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Amazing SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!

From a tractor beam to a zombie gun, here
are 10 sci-fi weapons that actually exist… 10. Freeze Ray It used to be that you’d watch a sci-fi
movie with a freeze ray and think “Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.” Lasers are hot, right? Where are scientists going to get a cold ray
from? Well put that thought on ice because a team
from the University of Washington has developed what is to all intents and purposes a real
life freeze ray! The secret lies in tiny crystals contained
in liquid, or ‘nano crystals’. By targeting these with a laser, points of
light were reflected that cooled down small areas inside the liquid. This amazing breakthrough is going to be expanded
upon to tackle issues like computers overheating. Of course, this technology has even more important
applications, such as enabling experts to study cells by slowing them down with the
light pointing system, or ‘point cool’ as it’s known. But that’s not exciting enough is it? We wanna see planes brought down by icy blasts
and torpedoes frozen in mid air! Because, why not?? It might be stupid and dangerous actually. Though it’s only a matter of time before
we start seeing stuff like that, right? 9. Tracer Pulse Gun You may have heard of Overwatch, the smash
hit shooter game. The character of Tracer is associated with
a futuristic weapon called a pulse pistol, which seems to be the stuff of pure fantasy…
but it turns out you can get one of these without being a digitally enhanced character! This thing exists in real life! LaserGadgets is behind the Tracer Pulse Gun’s
development. The YouTuber has made a big splash bringing
these fantasy firearms to life, and also other cool things such as a Death Star, presumably
not full size. The real life pulse gun has been used to perform
devastating feats like… well, pop a few balloons. However it can also make fabric burst into
flames, making it a pretty dangerous thing to carry around. And definitely don’t keep it in your pocket. It isn’t exactly like the Overwatch version
but I think you’ll agree it’s pretty close. This thing could wreak some serious havok! And now for number 8 but first if you are
new here welcome and be sure to subscribe before you leave! 8. Vomit Gun All this talk of guns and violence may make
some of you feel a little queasy. You might want to skip ahead if you have a
sensitive stomach. This one will make you want to hurl. Not only that, you will actually hurl, as
that’s what it’s designed to do. It’s a puke ray! Also known as the “Sick Stick”. Crazy, huh? If you don’t want to call it that, its official
title is ‘LED Incapacitator’. The US government spent a million bucks developing
a weird weapon that would induce extreme dizziness and disorientation in the intended target. AKA people. Rather than bullets, the gun relies on emitting
light diodes rapidly, and theoretically the effect will make you nauseous and want to
vomit. That’s pretty icky but effective on the
battlefield we would imagine. Want to hear something else that’ll put
your stomach in a knot? In 2009, Hardware Hackers figured they could
make their own version of the puke ray gun for cheaper. Like for only $250. Don’t get any ideas!! Plus there’s no guarantee it works, but
the military version doesn’t either. I’m kind of dreading where this technology
will go next. Looks like the future of weaponry is trying
to cause epileptic seizures, nausea, and vomiting. What will be next? Make your enemy get diabetes on the battlefield? 7. Digital Revolver A digital revolver is a kind of ‘smart gun’. It was created in 2006 by Armatrix LLC, a
weapons manufacturer in Germany. The idea behind it is that only the designated
owner can actually fire the gun. If you think the concept sounds familiar,
then you probably saw a version of it in the 2012 Bond movie Skyfall. Armatrix linked the gun to a special watch
powered by RFID tech, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This cool weapon didn’t catch on, and there’s
a surprising reason for that. Believe it or not, gun owners had an issue
with smart guns! They felt the guns were a threat to Second
Amendment rights. People at the company even received death
threats over them. The makers are now trying another model, the
iP9 9mm semi-automatic pistol that will have a fingerprint reader instead of a watch, and
should be available soon. They will cost about $1,365 and there is reportedly
interest in this from the police. There might be some more political uproar
because the NRA is worried this technology might become mandatory for all guns in the
future. 6. Thunder Generator It sounds pretty dramatic but the Thunder
Generator doesn’t generate actual thunder. What it does generate is the next best thing…
shock waves. The story behind this powerful sci-fi weapon
is unusual and just goes to show that anything can be used in the field of combat if you
put your mind to it! The Generator started off life down on the
farm as a bird scarer. It sent out shock waves delivered by an explosion
involving cooking gas, air and liquid petrol. Company PDT Argo were happy just using it
for agriculture but then the folks at ArmyTec stepped in. If it can scare away birds, it could scare
away something bigger. Their modifications to the original design
increased the shockwaves so it could blast people from a distance. It can stun people from 30-100 meters away
but if someone is closer, it could cause serious damage. The effect is supposed to be like a giant
taser and is apparently constructed with crowds in mind. It is declared to be non-lethal but it could
be potentially fatal. The closer you get to the action, the more
likely you are to wind up in hospital or worse. The Thunder Generator isn’t intended to
kill people but like all things that cause harm it’s possible someone could die from
exposure to the full force of these violent shock waves! Perfect for the zombie apocalypse, but pretty
scary for the rest of us. 5. Stuxnet Stuxnet is considered the “World’s First
Digital Weapon”. These days we’re used to stories about viruses
that can take over machines, but the very first time that happened on an epic scale
was back in 2010. A bug by the name of Stuxnet was jointly devised
by the US and Israeli governments. Seeing the potential of such a digital weapon,
they turned it on Iran. Stuxnet wreaked havoc with Natanz, an Iranian
nuclear facility, where it interfered with the computers and actually busted the machinery. The really sneaky thing was that the bug was
simultaneously giving good readings to the facility workers. When they checked the state of their centrifuges,
they got a major shock! The Americans named this campaign “Operation
Olympic Games”. It went on for several years and finally got
out of control when changes made to Stuxnet by the Israelis led to catastrophic results. They wanted to make it even more effective,
and they succeeded. However now it was able to wreck whatever
it came into contact with. This led to the modern cyber warfare we know
today. Stuxnet was only the beginning of a new and
deadly phase of conflict that featured microchips instead of missiles. Nowadays people can hack into your smart toaster
and get at you. Thanks a lot! 4. Zombie Gun Now what the heck is a zombie gun. Vladimir Putin has them and is planning on
using them to achieve political and strategic goals! Are you nervous yet? Guns are usually things that fire bullets,
but what does a zombie gun do? Well it doses you with high amounts of radiation
and can effectively rub out your personality with just the pull of a trigger. Freaky, huh? Having one of these aimed at you is pretty
bad news for your central nervous system. These weapons use microwaves and Russia has
already started using low dose microwave weapons for crowd control. Other scary things a zombie gun is capable
of include ruining your organs and even crazier melting your eyeballs. I’m not even kidding. In 2012 the Russian government announced they
were developing the technology for the battlefield. It’s not only President Putin’s plans
you need to worry about. An American weapons enthusiast managed to
produce his own homemade version of a zombie gun by cannibalizing a microwave oven. We don’t stand a chance. 3. Tractor Beam Tractor beams were made famous through movies
like Star Wars. They’re powerful beams that can draw in
objects as big as spaceships. But here’s a question. What are tractor beams made from? Tractors? Just kidding. It’s a curious one though, right? A team at the University of Bristol in England
may have found the answer… sound! Using a series of tiny speakers and manipulating
expertly-targeted sound waves, they are managing to move objects, and find out more about how
sounds works in the process. They’ve discovered 3 types of force that
can be generated by sound. There’s a force that grabs the object, a
force that holds it in position and another one that whirls around creating an “eye
of the storm” effect in the middle. Between them, these forces have the potential
to be used in medicine, for complex work inside the human body. Hopefully at some point we’ll see a Millennium
Falcon get pulled into a Death Star too, but that might be a long way off…! 2. Laser Injector Injections are a fact of life but that doesn’t
make them any more pleasant. None of us want a needle stuck in our skin. Yuck! Thankfully technology is moving medicine on
from scary bits of metal, and it looks like we may be getting injected very differently
in the future! At MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
they’ve been working on an injector that gets the chemical under your skin with an
air blast. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Or how about a laser-based injection? Experts in South Korea have developed a mini
lightsaber that gets the job done without so much as a pricking sensation. Well
there might be a small pricking sensation. We don’t mean to sound like doctors, but
y’know… we don’t wanna get sued here. This is all very cool for medicine but I am
talking about weapons here, so I have to mention the deadly aspects of this new tech. If you can inject someone painlessly in order
to save their life you can do the same thing to end it. You’ll never feel it coming, which is probably
just as well. 1. Lightsaber Because this is pretty much the only thing
that’s missing! You might be excited to hear that someone
has constructed a working laser sword, or at least the closest thing to a Jedi weapon
you’re likely to see! The guy behind the build is Allen Pan, who
can be found on YouTube getting up to all manner of wild experiments and trying out
stuff from movies. He’s made his own lightsaber using an extremely
dangerous combination of pressure and gas. The handle contains methanol and acetone,
which gets shot out of the top by butane. Dont do this at home!! The gas stream is then lit by a heated coil
and the result is a streak of green light which you can use to cut through a Stormtrooper’s
armour! Actually it’s a pretty mild effect, you’re
more likely to give him a good tickling but so what? This looks seriously awesome! The Force is truly with Allen Pan. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a gas
leak or another type of Force will reduce him to atoms… Thanks for watching! The future is now people!! Be sure to subscribe and see you soon!

43 thoughts on “Amazing SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!

  1. The objection to the electronic ID Gun was something that wasn’t publicized much .
    If the technology was made mandatory , and widespread .
    Just like with satellite anti-carjacking technology in cars , the government could , if it wished , simply turn off everyone’s weapons remotely at the same time .
    Not much of a deterrent to tyranny.

    Incidentally , the “ thunder gun “ was pioneered by the Germans during WWII as an anti-aircraft device .

  2. We don't want the fingerprint one either. It might get you killed if your hands are dirty or have blood on them.

  3. I'm at number 8 and I still haven't seen any of these weapons. Her pleasant voice is just telling about them

  4. My questions on the finger print gun is what happens if your wife has to use it cause your hurt or not home stupid idea

  5. I believe we now know what happened to our Embassy personnel some government agencies has been experimenting with micro Energy weapons against our embassy personnel .
    Now the question is do we retaliate.and I say yes .

  6. Tractor beam, star wars WTF do your home work. Star Trek. Your like CNN giving false news. You give false information.

  7. The problem with their weapons ID systems is not the NRA opposing them that's just liberal bullshit. They don't work and they damn sure don't work when you actually need the firearm. They've been screwing with this idiot technology for 20 years it comes down to the same thing any critical situation nobody's hand it's the silly little place in the right place. Fingerprint readers don't work right the little magnetic earrings don't engage right it's just a stupid idea. But then again Liberals are always about stupid ideas they insist on trying to force down everybody's throats for the common good, the greater good and for the old milked stand by its for the children. No it's for corrupt politicians and treasonous little ass wipes they're terrified the American public is going to raise up and run them out of town

  8. are you completely stupid??, the sole purpose of a weapon is to take the life of a real living human being with thoughts and feelings, who has lived, loved and grown , what part of killing people makes you think that its acceptable to promote violence or the tools to do so?, say it with me, Weapons Are Bad!, Killing Is Wrong!, Real Hero's Save Lives!, They Do Not End Them, wake up!!!!,

  9. Pneumatic inoculations were administered in my Basic training in 1975 as a means of rapid inoculation for several hundred sailors at a time!

  10. all that pulse pistol needs is a better power source and seems it could start blowing holes though things like people, cars, tanks, whatever it wants to and you know damn good and well the military has better or D.A.R.P.A. would have slapped a top secret all over it and offered this dude some serous cash for the tech.

  11. A P-90 M-4 Hybrid with a NV Scope and glowing barrel and mag held by a female in the Sierra Nevada is pretty damn rare.

  12. anything a person can create the government will find a way to weaponize it .
    the govern mental are always watching for new tech to use against the world .

  13. i recall the digital revolver coming from an earlier movie as shown in the umm less great Judge Dread movie from the 90s … according to the lore of that world all Judges (police who are judge jury and prosecutor all in one) would have weapons that only the individual judge could fire… also a sample of their DNA was applied to the bullet and the spent cartridge for additional legal investigations afterwards… (anyways i watched it when i was 6 with my dad and had some weird dreams because of it so i sorta remember this feature very well)

  14. 3:42 Sombody holde you and other people hodtage you take your gun out and cant pull the trigger cus it wont unlock, Yeah.. thats Why nobody Exept like 1% of the people that are Into guns want that (Edit) and people only need a magnet to unlock most smart guns (Another edit) the other one just Why.. you get your gun out stand then for 3 sec waiting for it to unlock oh Wait you have no chance cus if the people se a gun your dead.. thats Why people dont want that so Yeah thats not gona be a succses world wide

  15. Wait the title of this video is Sci-fi weapons that actually exist yet you say the sic-stick doesn’t work wouldn’t that be construed as not existing? Trina to me existence means 2 things one is having a physical copy 2 means the copy does what it claims to so wth ?

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