100 thoughts on “American Sniper Chris Kyle Was Full Of Lies, Just Like The Movie

  1. Im a Canadian and I "KNOW" Chris Kyle is a hero regardless of anyone that is thinking that he isnt. And to those people… Shouldnt be alive.

  2. This guy is talking absolute bulshits. Im not into war or American military and soldiers but at least you have to respect that these guys risk their lives in this war. And we have a person who looks like an office guru giving opinion about what Chris Kyle did?!?! Seriously???? You are shame, poor individual

  3. I hate this guy i want to see how long he would last in boot camp alone let alone war hes just jealous he has never done anything for his country

  4. This guy can easily criticize when he knows nothing about it. Chris Kyle saved hundreds of American lives and is a hero. The movie was to bring awareness to the reality of war and the families of soldiers. People misinterpreting it doesn’t make it propaganda. This guy would be begging for a guy with a gun if an actual jihadist came for him. War isn’t perfect but it is necessary and your idiotic opinions are based on your own inexperience and you being naive

  5. I’m sure people are now watching this in 2019 and reassessing Chris Kyle’s legitimacy.great f***ing movie though.

  6. Thank u TYT for having the balls to call this guy out for what he was- a liar, a bragger, a sico and far from a hero. Not even his own Marine Corps would call him a hero. Wanna talk about the greatest American sniper? White Feather Hathcock during the Vietnam war. Now he is a hero. And he didn't need to lie, brag and he definitely didn't shoot no looters. His actions spoke for themselves. He once crawled on his elbows in camouflage for 3 days, inch by inch, while the enemy nearly stepped on him, just to get to an enemy general and dispach him with a shot thru the heart. Kyle would climb on top of a building, shoot some "savages", as he called them, and walk back down. Hathcock woulda had Kyle for breakfast. Just saying. Great video Cenk, even though obviously some of the brainwashed masses/sheep gave u dislikes. U got my like, thats for sure

  7. I am a conservative but i love how the left knows and continuously points out that Jesus was a pacifist. That is paramount to being a Christian. We should keep that in mind.

  8. Well buddy if you love em so much go over there you disrespectful son of a bitch 160 lives down is at least 160 americans saved

  9. This man is a hero! Shut up. He was willing to die for you show some respect. Also do your research no one got freaking shot in the head.

  10. It’s easy to talk shit and easy shit like this bc he was not in the position Chris was in bc he’s never been through the military and he is a hero and he died for your stupid ass and this is the respect we give then wow coming from a military family they sound be give the thank you or pay on the back but instead it’s people like you that don’t deserve shit easy to take shit when you don’t have to make decisions like he did

  11. A soldier who seen combat don't talk and brag . I know my father was 173rd airborne Nov. 67 wounded Oct. 19, 68 .he never bragged never talked about it . Only when he got drunk . Seeing my father suffer from agent orange exposure , I dispise soldiers who brag . Like these new movies coming out now days . War of lies and he's proud of it . All about the money .

  12. Chris Kyle is a psychopath who loved killing innocent people. The truth hurts but…I don't like watching biopic movies at all.

  13. Jackass you have no right to judge chris you didnt live through the shit chris or any of the other hero's went through over there.

  14. A lot of your quotes seem a wee bit (WAYYYY) off. I wonder if you've even read the book. What have you done for the country? You sit in front of a camera…twisting people words and stories…running down and dissing true heroes while he fought for the freedom you take for granted. What a shame. What a shame…

  15. How dare you ! Chris Kyle is a hero. You are a fuckin piece a shit is what you are. What r u even talking about? Jesus as a sniper? Your a fuckin idiot! Your a dumbass go kill yourself.

  16. Clint Eastwood was a drunk who beat his wife. Why would I believe anything that delusional bastard puts out? It was a war mongering movie making killers look like heroes. Dumb psychopaths.
    I cried knowing how deep stupidity runs in the veins of uneducated Americans. "You can't fix stupid".

  17. Listen Cenk-whateveryournameis, Chris Kyle did not only fight for his country and the freedom of Americans, even the ungrateful ones like you, but he also fought for his brothers standing there beside him. Kyle sacrificed his all to the very end, something pen pushing lazy fat bodies like you never had the courage to do. So if you have any respect for yourself, your country, or the men serving it, you would stop talking right now.

  18. This guy is absolute disrespectul trash. He says he wish he would have killed more so he could have saved more of our soldiers from dying

  19. I have watched 4 minutes and carnt listen to his bullshit I am from the UK but let me say this put yourself in Chris shoes. He is there because of the taliban not only blowing America, london, Paris what have you done to help keep people safe you fat shit

  20. Your so disrespectful every time I see you it’s something negative and wrong that’s all you do. run a real news show turd

  21. We cannot forget what men do for us and they stand their ground in battle thinking about their families motivating them to survive and some of our great warriors and legends pass away so I just want to say thank those soldiers who help you live in peace and we cannot give back negativity and shitty comments and this or that to the ones who were brave enough to help you live and defend your county with heart, spirit, respect

  22. Sunday School: Matthew 26: 52
    “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword."

  23. Unfortunately some people despite the overwhelming evidence still belive the lies this sociopath procured. That's why you need the like of TYT to spell it out for you!

  24. Can someone get me in touch with this guy talking? I'd like to challenge him to a one on one boxing match for charity. If and when I beat him he has to donate 10,000 to a veteran organization.

  25. I cannot stand this frikin guy or the girl host or the TYT in general for tht matter, cringey af. Y in the hell wud they use the name The Young Turks? Ill nvr evr undrstnd tht as long as I live if sumbdy can explain it to me pls do or mayb they arent named aftr the historical group w/the same name tht im thinkin of

  26. I like Clint Eastwood as an actor and as a director…but, this one he got wrong. He trusted the word of a known liar and braggard and made a movie from his book, which was full of innacurracies. Mr Eastwood should now make part 2- the real truth about Chris Kyle- and set the record straight. Not that it's gonna happen, but I'd b nice. We make heroes of racists, pathological liars and psychopaths while the true heroes remain unknown and silent. That's what I call a hero- someone who doesn't need to brag, embellish, who doesn't need medals and books and movies, who remain silent and don't ask for recognition. Those r the true HEROES, and wherever they r, whoever they r- and there r many- I salute u all. Respect!

  27. People flee from the oppression that is in their own country to come to the United States of America, safe under the blanket of the first amendment just to turn around and talk shit about our country, civilians and military. They truly don't care or give a dam about this country. They just grasp at anybody that they can condemn just to appear to be justified for talking shit and acting like they are moral gods. The only thing I liked about this video, is the 27k dislikes.

  28. Why don't you move to Fallujah if everyone there is so nice and accommodating. They probably have a nice place for you to cover your face and serve like the bitch you are. Cheers!

  29. There’s a lot of assumptions here. Like how you say Chris Kyle watched the Twin Towers go down and then was convinced to go kill Iraqi’s even though they didn’t do 9/11? That’s an assumption. Maybe he just wanted to defend and fight for his country and he ended up in Iraq. Like, for instance at the start of the film, when we he’s the embassy’s being bombed and decides to enlist with the SEALS to defend his country and fight. Not to kill Iraqis, to fight and defend. It’s just that this video seems very one sided and closed minded to any other possibilities apart from those mentioned in the video. A lot of negative things to say about a dead man. Smh.

  30. I wish you would have the guts to say this crap to face of a seal please step up or shut up you Don't have any courage honor or guts to do what he has done you are the type of person that needs to show some respect to those that defend your right to think must less say this shit! I only wish I could meet you.because unlike a cry baby POS like you sir I would have no problem showing you where you can put your garbage !

  31. Let's listen to a Turk talk about lies……. how about you cover genocides perpetrated by your people against all their neighbors? Then you can talk about how you weren't in Iraq during any part of the conflicts there and how you don't know shit. Go collect your check from the Nazi George Soros, scumbag.

  32. Totally agree with what he is saying the guy that killed him I'm fully convinced he knew Kyle and new the shady shit he done over there I guarantee it

  33. I wish that a veteran came and knocked this guys teeth down his throat. We did go into Iraq to liberate the people, but what should we have done? Talked it out? You show a few tweets of some people that were confused on what they should have posted. But look at what your posting. Calling a deceased war hero a liar. You make me sick. Instead of discussing problems with other people, how about you look at yourself for a minute you piece of trash.

  34. All you guys soo mad right now….wanting to believe the Chris Kyle fad right now…ignoring to truth you so bad right now, wishing Chris Kyle was the dad you never had right now!

  35. Cenk shows how much he actually cares about PTSD and our veterans. Cenk tell me more about how Armenians are POS as you have said in the past and how Armenians are lying about the Armenian Genocide. I'm sure Cenk is very sad that a veteran was killed, LOL.

  36. Dude he should not criticize the soldier who’s risking his life overseas for our freedom and for justice instead he should go hard on the politicians.

  37. who is this complete idiot?? War is a fog, but when the fog clears you need to know which side you run to. I am running to the side Chris Kyle is on and waving this American Flag and singing god bless f_ing America.

  38. This guy is a piece of shit glad he's not protecting our freedom he would have got raped out there by the people that were so called be liberated.

  39. Ok I can except the fact that he calls bullshit to some of Chris kyles stories (don’t mean any disrespect to Kyle) but don’t you ever talk shit bout Clint Eastwood

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