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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Types of Handguns

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua
Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now, I’d like to talk to you about a few different kinds of handguns. First,
we have the semi-automatic handgun. Now this, the magazine is inserted into the base of
the handgun. The magazine is filled with ammo. Now, the slide is cocked back like so, and
a round is inserted into the barrel. At this point the hammer is cocked back and once the
handgun is ready to be fired, the trigger is just pulled and as you can see the hammer
just swings forward and slides and hits the primer on the bullet and this discharges the
round. The second type we have is a revolver, okay. This chamber right here spins and there’s
generally six different rounds in the handgun. Basically what I want to talk to you about
in the different handguns are semi-automatic and a revolver. With a revolver, you can take
your thumb when you are catching and stop the hammer from discharging the round. So
that’s one of the ways that a revolver will be different from a semi-automatic handgun.
Those are just two different types of handguns and we’ll be going over how to defend those
in the next few clips.

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