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All VVIP Weapons Showcase (Q1 2019 Edition) | CROSSFIRE 2.0

Welcome to NickzJSA, and in this video: All VVIP Weapons Showcase Q1 2019 Edition. Hello internet, I’m NickzJSA and welcome to All VVIP Weapons Showcase video, where I will show you all VVIP weapons that have been released by CrossFire sorted by its release date. So, let’s start the showcase. Thank you so much for watching All VVIP Weapons Showcase – Q1 2019 Edition. I’m NickzJSA, your CrossFire Coverage that Matters. I will see you in the next video. Until next time, talk to you then.

65 thoughts on “All VVIP Weapons Showcase (Q1 2019 Edition) | CROSSFIRE 2.0

  1. Timestamps:
    [00:30] AK-47-Beast-Red Eye
    [00:49] AK-47-Beast
    [01:09] AWM-Infernal Dragon
    [01:33] RPK-Infernal Dragon
    [01:57] M4A1-Silencer-Beast
    [02:15] M4A1-Silencer-Iron Beast
    [02:33] Thompson-Infernal Dragon
    [02:52] Kukri-Beast
    [03:07] M4A1-Silencer-Born Beast
    [03:25] M4A1-Silencer-Jewelry
    [03:43] Barrett M82A1-Born Beast
    [04:10] Desert Eagle-Born Beast
    [04:27] AK-47-Knife-Iron Beast
    [04:46] BC-Axe-Beast
    [05:10] Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark
    [05:36] M4A1-Silencer-Predator
    [05:55] AK-47-Knife-Born Beast
    [06:20] Shovel-Born Beast
    [06:35] Blade Knuckles-Infernal Dragon
    [06:51] M4A1-Silencer-Prism Beast
    [07:23] Desert Eagle-El Dorado
    [07:39] AK-12-Knife-Iron Spider
    [07:59] AN-94-Knife-Spaceship
    [08:23] M4A1-Silencer-G Spirit
    [08:56] Glock 18C-G Spirit
    [09:11] Gatling Gun-Infernal Dragon
    [09:42] AK-47-Knife-Steel Empire
    [10:07] Raging Bull-Gun Knife
    [10:30] QBZ-95-Armored Beast
    [10:47] Desert Eagle-Silencer-Armored Beast
    [10:59] IAS-Armored Beast
    [11:14] Wide Grenade-Armored Beast
    [11:25] Flashbang-Armored Beast
    [11:38] Smoke-Armored Beast
    [11:58] Barrett M82A1-Jewelry
    [12:23] QBZ-03-Jewelry
    [12:37] M4A1-Silencer-Iron Wolf
    [13:13] AWM-Red Frame Hawk

  2. Why cant i download crossfire now it says it tookto long to respond or sitemight be deleted?!?! Please help me. I need




  6. Amazing… the design of the CF weaponS always has been the best of the best… and too expensive tho 😛

    Tomorrow, this video will be unlisted and replaced with the latest edition of All VVIP Weapons Showcase which will include the AK-47-Red Rifle/Knife Beast, M4A1-S-Rifle/Knife Beast, and 9A-91-Wild Eagle.

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