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American Sniper has gone crazy – long version

Listen up, motherfuckers! I wanna a fucking helicopter or
I gonna shoot this woman in the head! What´s he doin’? – Holding a hostage.
– The distance 460 m. – Copy?
– I will put out his candle. Yeah, my darling I`m in work, you know. of course I have
been to the supermarket. I bought everything you wanted. Darling, you know,
I have to go to work. Bye, bye, bye.
I love you, love you. You know, she would
phone again and again. I hope that was the last time! Keep your eyes on the clock! I will ventilate this motherfucker! Jesus Fucking Christ… Yeah, darling. No, I am still at work… Yeah, I’ve picked up
the kids from kirdergarden. Good for you, it‘s very lovely. But listen my darling,
I really need to go now. Bye, bye, bye…
I love you. You know, she´s met her
schoolmate at that cafeteria down there, she wanted
to tell me, you know… Down there? Yeah, down there. I don’t give a fuck, can’t
you sort that out somehow? This son of a bitch is threatening innocent
people and you won’t punctuate him because of some bitch drinking a coffee
check up on you every five fucking seconds…? I am sorry. It won’t happen again. – Promise?
– Yeah… Will you shoot the fucking man, please? I will ventilate that motherfucker. You know what to do? Jesus… You fried her!? Yep. I thought you’d just
hung up, you know… Aha. Daddy, we should go home,
mommy’s gonna be angry. If you like it you can subcribe and then I can
shoot you woman too.

11 thoughts on “American Sniper has gone crazy – long version

  1. Si říkám, co to je za kanál v mých odběrech a ono to jsou chlapi z pečeného sněhuláka. Dobré video, jen trošku zapracovat na výslovnosti a bude to dokonalé. 😉

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