to switch up the story like Clint Eastwood made this movie to draw awareness to gun control when he supports the 2nd amendment and our right to bare arms. It doesn't make any sense to me. Criminals will always find a way to get a weapon… and 100% of the guns used in our most criminal dominate cities are illegal aka Detroit, Chicago and so on and so forth. Like this man died to defend our rights, taught people proper gun control before he died? So wtf are you talking about when you say that this movie was intended to bring light to gun control? 

    If you can give me a logical answer unlike the retarded shit i just heard I'll listen… but if you feed me with more of this ignorance… I will have to smash my head into a wall because of how stupid how some of the people in my country are

  23. I like a critic that can speak a line without sounding like a Ford on a cold morning.

    How about the Scuzlim culture in our country? 

  24. No matter how many movies have been made on this war in the middle east that's clearly not what this movie's about. It's about an american hero, who defended his country and brothers even while he was home. For those that dont know the story of this man, you're in for a treat.. and I'm sure the end will be as big of a tragedy as the day he died while still taking care of his 'former' brothers on home soil. This is not one you're gunna want to miss..

  25. I stop watching when you starting talking about gun control. And hit the dislike button. GUNS are here to STAY. So why don't you liberals leave.

  26. Has anyone noticed that you agree with the academies choices for award recipients much less than you used to when you were younger?  I certainly have.  I wonder whether it's because the academy has gotten so political in their choices or if MY taste in movies/actors, etc. has changed without my realizing it.  I agree with the best picture winner about 1 time every 10 years.  Anyone with similar experience?  Any thoughts ?

  27. you are young with little in the way of life skills and next to NO idea of the world. Just another loose brain with a mouth. But I do like that you're putting it out there regardless. I would like to think that with a little more in the way of life skills and the way of the world that you might in time become a force to be reckoned with.

  28. If you still don't understand the job our boys are doing in Irag and Afghanistan you need to see American Sniper. Throughout the movie Seal Team member Chris Kyle kept fighting loss of faith in the mission. Why? people asked him including his wife. It;'s not your responsibility, it's not your job, your family is here. Kyle replies, "They are savages. I kill them over there so I don't have to kill them in San Diego." Or now Paris. Kyle was killed trying to help a veteran here at home not in Sadr City. Chris Kyle is an American hero and director Clint Eastwood gently reminds us that the mission is not accomplished. Obama, propping up Muslim Brotherhood, Hillary telling us we should respect terrorists, Ben Carson comparing ISIS to patriots all make the mission harder and put our boys in danger.
    Liberal wackjobs like Deborah Schlussel calling American Sniper "anti-American" makes the mission harder, puts American lives in danger. To all these whack-jobs who carelessly shoot their mouth off, to the irresponsible politicians like Obama, Hillary, Ben Carson and others who make insane statements, put American GI lives in danger, I remind you what Chris Kyle says, "I kill them over there so I don;t have to kill them in San Diego, or in a shopping mall here in the United States or on the front lawn of Hillary or Schlussel's house.
    Thank you for your service Chris Kyle and thanks Clint for making a movie reminding us that freedom isn't free. The terrorists seem to be winning of late, Perhaps it is because our boys are fighting the wrong enemy. The enemies here at home like Obama, Hillary, Ben Carson, the liberal whackjobs like Debbie Sclussel are far more dangerous than the one's Chris Kyle faced in four tours of Irag, some 1000 days, 160 kills.
    America needs soldiers at home, to fight the real enemy in the halls of Congress, in the press corps, to fight an obstructionist president, in the White House, and the many liberal moon bats employed in government agencies like FBI, NSA, Secret Service. The moral complexities of war are many but if all Americans can keep in mind this one tenant: FREEDOM ISN'T FREE then America and the world can get on with the mission and put an end once and for all to terrorism. One man's terrorist is not another man's freedom fighter- one's man's terrorist is another man's terrorist.

  29. Women and Children ARE often used and useful in war; I have not seen this movie but it could be that child thought he was doing something good, but was set up……………. It does indeed happen in real life war.

  30. Beyond the Trailer…. You should never review a movie without first reading the book.
    If it is based on a book.
    Chris Kyle was not "largely still."
    A large portion of his time was working with the Marines going door to door getting
    the murderers dead or captured.
    It is just crazy that the Americans that put down our efforts toward freedom for everyone,
    could not make it through the most simple task of Boot Camp.
    "The Wolf doesn't care what the sheep is thinking."


    Michael Moore and all the other Hollywood idiots and traitors to the United States. We're tired of hearing how you put down our American heroes. Chris Kyle volunteered to go into the military and became a Navy Seal after 9 11. Have you forgotten 911? Thousands of people that were killed here on American soil? He did a job trying to protect our country and his men that he was with. His brothers at war. He wasn't a killer that went out on the street for no reason killing people. He killed those to protect his own men. He came home a hero. Then only to be killed on American soil by someone he was trying to help. I don't know if this person that killed him was either a traitor and hated the US even though he was a soldier or he just came back with mental problems and didn't get the proper help at the proper timing he deserved. Our military of all branches have had so many tours overseas since 911. There is no draft so these men and woman go back over and over and over again. When they come home our government don't take care of them for their needs. Some may have lost an arm or both. Some may have lost their legs and some might be paralyzed, and some lost their lives for us. Some might have come back with a mental disorder because of what they have seen. These guys and woman are not killers … if they were they wouldn't have come home with mental issues. It just breaks my heart to see idiots like you Michael Moore trashing this movie. This movie deserves all the awards there are in Hollywood, not only was it well done, but it also it honored Chris Kyle, an American hero. Michael Moore. You and the OTHER IDIOTS THAT TRASH THIS MOVIE AND OUR HERO'S, SHOULD BE SENT THERE TO LIVE AND NEVER TO RETURN.. And. that goes for anyone in HOLLYWOOD that does not put this movie in a nomination for an award … people should NOT watch the award show in protest. Let your VOICE be heard America. STAND UP FOR OUR MEN AND WOMAN IN ALL BRANCHES OF SERVICE. God bless you all.

  32. wow conflic area againt,i hope some day people respect human and not gun,bom ,rocket,granat or sniper big gun…who rich making product weapon ? no conflict because we know every body can be hero but not killing the other human..history of war B.C ,AD,WAR 1,WAR 2 many people die…i hope movie director to see win or lose,bad or good, heroik or didn't what be proud of be right human on secoun country no have food, wather…and home

  33. For those suspiciously ones who leave comments glorifying chris kyle. i have a question for YOU:
    do YOU think your owner TRUE LOVEs you? cause chris kyle once THOUGHT the answer was yes.
    you know funny thing of being a dog of someone like military industrial complex & "federal" bankers & privated goverments is, you never know which time your owners' kiss is a kiss of YOUR DEATH. cause they never allow anyone to work for them for too long. no matter how hard you suck their dick. a new dog will kill you——the old dog, and take place, just like what you did when you're new. maybe you should ask your Cunt-Intelligence-Agency  colleagues for some little bit INTELLIGENT advice.
    search Chip Tatum and MORE to see what kind of gang you're in!

  34. if you want to watch rodeo, cowboy hats, a kid and his dad shooting a dear, sarge shouting at his corporals, brown people being shot, jolly american marines being brave and manly, no guts, ketchup, some tanks, and a cliche love story, lots of rubble and stealthy marines, go watch it!

  35. HEE  ZUIGSNOL op 1.50 min, Ga wat nuttigs doen dan deze helden in de zeik te zetten.
    WAR SUCKS en JIJ OOK !!.


  36. Would you kill a stanger,if you see him with a Gun on your Property?everyone protect his own Peace of do not be surprised if an American Soldier dies somewhere in the Midlle what is actually the main reason for the Troops being there….to make Peace???
    Sorry America but the rest of the world knows,who you are,and what the Country doing everywhere where an American Boot walked in it.
    but only thing that i know is,that America never won a War…..never and nowhere…not in WW,not even in Vietnam….when they reconized that that USA lose the War,than they activate ya big Bombs….Atom,or Napalm….
    ya American are all Brainwashed….thinkig in something what is bigger than Life…(normal life)
    just let the Rest of the world living the Life….without yaa idealogy.
    and for all those whos thinking that Islam is Dirty…..LOOK AT YOURSELF America… cheep you are….once the biggest Rasist Country….today with a black President….heh
    dont be surprised if one day america desapeart…there are million Reasons…..BUT not because of Islamist.over

  37. Don't care who is what religion. I care about innocent lives being lost and corrupted by crazy people who want to do as much damage as they can to westerners….why? Why do you want to hurt us? Please don't be sucked in to this way of thinking. They want you to kill and die….I don't see how that helps you. 

  38. Screamed the Americans are trying to forget your crimes over the centuries and wars. Since you state that established a world invade and kill and exterminate the atrocities committed in the name of democracy. And do you use Hollywood trivial to cover up these crimes and you will serve your army of thugs Champions . If you want to know the true meaning of the sniper Ask for sniper Baghdad . You who killed a military officer and 150 of the finest presence of the Marines . They are Tzmounam superheroes . They are in fact shemales . But Egypt will remain the Egyptian army Fork and stumbling that stand in your way . You will not be allowed to continue in hostility to Arabs and Muslims .

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