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All Eyes On Mozzie (and his guns)! – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and today I
can finally bring you the first LoadoutMeta video, breaking down the guns of the new operators
of Operation Burnt Horizon and why don’t we start things off with the soon to be released
defender: Max Goose aka. Mozzie! Mozzie comes with two different full auto
primaries: the P10 RONI and the Commando 9 and before we dive into the stats, let’s
maybe take a bit of a closer look at these weapons… specifically the RONI because if
you’ve been following the channel for a while, you know that I like details and the
details of the RONI… they don’t quite add up. You see, the RONI system exists in real life. It is basically a carbine shell that allows
the user to mount a regular pistol into it, thereby creating a quasi SMG. We see the same concept in action with Smoke’s
FMG-9, which is basically a Glock 18 mounted into folding stock and furniture. Now the issue I have with the P10 RONI is
essentially the name. The P-10 C already exists in the game as one
of the weapons for Clash and it looks like this. Compare that to the real life CZ P-10 C and
we can see that the model is accurate and the gun even comes with the 15 shot
magazine capacity of the real gun. The pistol inside the RONI though does not look like this and it has a higher mag capacity of 19 bullets… The problem we have here is that this is in
fact not a P10 but instead just a plain old CZ P-09. Perfectly modelled after the real gun and even accurately including the higher capacity mags. The only difference is that the in-game version
has been tinkered with to make it fully automatic while regular P-09’s are semi-auto only. But fair enough, P9… P10… it’s a minor detail. Let’s just call the thing a Roni and we’re all good. And with that we can finally get to the stats:
As always, here’s the overall comparison and at first glance it looks like we probably
have a couple of well balanced and viable guns on our hands; various strengths on both sides. Let’s explore further! In terms of damage, the advantage clearly
goes to the Commando 9. It is in fact the third most powerful SMG
in the game in terms of damage per shot and exactly as strong as Caveira’s M12 and Vigil’s K1A; with the added advantage of a relatively decent fire rate. The damage drop-off curve for the Roni is
pretty weak overall and exactly the same as those of Alibi’s Mx4 Storm and Valkyrie’s MPX. Only three SMGs are weaker than these: the
Scorpion, P90 and Vector. When it comes to fire rate, sure 750 is definitely
below average for the SMG class (the average being around 820 right now) but for such a
relatively hard hitting gun as the Commando 9, that’s pretty damned not bad. On the other hand, what the Roni lacks in
damage per shot, it makes up in fire rate which is again, the exact same as that of
the Mx4 Storm and fourth best overall. So that gives the Roni exactly the same damage
output profile as the Mx4: it has same damage at all ranges and the same fire rate. The guns are not quite carbon copies though
because the Mx4 has a much greater capacity of 30+1 while the Roni has much better recoil. But enough about Alibi and her
gun, this video is about Mozzie. Interestingly, when we combine the fire rate
and damage stats for his guns, this gives us mixed results for the damage output per second. The Commando is a bit better at close range with one of the best DPS stats for defender SMGs (only beaten by Bandit’s MP7) while at longer ranges of 28m and above a tiny advantage goes to the Roni. What does this mean in practice? Well, the Commando consistently requires 1
less bullet to down or kill at short and long range when hitting body shots against any
armour type but when consistently hitting the legs, the advantage can be 1, 2 or 3 shots
less depending on armour and distance. And despite the significantly faster fire
rate of the Roni, the time to down or kill advantage at close range (up to 18m) remains
with the Commando in all but one of the armour type and strike location combos. At ranges of 28m plus, the Roni has slightly
better times for body shots but pretty significantly worse stats for leg shots. So my conclusion when it comes to the killing
capability of these two guns is that the overall stats are in favour of the Commando 9,
although not by much. Higher damage means consistently fewer shots
to down/kill and decent fire rate still results in better TTKs but of course the one-hit-kill
headshots of Siege give the advantage to high fire rate guns and that would swing the scales
back over towards the Roni. If you are a very experienced player at plat
level or above, you may be hitting mostly headshots, so the Roni could be for you. If you only play occasionally or you are new
to the game and you end up with mostly body shot kills, then from a pure kill efficiency
perspective, the Commando might be your best bet. But there are of course also a
few other stats to consider. Six extra bullets in the Commando is no joke
and while 25+1 is still below average, 19+1 is definitely more into that region where
you could actually end up losing gunfights by running out of ammo at the wrong time. Reload times are interesting again. Both guns come in below the current class
average of 2.9 and 2.3 seconds for full and tactical reloads and while the Commando has
the best full reload time amongst all SMGs, the Roni has the best tactical reload of them all. Reload times are definitely strengths of both
guns and I guess that makes sense, since they also both have below average capacities. For Aim Down Sight times, my expectation was
that since both guns feature the standard SMG damage drop-off distances, they would
also both have the standard SMG ADS time of 300ms. But that is once again not the case. Just like Kaid’s 9mm AUG during Operation
Wind Bastion, Mozzie’s Commando 9 has the slower 450ms ADS time of the rifle class. For Kaid, this feature definitely never made
any sense, because the AUG is really weak overall and he was given the regular 300ms
time in a patch shortly before the end of the season. Is the slow ADS time on the Commando
on purpose or by mistake? Hard to tell really, since the damage per
shot of this SMG is almost up there with some of the weaker assault rifles. So I think it definitely makes more sense
to have the slow ADS in this case although the damage drop-off between 18 and 28m definitely
tells us that this is still an SMG. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There have been a lot of quick changes to
the test servers for this season, so maybe we’ll see this fixed before the season even
goes live, who knows? When it comes to hip fire spread, the advantage
overwhelmingly lies with the Commando; whether you’re standing still, kneeling, prone,
standing and shooting full auto or jogging while shooting, the Commando is on average
38% better than the Roni in all of these cases. There is one exception though… for some
reason the hip-fire spread while jogging and not shooting, is better for the Roni
because… reasons, I guess. And that leads us, last but never least, to
the recoil. On paper, the recoil for the Roni looks very
manageable with the Commando having a somewhat harsher vertical muzzle climb but once you
factor in the fire rate, in practice they actually feel quite similar. In terms of setup, the Roni does benefit significantly
from the first shot recoil reduction of the Muzzle Brake but that will leave you with
more horizontal dispersion during longer bursts. The Compensator gives you the exact opposite
benefits by beautifully tightening up your groups but leaving you with a bit of a vertical
jump between the first and second shot. So for me personally, the compromise offered
by the Flash Hider looks like a great choice. The first shot recoil jump is pretty much
negated while we still get a bit of long term reduction in horizontal spread. The vertical grip will of course give you
a huge reduction in vertical recoil, making the gun even more manageable but even the
recoil with the Angled Grip is actually not that bad, so you might want to take advantage
of that 180ms ADS time instead. The recoil of the Commando is mostly vertical
in nature, so the Compensator actually seems to do very little for you. The Muzzle Brake on the other hand is made
for this gun and will help you out a lot. Again, the Flash Hider is a compromise between the two but why compromise between useless and great? For me, the Muzzle Brake wins this contest
without a doubt. For the grips, the choice again comes down
to better recoil control or better ADS time and I think that once again, both are viable. If you tend to pre-aim before most of your
engagements, maybe you won’t actually benefit all that much from the Angled Grip but if
you’re comfortable with a little extra recoil, the reduced ADS time can be a life saver when
suddenly confronted with an unexpected enemy. The choice is yours. As always, I also tested the recoil of my
setups in practice and you can see the results in a side by side comparison here. Of course, these tests are highly subjective
and will probably be affected by confounding variables such as practice effects but as
expected, the Vertical Grip trials were somewhat easier to control while the Angled Grip ones
needed a bit more of a positive drawdown on my mouse to keep the grouping centred. So my summary for the controllability for
these weapons is that the recoil for both is actually quite good, although the relatively
high fire rates will make them a little harder to keep on target compared to
many other defender weapons. And even though both end up handling relatively
similarly, I would still give the Roni a slight edge here since the Commando does have a tendency
to climb away from you if you aren’t quite ready for its recoil. And thus, we arrive at the overall conclusion. Mozzie is looking to be a great addition to
the defensive line-up of team Rainbow not only because of his gadget but also because
of two outstanding primaries. Both of these weapons are great when compared
to the rest of the defender line-up but when it comes to choosing between the two, I would personally conclude that the Commando edges out the win. It hits harder, takes down opponents with
fewer hits with mostly shorter times to down or kill and the larger magazine makes is a more forgiving when dealing with multiple opponents. The only downsides are the slightly higher
recoil and the questionable ADS time (which may or may not be intentional). But don’t get me wrong here, the Roni might
come up just a little short in my personal opinion but it is still a very respectably tool overall. What are your thoughts on Mozzie and his primaries? Have you had a chance to try him out yet? Which gun do you think you’ll be using more? Let me know your thoughts in the
comments section below! If you enjoyed the video and you think you
may have learnt something useful, leave it a like. If you didn’t there’s a dislike button
exactly for that purpose and do feel free to leave a quick comment with feedback about
what could be improved in these videos! And with that, thank you for watching, I hope
you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

100 thoughts on “All Eyes On Mozzie (and his guns)! – Rainbow Six Siege

  1. A minor fire rate error snuck into the spreadsheet and caused a bit of a knock on effect. All stats have now been corrected in both the online sheet and the video!

  2. Can you also show the recoil difference between muzzle break and compensator like you did with vertical and angled grip in your next videos ?

  3. Don’t consistently hit headshots or shots in general, choose the commando. If you hits consistent headshots, pick the RONI.

  4. If you can aim go roni The game revolves about headshots, not bodyshots. Higher rpm and no recoil. Vert grip extended barrel and holo is what i use

  5. If you think about his secondary most likely being the shot gun having a bigger mag on the primary will be more important since you can’t switch to the shotgun at range

  6. In my opinion the ADS is one of the most important things so if you’re anchoring I say use the Commando and if your going to be roaming/lurking go with the P10 Roni and you can get it down to 180 ms ADS with an angled grip so you can aim quicker than some people have time to see you if ping above 180

  7. Creator : because I like details-

    Me : wait. Detailzzz?

    Creator : no, details.

    Me : flashback to glaz cinematic. Detailz.

  8. P10 Roni: "I have great stats, fast firerate and a laser-like recoil. No one can stop me!"
    Commando 9: "I'm styish."
    P10 Roni: Mission failed, we'll get em' next time.

  9. If you are a agressive player and hits more headshots than body pick the Roni. If you are not confident and ads alot pick the Commando. The Ads time on the Roni is pretty darn good, most kills I get with the Roni I come out of it unhurt.

  10. Even looking back at this.. commando 9.. SMG… It's an AR. That's why it looks like an AR. understandable mistake considering he is a defender though

  11. Now that Mozzie has had some time in Pro League, I'm seeing a lot of professional players and high plat/diamond players choosing the Roni with extended barrel over the Commando 9. I'd be interested in a follow up video to see if the Roni possibly benefits from the Extended Barrel like Ela's FO-12.

  12. I will probably use the P10 RONI because I love all pistol-carbine conversions for some reason, still aware of the disadvantages

  13. Kaids aug and mozzies commando had 450 because they're conversions of assault rfiles? Old vid but I wanted to see difference lool

  14. You are horrible at giving info! How could you possibly forget the most important factor on the weapons! For crying out loud the mobility sir!!!! Thats it im going to copystrike you.

  15. I think I already said this but…
    The commando is not classified as an smg in game. It is the lowest damaging AR in the game which is why its base damage is higher than normal, along with the slow ADS speed. Mozzie is the second defender with an AR. The first is so notorious I don’t have to say it. But that’s why the irregular stats exist on the commando, even if it’s an SMG irl

  16. 1:28 So it looks like Team Rainbow has entered some sort of special one-off contract with CZ to create a full-auto P9

  17. It was never a choice for me. The p10 has easy recoil and a really high rate of fire. If you get a chest shot on them with this at medium or low range they're dead

  18. P10 Roni : reflex, flashhider, angled grip/holo, suppressor, vertical grip

    Commando 9 : relfex, muzzle break, angled

    Best setups

  19. the P90 in siege doesnt make any fucking sense
    its a PDW not an SMG, designed to compete with the old HK MP5, with a much MUCH bigger cartridge, a higher fire rate, 50 rounds in stock magazines, reliable, simple, iconic and lighter body the P90 beats the HK MP5 in every single way, why the hell did ubi make it so that its the weakest SMG??? its not even an SMG it fires the special FN 5.7mm which beats the requirements for guns to be considered a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW), that round in itself which is designed by FN Herstal (same company that made the Five-seveN 5.7 USG) serves a bigger punch than the NATO 556 cartridges which is used in Assault Rifles… the P90 pierces Armour better than your standardized NATO Assault Rifle classes..
    like cmon the p90 itself was designed to compete with the hk mp5 and its standard smg 9mm ammunition

    Literally all the guns you mentioned in the video is out-beaten by the FN P90.
    Yet in the game they made it so that the opposite is true.


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