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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Tips for Handgun Self-Defense Safety

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Handguns can be very dangerous when you are training with them and when you actually
are performing the techniques. When you are training with a handgun, you want to make
sure that there are no live rounds or if you are training with an air soft bb gun, make
sure that you wear the proper eye protection and chest protection. So just make sure that
nothing is loaded unless you are actually trained for it to be loaded. Don’t train with
any blanks or live rounds. Also, when you are doing the actual techniques and someone
is holding you at gunpoint, “that” does not suffice. You may be scared out of your mind.
But once you’ve made up your mind, you have to go for it and you have to be prepared to
get shot. These are last resort techniques. If you think that some harm may befall your
family or yourself, commit fully to the techniques before you continue on with strikes and disarming.
So, commit fully to the techniques and be safe when you are training.

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