100 thoughts on “American Sniper: Anti-War Misinterpreted?

  1. The gift of aggression is a gift misunderstood and they throw pills at you nowadays and people like Tony Ferguson and Mike Tyson learned to harvest it correctly. nome chumpsky loves Israel tho. and seth Rogan is irrelevant like most celebrities when it comes to being a real man. This movie made me cry. RIP KYLE.

  2. If terrorists do not follow the rules of The Geneva Convention, our soldiers should not have to follow the rules of the Geneva Convention when engaged in combat with terrorists.

  3. The punisher skull also represents the friendship that was in Iraq between the Seals and the SAS, infact earlier this year the SAS were told to remove tge skull because it apparently is identical to the skull the SS wore

  4. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a pro-war movie. Name one and I’ll tell you a story of the character that lost brothers, sanity, a sense of normalcy. As a Marine that fought in some of the same areas as Chris Kyle at around the same times, my view of war and war movies may differ from the self-centered, politically motivated, agenda-eyeing civilian.

    Did I love doing my job and do I still miss it? Absolutely. It was exciting, challenging, and engaging. I got to see many things that no civilian ever will.
    But I also saw things that no civilian ever should. While I wish war could be avoided entirely, I’m not so naive as to think that we, as a society, can remain neutral against those that want to destroy us just because they despise our existence. So to ensure that no civilian would have to witness what so many did on 9/11, I’m glad to have done my part to take a bite out of that network. I just wish people would realize that the brunt of my service wasn’t in pulling a trigger, but seeing the things that trigger did and, more, to shield so many others from it.

  5. I’m torn on war, on the one hand I know it’s necessary you can’t know peace without war, however I know war is destructive and damaging to survivors. It also accelerates the rate at which one matures especially in males who up until then lived a comfortable life

  6. The Seal in charge of Chris Kyle’s task unit said the movie was completely inaccurate and that the Marc Lee storyline was completely made up.

  7. If you think this film is Anti-war in anyway, you are sorely misguided and the propaganda has done its job well.

  8. For me it was about PTSD. I watched my father, a nam vet, suffer every hour of every day w it.

    Horrible what we send our best boys to do and how it affects them.

  9. Snipers are not cowards they risked their lives more than just ground troops cuz there can be counter snipers and plenty of creatures that want to kill them and they're laying on the ground protecting the ground troops and often times there are more remote places than normal ground troops

  10. It didnt seem very anti-war movie. The wolf, sheep and sheep dog analogy used frequently in the movie makes it hard to be anti-war. In addition key mistakes like linking the iraq war to 9/11 and also showing the insurgents as one dimensional villains. I.e. at the end they are being swarmed by 'al qaeda' (Sunni militants) in Sadr city (a Shia dominated city ruled by shia militia which hates sunnis and also fought the US) which seems like propaganda to paint anyone fighting the US as Al Qaeda. Another part, one of the al qaeda villains is using a drill to kill/torture people when this is quite ironic since in real life this was a go to method of killing people by iraqi government death squads (which the US turned a blind eye to). Al qaeda was already brutal with things like beheadings so why attribute war crimes regularly committed by US allies to the? Iraqis are also extremely one dimensional i.e. even the iraqis that give them food are secret insurgents. They are also all 'al qaeda' rather than the dozens and dozens of armed groups that the US fought.

  11. If you want to know the true story about how the war actually went and who really killed the Baghdad sniper you should search for a video called "Interview with the war hippy"

  12. I am a huge fan of Clint Eastwood’s directorial work, with Unforgiven still ranking as my all-time favorite of his films. The big exceptions for me were Grand Torino and American Sniper. I was especially disappointed with Sniper and would have agreed with the opinions of the liberal thinkers and pundits you quoted here.
    His politics aside, Eastwood is an amazing director who reveals our humanity by giving us nuanced deconstructions of tropes and realistic portrayals of how trauma motivates characters. So I couldn’t understand how such a masterful auteur had made what I interpreted as an unmitigated pro-war and hyper-masculine film. But your essay convincingly argues that he accomplished exactly what I love about his other films. Did my strongly-held, antiwar beliefs blur my ability to see the film’s larger message about the terrible toll of war on our soldiers and our failure as a nation to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing when they return? Perhaps. After consuming your excellent video essay and its inspired source, I plan to revisit the movie with a broader lens. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful piece.

  13. Regardless, not a great movie. Slow, clunky, boring snd very lifeless characters. Interesting movie but not enjoyable to watch.

  14. My only real issue with American Sniper is the portrayal of the American Invasion of Iraq as a response to 9/11, I don't know if this was an honest mistake by Clint Eastwood or maybe a misunderstanding, but other than that it's a stellar movie

  15. My only real issue with American Sniper is the portrayal of the American Invasion of Iraq as a response to 9/11, I don't know if this was an honest mistake by Clint Eastwood or maybe a misunderstanding, but other than that it's a stellar movie

  16. I disagree with much of the conclusions you've described about "liberals" believing it was a pro-war movie when it was meant to be seen as anti-war. The movie itself clearly glamorizes or at least lionizes the aesthetic of being a "sheepdog", one that protects the sheep from the wolves. Kyle is told to protect his brother and "finish" those who try to hurt him. I understand that as I too am an older brother and have children of my own that I want to protect each other. But in the context of the movie, that sentiment is extrapolated out from just fighting bullies to going to a foreign country to kill those who may injure or harm American soldiers.

    Also, to the point that it is an "anti-war" movie, many war films are anti-war, in fact most after 1975 are anti-war. The Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon – they all depict what might be considered the loss of innocence and dehumanization that comes with going to war. American Sniper doesn't do that. It puts at odds staying with family and truly being there to protect them with sacrificing one's life for strangers and their country. That dichotomy within the context of the movie shows how war and country win over family. What Kyle's dad instilled in him to be a "sheepdog" was a blank check to take on anyone who Kyle might've thought to hurt whomever Kyle put his feelings of love and trust to. Kyle is depicted as losing his innocence before he goes to war. He has made up his mind that he needs someone in his life to use his skills to protect, so he becomes a SEAL sniper. That's commendable, but it isn't anti-war.

    Also, this film comes after the death of Kyle and his book's release at a time when the country is beginning to become more starkly divided politically which culminates in the election of Trump in 2016. This movie is the perfect vehicle for hero worshipers and stolen valor patriots to channel their rage toward a seemingly (but not so) ultra-liberal black president as compared to the 2000's war-era Bush administration and the big-talk of Trump who never went to war. It nurtures the idea of regular guys who love America for big concepts like liberty and freedom and country to project those ideas into guns, which are used to protect family and other Americans in their minds, but are actually used to commit mass murders and robberies. It allows them to project those sentiments to Donald Trump who says what they're thinking because he doesn't have any skin in the game as he flies in private jets and lives in penthouses above the fray. That's what is so dangerous about movies like this. It's not that they're not getting that it's anti-war. It could be interpreted as anti-war, but it's more accurately portrayed as a movie that says to suggestible people that guns are okay and you should sacrifice yourself for your country – regardless of who you're fighting or what you're fighting for.

  17. how about all these liberal politicians go and fight in the war and then we would really see the fucking cowards. they sit back in an america that is only free because of these hero’s that put their uniforms on and fight for our freedom day to day, but all these politicians want to do is hate. put in your own fight then make an opinion, and NEVER hate on those who are fight for you!!

  18. Lol @Michael Moore… if he was a general he'd have his troops fighting lined up shoulder to shoulder like the 1700's and we'd all be fucked.

  19. Kind of pisses me off that partisan hacks have to be so opinionated and closed minded when it comes to movies like this. Partisan politics really does ruin everything. Just a quick glance at Eastwood's track record show his films aren't pro war propoganda, he made an entire movie from the Japanese perspective humanizing them for Christ sake.

  20. There was a movie called “thank you for your service” itsabout vets coming home and dealing with there mental trauma go give it a watch

  21. No, it just Hollywood right wing propaganda. No need to read in to how Eastwood is some kind of genius. He's not. The fucktard talks to empty chair. Guess right wing nut job fucktard needs to sell military industrial complex as entertainment.

  22. Every time I see WTC footage, this quote comes to my mind: "Tomorrow there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots. I know you understand." – General Shepard COD MW2.

  23. It's funny that liberals and republicans condemns and celebrates this movie respectively for being pro-war while Clint Eastwood himself denies such themes were in AS. I've always thought so many misinterpret this movie because Mr.Eastwood himself didn't do it right. This movie surprisingly lacks humanity and authenticity. It feels like an ego trip for Bradley Cooper to look cool and badass instead of a story about a war veteran. It's just so fake. It feels like a pop corn movie that takes itself too seriously. The movie passes over intersting parts of story and barely touches the surface when it comes to horrors of war. After I was done watching AS,I read Chris Kyle's life on Wikipedia and frankly,that was more emotional than the entirety of this movie.

    Punisher tv show does a far better job of depicting horros of war and PTSD.

  24. Micheal is a moron it takes a lot from a sniper from shooting that one person knowing damn well they have just took a life knowing if they were an adult or a child men women boy girl they know what they signed up for but they didn’t know the tragedies they were in for

  25. Remember, Kyle wasn't killed by a brown man that we call insurgents across the ocean. He was killed by his own comrade at home. America failed to treat their veterans

  26. 11:50 Thank you so much for saying this. 100% true and gave me goosebumps. Veteran families will forever appreciate words like this beyond your understanding

  27. Everybody at first glance writes this movie off as soon as they see it as a pro-war/neocon movie filled with propaganda. This is told through the delusional EYES of CK himself. That is the point. Everyone else around him as they rightfully should become disillusioned with the war while he does not. He is trained to believe his entire life that this path he takes is righteous.

  28. The war would not be possible without the warrior. If people refuse to participate in state violence, it will cease to exist. It is not the heads of state who fight the wars but the sons and daughters of their constituents.

  29. I’d like to thank you for this, I appreciate your words.
    “Its not about war, Its about the plight of a soldier”
    “I hope to god another (movie) will come out, and shed light on What service men and women have to go through and, that we need to pay attention to our Vets. it doesn’t go any further than that, it’s not a political discussion about war even, it’s a discussion about the reality, and the reality is that people are coming home, and we HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM.
    And why shouldn’t we?
    I served for as long as my body would let me, and when that broke, I offered my mind, unfortunately, they didn’t need that, so I was discarded. My commanding officer said “ I appreciate you wanting to continue your service, even if it is behind a desk. But if you can’t shoot, move and communicate with other soldiers, yer fucking useless to me”
    So I came home and tried the civilian life, unfortunately, I’m a soldier, not a civilian, and I’m fucking useless here. I miss my brothers so much that it has manifested into a physical pain.
    Trying to use the VA is like that, I’m a soldier, talking to mostly bureaucrats. Getting pushed off from one place or another, told that, that is the wrong form, sent across the city to a different part of the VA, spending weeks, months sometimes years on one thing, to either be told that all you have to do is “yadda, yadda” (KNOWING that won’t work), being LIED to (higher ups actively encourage misdirecting VETS so they won’t have to shell out money) or being flat out denied. But you can appeal….
    So, yeah, we should be taking care of our vets. Unfortunately (I seem to use that word a lot) unfortunately, the only people that really care about vets, are vets.

  30. It’s not that complicated. It’s not about pro war it’s about the things he did overseas that changed him for the worse. It doesn’t glorify violence, if anything it shames it. It’s just meant to show the affects of ptsd and war.

  31. A lot of people in the US are so consumed by their own self-worth and interest that they made the movie and the story about themselves and how it "attacks" their feelings, values and ideology without thinking that maybe this movie wasn't about them, this story was about Chris Kyle, his life, his legacy, and the sacrifices he made physically, emotionally and morally for his country; so these people could continue complaining about their objectively comfortable lives in a developed country.

    People in lesser developed countries who are actually in the middle of conflict like mine, which has been plagued by decades of extremist Islam terrorism and communist insurgency, have a lot more respect for soldiers who actually risk their lives everyday so the danger can be kept at bay just kilometers away from people like me and the people we love.

    It is the same whiny people in the US that are actually hurting countries like mine, because their ideology supports and protects the very real evils that are just lurking at our doorsteps. Those overzealous human rights people are the very ones protecting the communist insurgencies that plague our countrysides, who terrorize farmers, burn government and private-owned machineries, extort "revolutionary taxes" from poor rural folks, push and brainwash innocent kids into joining a life of armed struggle instead of education, and other atrocities. They'll march the streets to protect the human rights of criminals even if the human rights of their victims have already been violated.

  32. If Soldiers are not pro-war while they are stationed, then their value as a soldier is diminished. Efficiency and productivity go down. Just look at Vietnam…. Soldiers NEED to be in the moment and support their own actions overseas, otherwise they will fall victim to themsleves or others violence.

  33. Theres something funny about the statement that "all snipers are cowards" when snipers are the only soldiers who consistently look their kills in the eye and still pull the trigger without hesitation, when studies show 80% of soldiers intentionally miss shots in combat.

  34. Chris Kyle actually enjoyed murdering people, after all you dont get this good at doing stuff you hate, he even admitted it in interview (sources on demand) the whole anti war veteran is just load of horseshit. especially on this movie. it was not existant, people just idealize soldiers and war far too much. i think the most realistic portrayal of the army was in Jarheads, guy having a mental brakedown because he didnt get to murder anyone, bunch of bullying, loads of funny talk, thats fucking military for ya right there. The other half can be anything really, loads of people join military for loads of reasons but those who make it into combat units are all the same. None of them go there to serve your fucking country. moment when "serving your country" is gonna mean helping to build homes for the homeless you will see those cocksuckers checkout real quick. They in for the thrill, they in for the kill, and they dont want to do the jailtime for it. After all, Government is the biggest gangster in the country. and army is a biggest gang. Its like General Buttler said, "Army is just a racket"

  35. In my opinion, this film was not only about this heroic American soldier, but it also shows the things you will more than likely have to face if you join the military and go to war. I think it was pro-soldier in a way, but I don't believe it was specifically anti-war since war is the worse thing man has created and we for some reason can't stop doing it. War (like death) is inevitable. It WILL always happen. It might take days, months, years, centuries, millennia, but it will happen.

  36. Unfortunately there were no weapons of mass destruction an there was no reason to start that war other than knocking out sadam.

    For Chris Kyle, the guy was a liar an a murderer using the clout of war to murder civilians.

    Too much righteous indignation themes in that movie, praising war.

  37. Fvck the BS. Kyle's was a warrior! The problem they should've been angry about is how a man like that fights wars abroad but returns only to get killed on home soil.

  38. There are some inaccuracies like Chris already had two to three deployments Chris started his Iraq deployments as a seal.

  39. Very psychological analysis. Chris Kyle is a great man. I have seen only a small percentage of what most combat vets see but I still have issues dealing. Family first and foremost was in my mind every day I was deployed

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  41. There's gonna be no more war, right? Right? My dad came home and left us, not physically but mentally by ptsd… please stop this hell, we cant live like that anymore

  42. A misunderstood movie. It doesn’t tell us the war on terror is a glorious one. I always thought it tells us soldiers will loose parts of themselves over time.

  43. It sucks how you can barely find a review for American Sniper. All anyone talks about are the politics and if you think the movie is "pro war" you either haven't seen it or you're an idiot.

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  45. To the ppl who disliked this video……this guy put a lot of thought,energy and effort into this vid.
    To the creator of this video……keep up the good work man. This was an amazing vid

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