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AMAZING GUN SHOW FIND!! / Military Antique Gun Shopping

wait till you see this beautiful piece
of American history that I just picked up all right guys for months now I’ve
had some gun money burning a hole in my pocket just waiting to find that perfect
gun I’ve been searching for antique American rifles primarily World War 2
World War one or anything over a hundred years old and it has been a very long
process trying to find the exact the perfect one that I wanted to get to add
to my collection and wait till you see this beautiful piece of American history
that I just picked up how’s it going guys looking back to the
pile of patreon channel now we are in Sevierville Tennessee we’re here on a
work trip for my wife and just so happens that Sevierville is one of the
homes of Bud’s gun shop so on the way in we saw a bunch of different gun stores a
bunch of different antique stores and just so happens I’m in the mood to buy
an antique gun I’m looking something World War 2 or older preferably American
I don’t know what I’m gonna find but we’re fixing to go shopping here in
Sevierville we’re gonna hit as many gun stores as we can as many antique stores
as we can so let’s go for a ride so we’re in Tennessee for a work trip
from a wife and I’m looking through Google to see what’s around for me and
my son to go do and believe it or not we found out we were only five minutes away
from Bud’s gun shop if you bought ever bought a gun online and you’ve heard a
buzz gun job so let’s go check it out alright guys it’s my honest impressions
of Bud’s gun shop yeah they may be one of the biggest online gun stores there
is but the actual store in Sevierville Tennessee a much there I mean they got
pretty much all the new guns you would want and they had almost no used stuff
not old stuff as what I was really looking for today all right well since
buds was a little bit of a letdown I didn’t find we were looking for we’re on
to the next one we’re going to the largest knife store in the country is
what the sign says and it looks like they have guns too so let’s check it out well that place is really cool that I
guarantee they had millions of knives in there every brand and tight you could
think of swords and everything that was cool but it wasn’t really what I was
looking for they did have a nice gun section and all
the new stuff and obviously a lot more used stuff they had a m14 that was
really cool I took a look at but still haven’t found what I’m looking for I’m
looking for some old stuff I’m looking for 1903 Springfield or m1 garand or
older you know I don’t know maybe we’ll find them at the antique stores all right so we have gone to several
antique stores we did see some guns at one of them they were old and there was
a Japanese gun and old African something still not really what I’m looking for
we’re still trying to find some old American guns but we tried one pawn shop
so far they didn’t really have much so we’ll keep going
got another place in mind now here’s a place we just had to stop that I saw the
name of the place from the road and we had to pull in that is J Floyd’s golf
and guns now you have to respect the town that even sells guns at their golf
store so we’re gonna kill two birds with one stone let’s go check it out it’s definitely cool to be able to buy
golf clubs and guns in the same place but they still didn’t have a we were
looking for still now I don’t want to call this a
hole-in-the-wall gun store but it is a smaller gun store and I really like what
they had in there they they had a lot of older guns had a Springfield 1873
trapdoor really interested in that had an infield that was cool so we might be
coming back here Oh Rocky Top armory how’s it going guys welcome back to the
pilot Patriot Channel today we are doing a little gun shopping so I’ve got a
couple different opportunities today to find some cool guns first there is a
military antique gun show today I’ve been looking forward to that for a
couple months now number two and where I’m headed right now it is 7 o’clock in
the morning I saw earlier this week on Facebook that there is a multi-family
yard sale and gun estate sale today close by my house by 10 minutes down the
road so we’re definitely gonna go check that out I like the way that sounds
but anyway here’s what I’m looking for I’m looking for old stuff I’m looking
for older guns so specifically m1 garand, m1 carbine,
1903 Springfield, 1873 Springfield ,1860 Springfield so there’s a lot of things
I’m looking for I’m hoping I can find something like that today stick with me
guys I’ll give you update here in a little
bit well guys the yardsale was a bust they
did have quite a few guns and I’ll put in a picture of others but and they did
have some older stuff had a lot of shotguns single-shot and shotguns and
kind of Marlin twenty-two and a Ruger twenty-two stuff like that a couple cool
old Sears & Roebuck and shotguns but I did end up buying something I bought a
map it’s a map of the North Carolina Outer Banks from 1720 so that’s pretty
cool but anyway we’re gonna head to the military antique gun show so we can’t
find walk around there give you guys an update well guys got good news from the
military gun show if you can see here I found an M1 Garand 1945 early 1945 so
it was a live long enough just to kill a couple Germans and then get ready for
the Korean War I guess but more on this later we’ll bring it to the tabletop
take a quick look at it it’s been a good day all right here it is guys the
greatest battle implement ever devised this is the u.s. rifle caliber 30 m1 or
as you might know it the m1 garand I have one in one of these four years now
like most of you I do have a list of guns that I want and it did take me a
while to make the decision I told my wife I was just going to go in there and
walk around for about thirty minutes of course it ended up being more like two
hours before I made a decision and for the past five years the m1 garand has
been at the very top of my list and I finally got one and I cannot be more
excited about it I love old guns I love history and nothing quite says American
history like the m1 garand now we’ll be doing a full detailed review of this
rifle all the stamps and cartoons and the history behind it and how you can
find out the history of your gun as well so make sure you stay tuned for that
video if you do follow us on patreon you will see that video at least a week or
two before everybody else here on YouTube so make sure you’re following us
over on patreon but for now we’re just gonna do a quick overview this was the
standard issued rifle for world war ii and korea this gun was manufactured in
early 1945 it does have mostly correct parts for 1945 the receiver and the
barrel both match all the other smaller components are correct for 1945 this is
a Springfield model they were the primary manufacturer of the m1 garand
the only other company that made it during World War Two was Winchester and
then for Korea you also had International Harvester and Harrington &
Richardson but this is a true World War 2 m1 garand the only thing that is
different is the stock most of these guns did
through a renown program at some point in their lifetime as this gun got beat
up after world war ii as you can imagine one of the first things to get damaged
on one of these guns would have been the stock so after World War two they would
rial fit some of them with parts from other guns or putting new stocks on them
or something like that the same thing is true for during Korea
and after Korea a lot of immigrants have a lot of mix-matched parts and
everything and luckily this one does not it’s mostly all correct 1945 that all
appears to be all original components other than the stock which I believe to
be a Korean war-era stock but it definitely does still have plenty of
wear on it this thing definitely saw some battlefield use it’s got several
dents and dings and scratches and things like that and that’s really what I
wanted you can find cmp rebuilds and things like that or people will refinish
these stocks put brand new manufacture stocks on there and that’s just not what
I want I wanted a gun that looks like it was picked up off the battlefield and
that is what I got this is just a beast of a rifle this thing is ten pounds of
solid american-made steel and walnut and just holding this thing in your hands
you just feel the heft and the power and just the the sturdiness of this rifle
like I said at the beginning General Patton said this was the greatest battle
implement ever devised and he was right especially for the time period it does
shoot an eighth round in block clip of 30 out six and you can imagine the
hidden power of this versus today’s tiny five five six and the famous for that
ping that you hear every time it ejects after you shoot the last round like I
said I will be doing an in-depth review of this thing we’ll shoot it on video so
you guys can see it but this is just a beautiful gun all correct parts has the
DoD stamp here on the stock and I just couldn’t have asked for a better rifle I
can’t tell you how excited I am to have this thing and I can’t wait to shoot it
so make sure you guys stay tuned for that next video a full tabletop hand
review of the 1945 Springfield m1 garand now if you haven’t done it yet make sure
you hit that subscribe button down below and give us a thumbs up make sure you
stay tuned for the review of this gun thanks for watching guys please like
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2 thoughts on “AMAZING GUN SHOW FIND!! / Military Antique Gun Shopping

  1. What of the best guns ever made. I'm a big Battlefield player on the PS4 they're coming out with American DLCs this winter and that's going to be one of the guns in the game can't wait hope you have a lot of fun with it I've shot one and love them

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