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hello everybody TheZYNO here and welcome to
a quick video on where to find all the weapons in
the forest. now some of these weapons are in caves
so ill leave a link to the forest map in the description below
so you can find there exact locations. now the plane axe can be found at the beginning
of the game game impaled in the body of a flight attendant simply press E on it or walk
over it to pick it up the rusty axe can be found in cave 5 submerged,
when your in the cave you’ll need a torch as it’s very dark in here, so light that up
and continue heading straight eventually you’ll be greeted by wooden barrier
which you’ll need to break down using a axe once the barrier is broken continue on the
path until you get to a room with some mining helmets and then you’ll find a climbing rope
simply climb down the rope and then climb down the second rope
then continue on the only path possible once you get to the body of water you’ll need
to pick up the re breather and the oxygen tank and equip them
then jump in the water once your in the water you just need to keep heading straight until
your eventually forced out once your out of the water you’ll be greeted
by a giant metal door and a pedestal you’ll need to place 3 object on the pedestal, i
used 3 rocks and then the door will open once your in this room you’ll find some skeletons
and some tents head towards the furthest way tent and you’ll find the rusty axe leaning
up against the wall the modern axe can be found in cave 7 also
known as chasm cave bring a torch as its very dark in here you know your in the right cave
as there will be a tonne of passengers at the very start
continue along this path until you get to the rope and climb down
once you are down here continue on the only path possible until you reach a wooden barrier
destroy this barrier and the one behind it and then your presented with 2 paths, left
or right you need to head along the left most path
when you get to the point when you see a climbing rope stop and climb down it
then look to your left and you’ll find the modern axe sticking out of some rocks
the tennis racket is next so staring from the modern axe you want to head to the left
most cavern please note you will need a climbing axe for
this so head along this little tunnel until you
eventually reach a climbing wall once you are here you need to whip out your
climbing axe and attach it to the wall move across maybe 2 or 3 times and then proceed
to move down once you can go down any further let go of
the wall and look to your left and you’ll find another climbing wall
do the same as you did before and move a few times to the left and then continue all the
way down once you reach the bottom turn around and
continue on with your journey when you reach and area filled with tennis
players your in the right area simply look on the rock and you’ll find the tennis racket
the climbing axe can be found in cave 9 climbing entrance
simply go down the rope and then at the bottom you’ll be greeted with a one way path
shortly in to your journey in this cave you’ll be greeted with a giant drop
what you need to do it wedge your self in to the right most corner and carefully ease
your self down to avoid fall damage once your at the bottom continue along the
single pathway until you reach a second drop once your at the second drop you need to go
in to the left most corner this time and repeat as you did before don’t worry if you start
to slide down there as you will not take fall damage
and the climbing axe will be found wedged into the wall for you to pick up
the weak spear can be found in nearly every pound in the forest they usually just stick
out of the water and sometimes can be just under the water
the upgraded spear can be found in any cannibal camp
the most common way tot get it is simply the camp north of the sink hole you’ll find it
in the second tent just leaning up against the wall
the katana can be found in cave 1 bring a torch as its very dark in here shortly
into the cave you’ll b greeted by a wooden barrier simply destroy it using an axe and
then continue on with your journey eventually you’ll get to a room which offers
you 2 paths just continue going forwards and ignore the left path you know your on the right way as you’ll find
some wooden ramps and all you simply do is follow the wooden ramps all the way round eventually the pathway will lead to a giant
opening where you’ll find some campers and a campfire
go near the body near the campfire and you’ll find the katana sticking in side him
the flare gun can be found in the cock pit of the plane
simply approach the plane and look to your right and you’ll find it sitting on a bench?
the cannibal club can be found on almost any cannibals
please not these have to be true cannibals and not mutant cannibals
the way you get it by killing the cannibal can picking ti off the dead body
on to the crafted weapons a club can be made with a stick and a skull a stone axe can be made with a stick, a stone
and some rope a crafted bow can be made with a cloth, some
rope and a stick and arrow can be made from feathers and a stick
the upgraded stick can simply be made from a stick and some cloth
you can use this to simply light it on fire to light up dark caves
the crafted Molotov can be made from alcohol and some cloth do note that you will need
to light it using your lighter before it will take any effect the crafted bomb can be made from some circuit
board, a watch, some coins and some alcohol and last but not least the crafted upgraded
rock now this is the most useless weapon made from
a rock and a cloth i have no idea why anyone would ever use this
weapon the only purpose i have found for it is simply
lighting your self on fire

22 thoughts on “ALL WEAPON LOCATIONS V0.50 – The Forest

  1. I had no idea you could make an upgraded rock. That's hilarious. Maybe it was meant to be used as a kind of low cost fire weapon you could throw at cannibals? XD

  2. i think the upgraded rock is supposed to be used with the catapult so you can shoot fire rocks

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