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All Cuphead Weapons Tested And Ranked! An In-depth Analysis

Armi di Cuphead in un analisi profonda Testeremo le armi per : Velocità di uccisione, numero di colpi per uccidere. Tutti i test saranno condotti su “Botanic Panic” 16 Secondi , 120 Colpi 10.21 Secondi , 73 Colpi 29.21 Secondi , 175 Colpi 13.20 Secondi , 40 Colpi 20.22 Secondi , 77 Colpi 16.15 Secondi , 9 Colpi 14.09 Secondi , 54 Colpi I Risultati : Spread 10.21 Secondi , Lobber 13.20 Secondi , Roundabout 14.09 Secondi , Peashooter 16 Secondi , Charge Caricato 16.15 Secondi , Charge non caricato 20.22 Secondi , Chaser 29.21 Secondi I risultati : Charge Caricato 9 Colpi , Lobber 40 Colpi , Roundabout 54 Colpi , Spread 73 Colpi , Charge Non Caricato 77 Colpi , Peashotter 120 Colpi , Chaser 175 Colpi

60 thoughts on “All Cuphead Weapons Tested And Ranked! An In-depth Analysis

  1. FAQ:

    1. The Onion Boss Does Not Appear Because It's On Simple Mode 0:07

    2. Yes, I Misspelled Potato 0:09

    3. I Understand That Hand Testing Doesn't Do The Charged Charge Shot's Time To Kill (TTK) Justice, So I Did It 10 Times And Showed you The Average… If You Were A Computer The TTK Would Be A lot Faster 2:55

    4.Finally, I Understand All Weapons Are Situational, What Works For One Boss May Be Terrible For The Next. However, You CAN Objectively Rank Them By Their TTK And By How Much Damage They Deal 🙂

    5. No, Roundabout Does Not Do More Damage Backwards, I Don't Know Where This Rumor Came From, It's Not Even Mentioned In Game. When Roundabout Is Fired Backwards It Goes Farther And Flies Faster. That's It.

    Hope This Helps,

  2. why are you using simple mode? its a bad representation of the efficiency of a weapon, because on simple the bosses have less health, and to beat the game you need to beat every boss in normal mode.

  3. Charge shot is for sure better than shown in this video. You just gotta let go of the shoot button as soon as its fully charged. Granted it's not easy to do lol but if you do it quick af it has higher dps than either lobber or roundabout.

  4. My Top:
    6.Lobber (it's a bit slow)
    5.Charge (also slow, but more useful)
    4.Peashooter (beginner)
    3.Roundabout (not as fast, but good range)
    2.Spread (more projectiles, fast, but low range)
    1.Chaser (you can just keep shooting and just worry about dodging, decent speed, decent damage)

  5. The best shots in my opinion are
    2.Charge (Hard to use but OP if you master it)
    3.Spread (Not the best for every boss but is good for mini bosses in the run n guns)
    4.Peashooter (It is good but there are better shots to use)
    5.Lobber (Not the best choice but for a few bosses it is really helpful)
    6.Chaser (Low damage, not that fun to use and the only good thing
    about the chaser is that is the best shot for run n gun levels)

  6. I have been playing cuphead with the chaser as my main gun. It's not powerful but it definitely has the edge on the run and gun levels plus on certain boss stages

  7. So that means peashooter has below average damage if roundabout does more and roundabout is average damage

  8. Peashooter: 7/10 Gets the job done.
    Spread: 9/10 Does lots of damage.
    Lobber: 8/10 Very good!
    Roundabout: 10/10 Easily the best weapon. Does lots of damage and can be a boomerang.
    Charged Charge: 6/10 It’s… ok.
    Not Charged Charge: 1/10 ….Why?!
    Chaser: 9/10 Really easy to use.

  9. So those are the damages. Personally I use Roundabout, Charge, and Chase depending on the boss.

    If it's almost impossible to miss the boss Charge.

    If I spend most of the time running away from the boss like Baroness or Grim matchstick then Roundabout will save me.

    If the boss throws a lot of shit at me then Chaser. Now looking at it though I think ill replace Charged with lobber or Spread

  10. a charm that the pros use is whetstone which allows you to parry the boss at any time which also damages them

  11. Chaser was by far my most used weapon. I used the rest a few times where they were clearly more helpful for a particular boss, but in general, being able to concentrate on the platforming and avoiding damage is insanely helpful, even if it takes longer.

  12. okay I know this is like 2 years old but like where's the conclusion. You kinda just tested them and ranked them by damage per shot(edit: there's no damage per shot value even, just ranked in total shots from least to most) which is probably the most uncommon way of ranking since people are more used to stuff like damage per second, and time taken which is okay but its like a weak cliff hanger if you know what I mean. I left this comment because the end of the video made me feel like it was really half baked (but the editing was ok i guess) no offense and I didn't want to just leave a dislike. Have a nice day.

  13. Chaser seems to be the fastest weapon most of the time because it hits every time and from every distance. Roundabout and lobber can be good, depending on the boss. I have yet to find a case where spread is useful – you do slightly more damage in exchange for a 10x higher chance of dying because you need to be extremely close and the amount of bullshit on the screen makes it hard to see if something is about to hit you.

  14. Chaser doesnt take a lot of damage but in boss battles where you have to pay atention to platforms or something (For example Grim Matchstick) its super usefull because you just keep pressed the button and then just walk trough the platforms

  15. Different weapons work on different levels. Although lobber won, it could be worse on different levels. They all come in use at some point.

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